Monday, October 29, 2007

Thadingyut Weekend Part II

We went to Yankin Center and chatted a bit at Seasons but I was keeping quiet most of the times as my mouth hurts whenever I tried to talk due to the blisters insdie my mouth. Since I swore to myself that I will never order coffee for that place again, I ordered chocolate milkshake. When we go out, she drove us to the library. I wasn’t thinking of borrowing another book again but I ended borrowing another Grisham novel. Then we went to Latha and she bought a blouse in a shop. Just as I had suspected in the first place, she wanted to introduce me to a guy and I had to go to Moon Bakery to meet him. She introduced us and started talking but I wasn’t interested in their conversation. The place was too noisy for me and I was feeling frustrated but when I cheered up after watching Sunflower music video by Antibiotic, He commented that I am just a quiet person like my sister so I just smiled at him in reply. But in my head, I was saying to myself, “That’s what you think.”. I was really just staying quiet ‘cuz no. 1, my mouth hurts when I talk, no. 2 I don’t like talking to strangers and no. 3 I hate it when I am expected to become friends with him just because my friend wants me to.

The meeting didn’t take long and we left the place around 4pm. My friend wanted to wait for the air-con bus so I waited for the bus with her for 30 mins. My feet were already tired and a lot of buses which reached directly to my home had already passed by so many times. When the air-con bus arrived, we got on but we couldn’t sit next to each other till Thein Phyu bus stop. The aircon wasn’t that cool at all and worst of all, the bus was playing I.C Acoustic album. I don’t hate I.C band but I dislike having to listen to them on the bus. Whenever I happened to ride that air-con bus, I always have to listen to I.C singers album. That air-con bus didn’t reach my home directly so I got off with her and went home. I was hoping to eat Shwe Yin Aye but it got spoiled as I arrived home around 5pm. It was really a lousy day for me and I really wasted my times going out. The only thing I’m happy about is that the new book I borrowed from the library.. After I’m through with this book, I will ask my friend to return it for me but I won’t go with her anymore. I will made a new member next month so I can go there on Sundays whenever I want. Plus, since I usually go there twice a month, I can check out the latest kdrama DVD arrivals in Latha DVD shops. She has no patient with me to go to the shop with me ‘cuz I usually take a long time analyzing the available dramas and picking out which I want to buy.

I wasn’t in the sulky mood for long as I started to continue reading Coffee Price and I finished it around 11:30 pm. I have to say this was the best Korean novel I have ever read. I have read some fanfics before including Temptation of Wolf but since this one is an actual novel and the translator did a wonderful job. Not sure if these words are really mentioned in English in the original novels but I just love these words the translator used, :”EnChanting”, “Hankyulistic” and “HanKyulious”. Although I love the novel, I am really glad that the plot isn’t quite the same. If you love the drama, I recommend you all to check out the novel also but if you just want to know the difference, you can either read the whole novel or read summaries written by javabeans.

Sunday was the usual, not much activities as I stayed home all day. I watched Time of Wolf & Dog dvd and Over the Rainbow movie aired on MWD. I would have prefer to watch the movie with English subs but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I just had to be satisfied with watching Lee Jung Jae on TV. I was continuing watching the drama after the movie when my cousin and her family came over to bow to my parents. My parents have received a lot of food already from relatives and neighbors who also came to bow to them and pay respect. I still haven’t go to see my relatives yet ‘cuz I’m waiting for my father to get some free times. Most of the times, we just visit my grandmother and aunt & uncle from my father’s side and my uncle and aunt from my mother side. I always enjoy going over to my uncle’s place ever since I was a kid ‘cuz they always give out a lot of foods in return. My friend told me that she got a lot of pocket money from her relatives but I rarely get pocket money from my relatives but at least my uncles gives out our favorite cakes and cookies :).

After dinner, my family watched Time of Wolf & Dog while I buried myself in Grisham novel. I was pissed off at them for talking about the drama plot while watching the drama. Next time, I will hide the new drama dvds till I have finished watching them. I really hate spoilers but they couldn’t keep their mouth shut. At sometimes I actually have to put hands over my ears (yeah…I’m over reacting but…) ‘cuz their voices even reached downstairs and they were at the last episode.

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