Monday, October 29, 2007

Thadingyut Weekend Part I

I had a 3 days weekend holiday as Thadingyut was on Friday and our admin closed off Saturday for us to have a nice rest during the holiday.

I spent the first day doing nothing much beside reading and watching dramas. I finished reading John Grisham's The Rain Maker as it was due on Saturday. It was a bit boring at first but the plot got interesting when the trial started. There's a movie based on the novel but I still haven't watched it yet.

The second novel I read is an English translation of the original Coffee Prince novel. I didn't know someone translated it and posted at xanga till last Thursday. Since I didn't have time to read at work, I copied all of the blog posts and started reading them. Although the drama was based on the novel, the plot is a bit different but I like both version. Whenever Han Kyul named is mentioned, I started picturing Gong Yoo so I like his character the most in the novel :). I have to stop myself several times to stop daydreaming about him while reading.

I also watched a few episodes of Harvard 'cuz I wanted to return the dvd back to my coworker soon. Although I like the actor and the actress a lot, the drama is a bit boring and I couldn't help fast forwarding some scenes as I was getting bored. This has to be the second drama that I ever fast forwarded while watching. The reason I didn't like this drama that much is because my taste in kdrama has changed a bit overtime. A few years, I might have been hooked on to this drama but now I prefer to watch comedy romance, mysteries and action dramas. I didn't finish watching the drama but I am returning the dvd back now 'cuz I'm just too lazy to watch till the end and rewatch ep 1-8 since I skipped them to avoid the bad English conversations.

The next day was a really tiring day for me. I made plans with my friend to go to the library to return the books. I wanted to go there earlier but she only wanted to go after 2pm. I suspected that she was planning to meet someone afterward but I didn't want to complain as I was asking her to borrow the books for me. My card expired after June and I haven't made a new one yet. Another friend which we have lost contact due to personal reasons wanted to meet all of us so she made plans to pick us up and go to a coffee shop. I know my friend didn't want to go and I didn't want to go either but I didn't want to sound rude so I agree to meet her. I had planned to finish my house works first before going out so I can rest on Sunday without works to do but I didn't get much done as she was coming around 12. She and my friend arrived a bit early so they waited while me and my sis finished our lunch. Lunch was papaya salad and fried water sprout but I had to eat fast and didn't have time to enjoy my lunch. I wanted to eat Shwe Yin Aye for dessert but I didn't have enough time to do so.

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