Monday, October 22, 2007

The Meaning of "Retard"

retard : offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody with a learning disability or somebody regarded as unintelligent (slang insult)

I am sure most of you already know what retard is supposed to mean but one certain person had made a mistake of calling disable people retards in an interview. I am surprised to read that he who acted as a disable person affected with polio (poliomyelitis) used the harsh word 'retard'. He said that among his fans, there is a retard girl and I took after her. I observed the Retards. I have to say he's my least favorite actor and singer and I never have any respect for this person. But my mother who happened to be at one of the shooting of the film said even she who disliked him was amazed with his acting. Maybe he doesn't really understand the full meaning of the word. I have to admit that I have used that word quite often in the past and still used it sometimes at present but I have never offended any disable person. I don't think his fan will like being called a retard. If he was in another country, he will surely be attacked back the media and the netizens. Such similar case has happened to a popular boy band members before although they didn't mean to offend them at all but a lot of people got offended by it. I was quite mad at their previous management company for releasing the video, probably on purpose, at that time.

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Anonymous said...

I find the word retarded horrible,, disabled is the word as I am disabled I find people say retarded do not know what they are talking about till they find out the proper meaning WE are know to be disabled we are all human