Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Korean Movies & Dramas DVDs

My biggest weakness is buying DVD dramas. I just can't resist buying one when I see my favorite dramas on DVD. Most of my money are spent on DVDs every month. Just yesterday, I promised my mother that I won't buy any more kdrama (for this month which I said to myself) but when I saw Coffee Prince and Time of Wolf and Dog, I can't resist buying them. I've already watched Coffee Prince but I want to watch it again. Both of the drama subtitles are good so these are really worth buying but in Coffee Prince, the last episode was cut off in the middle for around 8 mins including my favorite scene of Han Kyul singing Naw Ruu Sarang Hae. Wahhh....not fair. I really really love that part so much and they had to cut it off. This is the disadvantage of buying those dvds imported from China. All 17 episodes were placed in one disc. I rather buy a 2 disc DVD just to see that part. I wish I can buy the original version but as long as I'm staying in Myanmar, I can't afford to buy it :(.

I never have any problems with other dvds 'cuz the only other dvd that was cut off at the end is Goong. (and it was my favorite drama at that time) I was pissed off at that time but now I have the original version thanks to Ko SomeoneNull and Ma Yee Mon with better quality. I wonder if I should give this to someone else and wait for another version to come out but how am I supposed to know if that dvd has complete episodes?

My brother said I buy too much Korean DVDs but I hardly buy English movies. I told him to buy them by himself but he doesn't want to spend his money on DVDs so instead he complains every time he see a Korean DVD at home. The last English dvd I bought was a collection of movies targeted towards kids but I still haven't watch all of them yet. I rarely watch back an English movie after I seen it. The only movies I enjoy watching over and over again are the first Star War trilogy, not the new ones from episode 1 to 3. I love them so much and I am beginning to memorize some of the lines by now.

I spent most of my money on Korean dramas 'cuz it's hard to download from the internet and not many buy them so I can't rent from them. Some of them rather buy dramas with Myanmar subs but I hate watching them so I start my own collection, buying 2 or 3 dramas every month but I haven't manage to finish them all. I don't buy Korean movies DVDs that much 'cuz most of the collections contains movies I don't want to watch or are already in my possession. I miss those 8 in 1 DVDs 'cuz the quality is better than the later 12 in 1, 16 in 1, 18 in 1 and now 24 in 1. I bought one 24 in 1 DVD at the start of this month but I haven't watch them all 'cuz I wasn't interested in them. The movies that I want to watch are in other collection dvd along with soft porn movies so I didn't want to buy them even though I want to watch them. My mother complains a lot the last time I borrowed a dvd from a friend 'cuz she didn't like those kind of movies. It wasn't my fault anyway. She was the one who wanted to see that Lee Byun Hyun movie. Compared to other movies, that LBH movie wasn't that bad and it was funny. She just didn't like to see her fav celebs having sex on screen :). I chose to remain silent and not bother with arguing. My director at work also bought a Korean movie DVDs 'cuz she like some of the movies but she was shocked to see those x rated movies and said she wouldn't have buy the dvd if she knew that they will be included. The one of the guy listening to her said "Really, let me borrow your DVD then". LOL he he

Next time I buy a Korean Movie DVD, I'll look for the ones including Love Me Not, My Boss My Hero, II Mare and Typhoon but so far all four movies are in different DVDs and I don't buy want to buy them all.

Right now I don't have much money left to spend since I bought too much dvds :(. I will have to watch what I spent from now on.

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