Monday, October 22, 2007

Delicious Meals on the Weekends

This weekend, things just passed by smoothly. I was done with my work by 2 pm on Saturday but I have to wait for a friend till 5pm so I spent most of the times surfing entertainment blogs. I was quite bored to death and I wanted to go home but I had to wait for her as I promised her to come with me to meet our friend. We went to her house first and then we went to a nearby Rakhine Moat Tee shop. The food wasn't that great anymore. I rarely go there but there wasn't any other place to eat for a small snack. There was still some times left so we have some cool drinks at another shop nearby and chatted for awhile. We parted around 7pm. I asked my friend to come to my place on Sunday if she's free and she said that she will come.

The next day, I was still doing my chores when she arrived. She and I watched 200 Pounds of Beauty and ate lunch with a really tasty lemon salad (shauk tee toke). Since my sister wasn't around, I asked my cousin to add chili peppers to the salad and that was why the food was delicious. My cousin cooked Rakhine Moat Tee for a short snack so we drank the soup while having our lunch. My friend was midway through watching the film so she continued watching while I lost interest in. By that time, my sister and my mother had come back home and my sister was a bit occupied with taking out old photos to share with a friend. She met her online after seeing her profile on Facebook. That girl was my friend's sister. My friend isn't the kind of person to take interest in social networking sites but maybe I can invite her after I join the site.

My friend had to leave early at 3 pm and I had nothing much to do. So in order to kill some time, I checked out some old Myanmar movies my friend downloaded for me from BurmeseClassics. The first film starred Win Oo and as I am a big fan of him, I checked it out first. But I got disappointed 'cuz he only guest starred in the movie and the lead actor is surely not my idea of an actor. I guess he only became an actor 'cuz he was an adoptive son of Win Oo. I lost intrest immediately as the film was quite crappy so I checked out another movie. My mother had been wanting to watch it so I asked my friend to download for her but I never got the chance to check it out. It's a really old black & white movie with bad quality and I only understood half of it but it was a movie worth watching 'cuz I get to learn a lot about the Lisu and their lifestyle. It was the first Myanmar film to shoot in Putao area and I think it was filmed back in the 70s.

For Dinner, my cousin cooked Chicken Kar La Thar Chet. It's a mixture between normal chicken dish and chicken soup but it's spicy. It became one of my favorite dish after eating it in Kalaw but sadly it didn't taste quite the same. I complained about it and my father told me that the reason it was tasty and different from usual was because marijuana was probably added in the food. I nearly lost my appetite after hearing that.

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