Monday, October 15, 2007

Back from Long Silence

Sorry for not updating my blog. I got cut off from the internet a few weeks ago and now that I got it back at work but I don't have much time to use it for personal affairs. Even though internet was down, I still was quite busy with my work and now that it's up again, I'm more busier.

Not much have go on in my life. I leave work early now 'cuz I want to get home early and rest. I used to stayed at work till it's nearly 7 pm but now I leave work after 5 pm. After I get home, I get the chance to use the computer before my brother comes back home. I rarely watch dramas now as I have become more absorbed in reading e-books. I'm reading Philip Pullman and so far I read The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife. I went to the library to search for the last book but instead I only saw The Ruby in the Smoke so I borrowed that instead. It's funny that they couldn't find the author's name in the computer system while I was holding the book in my hand.

Beside reading e-books, I finished watching A Prince's First Love with Myanmar subtitles. I don't really dig having to watch with Myanmar subs but since it was at home, I ended up watching the drama but only after fast forwarding it and skipping forward so I got bored watching. These kind of love stories don't take my intrest that much anymore. Probably it's because of watching dramas like The Devil and Air City. I finished Air City a few days ago and I love it. I like the lead actor a lot. I've always liked him since II Mare. Now I want to watch it back again along with Typhoon.

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