Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogger & Decision

My sister just told me that blogspot has been banned. I knew it would come to this at the end but I was hoping that they won't do that. Oh, well I still have my way around blogging but now I'm thinking of moving my English blog to somewhere else. I already made a decision to blog mainly in English a few days ago to improve my English and it wasn't that necessary for me to blog in both versions. There are a lot of Myanmar bloggers who blog in Myanmar so they won't miss me if I don't blog in Myanmar.


Monday, September 24, 2007

I Hate Half Warm Coffee

I went to Seasons Bakery & Cafe at Yankin Center with my friend to meet an online friend from forum. My sister arrived a few minutest later. Ever since I watched Coffee Prince, I had been wanting to try other tastes of coffee and the one I really wanted to check out was cafe latte 'cuz I've seen many pictures of coffee art decorated on cafe latte on the internet. I remember seeing a coffee decoration on a cappuccino from a restaurant at Excel Tower. I wanted to know whether my coffee would be decorated also at Seasons.

My coffee arrived a few minutes later after my order. It was placed in a large glass with a large spoon on top. At first I thought they had mistaken my drink for a cold drink but I expected to be served in a coffee cup, not in a glass. I added a bag of sugar and tasted the coffee. It was terrible. The taste was too strong and worst of all, it was half warm. I hate drinking coffee which are half warm. If I want hot coffee, I want to drink it while it's still hot with streams coming out from the cup. If I want it cold, I would have order a cold drink. Now that I think about it, this isn't' the first I get half warm drinks at Seasons. A long time ago, I ordered hot chocolate and it was nearly cold when it arrived. As for the coffee, next time I will just stick with drinking ready made coffee mixes and home made coffee 'cuz I am not used to strong tastes.

It was nice to meet him but most of the conversation we had was about Singapore 'cuz my friend was pretty interested in Sg and Polytechni. So she bombed him with questions after questions. Since she doesn't know much about forum so she was pretty bored having to listen to us talk about forum related things. I didn't intend to invite her to come with me that day but there was supposed to be a birthday party in the afternoon at my house which got canceled but she didn't know about so she arrived 2 hours before my meeting. I couldn't ask her to just home after she cancel her classes to spend time with her friends.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Last night I watched Heroes Season 1 on dvd and I was immediately hooked on the series. I have watched the first episode a long time ago but I didn't continue watching till my sister bought the dvd. Actually I wanted to watch The Prince's First Love drama but my brother and I had an argument 'cuz the drama is subbed in Myanmar and it was pirated so he accused me of supporting piracy from his company. I didn't even buy it in the first place. Why would I even want to waste my money to buy dramas or movies subbed in Myanmar subtitles? I only watched this drama 'cuz my pc is broken and if I buy the dvd with english sub, my mother would scold me for wasting money as there was a dvd at home already. It was my father who borrowed the dvd from his friend but of course my brother didn't dare voice out his anger to him so he turned to me instead.

I didn't want the same arugment to continue again last night so I thought I will just watch the first episode and wait till he's asleep so I can continue my drama. But he was also hooked on to the series so we ended up watching it for four episodes straight. I had to tell my brother to go to sleep as the hour was nearly midnight and he have to get up way early in the morning. My mother wasn't pleased to see her son staying up the night watching tv 'cuz she wanted all of us to sleep early as possible.

I might continue watching the series tonight but if my brother isn't around, I'll just finish watching the kdrama first.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Fashion Journal Released

A few years ago, I used to read most of all the fashion magazines available from the book rental shop. The main intention of reading those magazines was to read about Myanmar celebrities but the prices have went up and I was sick of flipping through glossy advertisement papers and then reading articles which are indirectly advertising the products.Some magazines only featured articles about people I dislike so now it'sbeen a long time since I read a magazine.

But now, a journal dedicated to fashion and entertainment has been released since yesterday. The name of the journal is "NOW" and what set it different from regular magazines and journals is that all pages arefull color. This week's front cover is Nicole Kidman and usually Myanmar fashion magazines and journals used Myanmar celebrities and models as their front cover. Reading this journal reminds me of those teen magazines I read when I was younger. I think this is the first journal
which criticize Myanmar celebrities publicly. It's nothing serious, just a small criticism about bad choice of fashion and acne-control in Sai Sai's case. It's funny to read them anyway. I'll summarize some of the interviews and features about Myanmar celebrities.

In the interview with Kaung Myat, he said that his new album contains only r&b and pop songs as he wanted a change of music style. I used to thought he can't sing solo but after hearing him in Sai Sai's 'bone kyoe pyat tae nat tha mee' song, I am looking forward to this album release.

My sister said that the girls sounded a bit rude in the interview with NO but I think they are just sick of answering questions related to Thazin. I also have seen several of their interviews and most of them asked about Thazin. They must have broken up for like a year already. Interviewers, give these girls a break. It's not like there aren't any other questions to ask. I am neither a fan of NO nor Thazin but they want to move on so let them move on instead of talking about the past all the times. I am more of a fan of Yee Mon whose music sounds better when she sings solo.

Since I have mention gossips and criticism, some of you might be wondering what those are about. Just as I have said in the above paragraph, it's nothing too serious. They wrote that Sai Sai can dress in fashion but he should take care of his acne on his face. That's kinda true. Those pimples are huge. On the photo of Moe Hay Ko, it was written, "Who is this...ahh..that's the girl some journal named the popular person of the year...but those color contacts doesn't match well with her". My favorite one is about Aye Wit Yee Thaung. She was wearing a red polka dot dress which looks really cute and nice but there was some black straps around her ankle and they wrote "Perhaps she's too busy to buy a stocking so she drew a fake stocking on her legs.". As I have said, those aren't too serious and they are funny. I hope they would continue to write like this in the next journals.

Edit: Those criticism were written after gaining permisson from the Myanmar celebrities.

So if you are in Myanmar, you might want to check this out if you are into fashion and entertainment. The sale price is 500 kyats but I don't know how much the journal stand might sell them for.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Shopping at Yuzana Plaza

Yesterday I woke up a bit early than usual Sundays after hearing Ye' Lay's song playing. It was my sister who was listening to his album and I joined her without even washing up first till she stopped listening. I asked my brother to buy pauk si for breakfast and drank coffee while eating pauk si. I watched some kpop videos I burned on a vcd. It has been a long time since the last time I burned them. After I get my computer fixed (again), I'll burn them on dvd as it's a waste of cds when I don't have time to watch them. I must have about 20 or 30 cds all burned with my downloads. I want to share them on divx but my connection is too slow to upload.

Anyway, after I had breakfast, I started cleaning the family room as my father was saying the desk is too messy. I tried my best to tidy up the desk but I couldn't put away my brother's things as he'll be using them again later on. Afterward, I started watching "Take the Lead" movie which I rented from the shop on Saturday. It's a nice movie but I only got to watch a few chapters as my mother called out for me and asked me whether I'm interested in going to Yuzana Plaza or not. I told her I will go so I took a bath quickly, dressed and came down to eat lunch.

We left our home around 2 pm. My mother suggest that I should buy some new shoes just in case I need to go to some ceremonies or occasions like wedding, birthday, etc. I wasn't quite interested in the idea and maybe that's why I couldn't find a single shoe I like. My sister tired of me for being so picky. I was just more interested in buying a present for my friend. I bought a green long waist blouse and I wanted to buy my friend one also but it's short sleeve so she might not want to wear it as she's skinny. I'm skinny too but I don't' mind wearing short sleeves.

It was really tiring walking around the place and I was getting really thirsty. My sister suggested we eat and rest at some place but she went to the 3rd floor in hope of finding Mr. Brown. I told her it's not on the 3rd floor anymore but she didn't listen. We bought the present from the first shop we saw on the 3rd floor. There was a large food court at the center of the place and I wanted to go back downstairs as I couldn't stand the loud music being played but my sister said she's hungry so we sat down. I ordered a cup of ice coffee while she ordered Shan Noodle. I wouldn't recommend eating Shan Noodle at this place as it's just too little for a price of 800 kyats and the ice coffee is also 800 kyats but at least it's not filled with water like at some fast food places. Although I didn't like the food, I like the shop we visited and next time I go shopping, I would go to the 3rd floor first 'cuz the prices aren't that expensive there.

We went home after 5pm and most of the shops were already closed down by then. I finished watching "Take the Lead" after the tv drama has ended airing and it was really a nice movie. I wished we had similar programs like ball room dancing back at our junior high school.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Usual Sunday

This Sunday, I woke up a bit early than usual but still I didn't start doing anything till past 10 am. The weather was nice, bright and clear, so I did my laundry and I didn't finish washing them all till after 2pm. I'm a slow worker who takes rest pretty often so I'm slow at finishing my tasks. I had my lunch at 1 pm and continue my work while pausing pretty often to talk to my sister or listen to music. After I finish doing laundry, my sister told me to give her my scrunches and other hair accessories as my hair is pretty short to use them now. She was a bit surprised to see my large collection. She even told me to take some photos of them. She said I should her give them to her sooner as she was thinking of buying some of them, mentioning to my flower shaped hair clips. I have been meaning to give them to her for years but I kept forgetting.

After I gave her my stuffs, I cleaned my room and took a bath. I was planning to go to the hair salon by 4pm but my friend arrived so I decided to wait for my sister to finish typing her cv and go to the salon together. When my sister was finished, it started raining so we had to wait for the rain to stop. It didn't look like it'll stop so we decided to go out at 5:30. My sister wanted to eat Rakhine Moat Tee so we went to the shop first. On the way, as I was crossing the street, a blue jeep came out of nowhere and almost run me over. I was a bit shocked at first but I reacted quickly by running back to the street side. Gosh, I always looked both ways before crossing the street but that jeep was driving at full speed and didn't even bother to slow down or stop. I am sick and tired of always watching out for cars who will always drive close to my feet. It should be them who should look out for the passengers. Even when I am walking by the street side, as there are no platforms, I still get honks and yelled by the drivers. Now that I'm going back to UFL, I have to face having to cross Inya Road before reaching the university. I don't know when I will get hit by a car.

Anyway, back to the subject, after we reached the shop, we all had Rakhine Moat Tee and Tofu A Sar Tot which is vegetables, tamarind juice, soy sauce and chili stuffed in the tofu. This shop is the only shop around my area which sells them and it's my sister's favorite. I don't really fancy that shop 'cuz the moat tee doesn't taste that good and the rest of the food are pretty expensive, 300 kyats for a plate of a thote while other places sells them for 150 kyats or 200 kyats. But this is the only shop around the area which opens on Sundays so I have nowhere else to go when I want to eat Rakhine Moat Tee.

Afterward, I went to the salon while my friend and my sisters went to make copies of the cv and certificates. I visited that salon just a week ago but at that time I was in a hurry and I didn't have any pictures with me to show the hairstyle I want. I have the pictures with me this time and I think my hairstyle is now nearly like Eun Chan. Yeah, call me a copycat but I always like seeing Asian actresses with short hairstyles. I was starting to hate my last hairstyle as it was getting out of shape.

I tried to take some photos of myself but I even scare myself 'cuz I look like a skeleton in the photos. I look like I haven't had any sleep for days. My mother has been saying that to me for awhile now but I didn't think I look that bad when I look in the mirror. Maybe the camera is bewitched so I look ugly every time I took a photo :D. Like my sister said, it's just me and I am just not photogenic at all. Which is why I avoid taking photos of myself with digital cameras. They reveal the truth to much :(

My sister is taking some traditional medicines to gain weight. Maybe I should take some also just to get my face look healthy.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Peekaboo Posts Vs Haloscan Comments

I had been using Haloscan for comments at my Myanmar blog for a long time now but after I changed my template, I forgot to add it back. Since my posts are too long, I decided to use peekaboo script and it's working fine. But the problem is I can't use haloscan anymore. I have tried several times uploading and reuploading at haloscan site but I gave up now. If I used the edited template from haloscan, all of my posts disappear. It only works when I don't have peekaboo script in the template. Since I like the script, I have decided to keep using it. I'm sad that all of my comments on haloscan can't be seen by viewers anymore but there's nothing I can do about it.


UFL Music Show

Yesterday I went to UFL in the morning to get my certificate and apply for Intermediate 1 but I didn't get my certificate as there was a music show at the university. The professor who was keeping the certificates was watching the show so I would have to wait till the show was over to get my certificate. My classmates came to meet me at the UFL and she said she'll ask her sister to get the certificate for me instead and she'll apply for me instead on Monday. I really wanted to stay and finish watching the concert or at least watch till the Korean major students performed on stage but she insisted that we should leave. I saw a bunch of guys wearing white collar shirts and one of them was holding a sheet of paper. He was standing beside me so I looked at the page and I think I saw the lyrics by 015B. I only got to see the performance by a French major student and watch a bunch of German major students singing in Myanmar which lyrics sounded so crappy. My friend told me that they always held music shows like that at UFL. They sure are pretty lucky to be able to perform the show as it didn't rain yesterday.

I always envy students who get to attend UFL. The university to which I only attended a few days each year for distant education didn't feel like a university at all. I thought about whether I should be taking a diploma course for Korean as I wanted to learn properly but I don't have enough time to do that. My work started at 9 am and I can only be late till 9:15 am. I will have to pay 600 kyats every time I'm late so that means I will have to pay over 10000 kyats just for my lateness. I'm not also a morning person so evening classes work better for me. I used to leave work early around 4:15 pm on Mon, Wed and Fri when I attended UFL but I will be leaving 15 mins later when I started my classes again. One of my classmate won't be joining us for the new class as he's going to Korean to work. He was the only student in class who knew a lot more in Korean than us and he annoyed me at first 'cuz the teachers then assumed that we all should know them well like him but he's nice and friendly. I guess we all got close in Basic 2 as there were lesser students in the class.


The Last Cup of Coffee Prince

I've finished watching Coffee Prince last night. I downloaded the raw versions cuts from youtube as I couldn't get it anywhere else. Then I had to resync the subtitle every time after watching each videos which were separated when uploaded to youtube.

I felt like there can be no dramas that will replace Coffee Prince even though I know there will be replacements in the future 'cuz I felt the same way after finishing Goong. There are only four dramas which I became obsessed with and wrote about frequently in forums and blogs and those are Full House, Goong, My Girl and Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince is the only drama in which I like each and every characters in the drama. I will miss seeing Han Kyul, Gong Chan, the coffee princes, Han Seung, Yoo Joo, Eun Sae, etc.

In my opinion, the character Han Kyul is too good to be true. When I first watched him, I wasn't that quite attracted to him as he acted like a wang ssagaji (king of jerk) but he grew on me as I continue watching the drama. He almost always look good and stylish except when he was wearing an orange polka dot shirt. I don't think polka dots suit him. The way he loves Eun Chan makes me wonder whether actual people like him exist in the real world. If you know one, let me know then :D

One of my favorite scene is in the last episode when Han Kyul woke up Eun Chan by singing her a song via his phone. Now why can't I have a boyfriend like him? See, I told you. Han Kyul is just too good to be true.

In the last episode, Eun Chan probably put on a wig to express that 2 years have passed now but I am not used to seeing her with longer hair as I was used to seeing her with her boyish hairstyle. She still looks good but her appearance doesn't make me feel that she's Eun Chan anymore. I was seeing her more as Yoon Eun Hye the actress rather than Eun Chan, the tomboy.

This last episode is dedicated mostly to the sweet couple so the rest of the casts appeared less on the episode. Yoo Joo couldn't get any child but the couple is still happy together. Min Yeop is starting to become a model and still dating Eun Sae, Ha Rim is still seeing Byul (I don't think they match each other 'cuz I don't like her attitude) but he's still a playboy also and maybe Sun Ki might start a new relationship with the newcomer at the shop.

All right, I am really feeling like Coffee Prince hasn't ended at all and there are many episodes to look forward. This episode doesn't make feel like the drama ended at all and that's just worse than the other dramas 'cuz I can feel that they have ended. I read that MBC might make a sequel to Coffee Prince but Gong Yoo won't be in it as he's enlisted to join the army this year. I don't know if I should look forward to this or not. Long ago, I also thought that Goong will have a sequel but all I saw was Goong S and there is no sequal at all. Plus, Coffee Prince without Gong Yoo won't be the same at all.

Now I am downloading the Coffee Prince special show from youtube. There wont' be any subs but I can watch the NGs meanwhile waiting for the subs release from WithS2.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Northern Bay of Bengal faces tsunami risk

PARIS (AFP) — The northern tip of the Bay of Bengal, home to tens of millions of people, faces a potential double whammy from an earthquake and tsunami, a scientist warned on Wednesday.

He says the peril does not appear to be immediate but says there are many unknowns and further work is needed to quantify the risk.

Quake experts today fret about a stress point just east of where the December 26, 2004 temblor occurred near the Indonesian island of Sumatra, killing some 220,000 people. The risk of another giant event at this spot is high, they fear.

But Phil Cummins of Geoscience Australia says another danger lurks to the north along the coast of Myanmar and Bangladesh, in a so-called subduction zone -- where one part of the Earth's crust is slowly diving under another.

A vicious "locked-thrust" fault, of the kind that unleashes tsunamis, runs parallel to the shore in similar fashion to the Sumatra fault, he believes.

It has been overlooked because the last big quake there was nearly two and a half centuries ago, and the fault lies hidden under seabed sediment up to 20 kilometres (12 miles thick), he contends.

"This is the type of earthquake that could generate a large tsunami which could impact the densely-populated Ganges delta," he said in a phone-in conference with reporters.

"The earthquake itself could cause much damage in Chittagong and perhaps significant damage even in Dhaka and Calcutta [Kolkata]... very large populations are potentially at risk."

On April 2, 1762, a large earthquake hit the Arakan coast of Myanmar, wrenching up parts of the coast and several offshore islands by between three and seven metres (10 and 23 feet).

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this also caused a tsunami.

A family history, recounted to the commander of a British ship that visited the remote area in 1841, described how "the sea washed to and fro several times with great fury, and then retired from ground."

At Dhaka, now the bustling Bangladesh capital, the river rose suddenly and "hundreds of large country boats were driven ashore or lost, and great numbers of lives lost with them."

Cummins, whose paper is published in Thursday's issue of Nature, believes the fault ruptured along 500 kilometers (310 miles), an exploit consistent with an earthquake of 8.8 magnitude.

His computer simulation of the event says the tsunami would have reached a maximum height offshore of 2.5 metres (8.1 feet). Further work, harnessing precise knowledge of the ocean bed topography, is needed to estimate its height once it hit the shore.

In addition, GPS sensors on the ground suggest that the fault is still tectonically active, with movement of around 23mm (0.9 inches) per year, says Cummins.

"It would take an additional 200 years from now for the stress to build up to its pre-1762 levels, but on the other hand, the rupture could occur in smaller earthquakes" whose timing is unknown, he said.

Around 60 million people at the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta live within 10 metres (32.5 feet) of sea level, many in quake-vulnerable homes, says Cummins.

More than a million lives may be at risk from a repeat of a 1762-level event, he says, but admits that this is little more than a guess.

"We need further geodetic measurements to measure possible stress buildup along the coast of Myanmar and Bangladesh and further geological studies in this area to detect traces of the 1762 and earlier earthquakes and tsunamis," he adds.

The study is the second scientific paper in a month to identify high-population zones that have been overlooked as tsunami risks.

Hong Kong and the neighbouring territory of Macau face a roughly 10 percent risk of being hit by a devastating tsunami in the next hundred years, researchers report in the latest issue of a specialist journal, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors.

The risk comes from a fault on the notorious Manila Trench, according to computer simulations by scientists in China, the United States and Japan.

source: AFP

I heard about this last night from my father and I was a little shock. I think Myanmar journalist will be rushing to see U Htun Lwin from the Meteorological Department for a clearer explanation.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ladies First

Whenever I hear the word 'propose', I always imagined a guy proposing to a girl, maybe holding a bunch of flowers in his hand or at a nice restaurant or any place that's romantic. This is the first time I've watched a girl proposing to a guy. That is really sweet and romantic. So who says guys have to do the job all the time huh? :D

I got the idea for this post after reading Ma Red Rose's comments on the drama. I've been meaning to blog more about Coffee Prince but I've been too busy with work. I still have some jobs left to do but I'm taking a break now.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Sunday Window Shopping

Yesterday I went shopping with my mother and my sister. I was planning to watch Sai Sai's movie at Nawaday but my sister wanted to go shopping and I didn't want to go alone so I went along with them. We went to Ocean Super Market at 9 Mile and it was really a bad choice. I couldn't find any clothing which suited me at all. I wanted to check out some jeans but all I saw those badly dyed denim jeans. It was my sister who wanted to do some shopping and she didn't like anything also.

She wanted to buy a new shoes but she didn't see anything she likes. So we went downstairs and looked around but still didn't find anything we like. The prices there seem more expensive than our local store nearby. So I just bought a can of tuna to eat with crackers and a bag of Super cereal. Then we went to Seasons bakery and bought a cake and some breads. I haven't been to Seasons for a long time now. I wanted to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee but I didn't like the seating place there. Yankin Center has better seating. I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat anything there but the foods smell so good. That's what I love about Seasons. Whenever I walk into the shop, I love the smell of fresh baked bread.

We went to Hledan afterward and my sister bought a pair of shoes there. It was my mother who found the shoes for her. I couldn't find anything that suited my taste. Maybe it's just me. People look nice wearing those foreign shoes but I don't think they look nice when I see them at the stores. Usually I just wear Myanmar sandals which are easier to wear and matched with my htamian but I will have to buy some shoes to wear sometimes. I will go to Yuzana Plaza with my mother later since I can't pick anything on my own.

As we were about to leave, my sister who was checking out the dvd stall, saw Hereos Season 1 dvd and I asked her to buy for me. I saw other American series like Lost Season 3 (which I have 'lost' interest in long time ago), CSI, 24 Hour, Desperate Housewives and Prison Break Season 2. I already have Prison Break dvds to watch with the computer so I didn't want to buy any. I already bought 2 kdrama dvds (all starring Lee Da Hae) on Friday so I didn't want to buy any new dvds at the moment.


Why Do We Blog Seminar

"Why Do We Blog" seminar was held on Saturday at Myamar Info-Tech and it was a success. I think more than 500 people attended the seminar (I don't know the exact figure). It rained since morning so we didn't expect so many people would come. I was supposed to arrived at 9am in the morning but I was late since I made a trip to a beauty salon to get my hair straighten out with the iron flattener. I didn't eat breakfast as I thought I could catch a few bites at the canteen before the seminar stars. Boy, was I wrong. I shouldn't have skip breakfast at all. As soon as I arrived at the front desk, I was busy handing out flyers to people. They were surely early to arrive one hour before the seminar stars. The seminar started off at 11am and I went in a few minutes afterward as there weren't many people arriving from the outside. Some other people from Service Plus arrived so they stayed at the desk while we were in the seminar. I had to show people to empty seats and it wasn't an easy task 'cuz people don't sit next to each other, leave one or two seats between each other and the guests wanted to sit next to each other. I guess that is just the habit of Myanmar people.

One of our sponsors was Inforithm Maze who introduced a new social networking website similar to Friendster called "My Suboo". When I first heard the name, I thought it was a Japanese name and I was pronouncing it like "tsu boo". "Suboo" is a Myanmar name which means piggy bank. I will register for an account soon also.

The first part of the seminar ended at noon and I was one of the people who were clapping loudly as I was so glad to finally get a chance to eat. We served coffee and snacks for the guests. I also drank coffee and ate one croissant but I wasn't satisfied at all so I ate some potato chips afterward but I still was hungry. Lunch time passed by so quickly 'cuz I was spending the rest of the times at the front desk, folding up the survey sheets for the lucky draw program.

The second part of the seminar started at 1pm. This time I found myself a seat at the back and started sitting down as my back was starting to hurt for standing so long. When the speakers came up the stage to start speaking, a group of photographers surround the stage (including the bloggers) but I never seen so many people surrounded other speakers as when Ma Melody Maung came up to stage. She sure caught the attention so all the male photographers :). One of the unique feature of this seminar was there was an interview between some of the guests and Ko Soe Zaya. Most of the guests who were interviewed don't know much about blogging at all. There was only blogger among the interviewers.

Before the lucky draw program, there was a session where the bloggers answered the questions asked along with the survey questions. I took a look at some of the questions during lunch and some were funny and some were hard to decide. First Ko Nay Phone Latt answered some of the questions and Ko Nyi Lynn Seck answered some more questions. One of the question he answered was "Does posting at blogs require permission by the press scrutiny board (sar pay sit say yay)?". I never thought we need to do that and the audience laughed with me also. The last questions related to blogging was answered by Ko Saturn God and questions related to MySuboo was answered by Inforithm.

The lucky draw program seemed to took such a long time for me as I was starving and my stomach even started to make noises. I hoped nobody notice me. The prizes included t-shirts, blogging training programs, internet cards at Service Plus and memory sticks. When a person's name was called to come up on stage for winning a t-shirt, two guys with the same name appeared and the other guy is blue shirt looked embarrassed as he wasn't the winner but later he won a 512mb memory stick and there was no mistakes this time. I was glad for him and the audience agreed as they clap loudly for him. A guy sitting next to him won the 1gb memory stick (maybe he's the blue shirt guy's friend?). And finally after the lucky draw program ended, Ma PinkGold announced the end of the seminar and it was over. We took photos and they were posted immediately to I'm glad that Ko Kyaw Zeya remembered to bring some snacks to eat 'cuz all of the bloggers were hungry. Some of them didn't even eat breakfast so I was in the spot with them. We went to Golden Duck near the Pansodan Jetty for dinner and I arrived at home around 8:45 pm.

When I got home, I discussed a bit about the seminar with my sister and she wasn't happy that her main blogging site xanga was classified as social networking. I told her to just blog about it and she said she'll do that. Then we talked a bit about the advantages of blogging in English and she said only those bloggers who write in English will be notice by the rest of the world who can read in English. That's true. I was too tired so I went to bed afterward.