Monday, June 25, 2007

Not Exactly a Nice Weekend

It hasn't exactly a nice weekend for me, at least on Saturday 'cuz something got into my eye as I was sitting at the Rakhine Moat Tee shop and I had trouble with my eye which kept tearing up if I look longer. I couldn't concentrate on anything so I couldn't even watch TV nor read books. I was in a lousy mood afterward and I got scolded by my mother for throwing my clothes on to the floor 'cuz I had intended to wash them the next day but she said she spent her times folding them neatly while cleaning my room. I really don't like anyone to touch my things and I appreciate the help but she mixed up my new clothes with worn clothes so I got frustrated as the smell from the worn clothes got mixed up with the new ones. In the end, I had to wash most of them the next day. My mother suggested that I should get keep cleaning my eye with water and not rubbed it. She said I was stupid to rub it with my hand (but I was using tissues) and said I have no knowledge of health. She said the pain will be gone when I waked up the next day. I didn't believe her but the pain was gone and I was able to open my eyes. The only problem was my eye looked like I was being punched in the eye. Oh, well. it's better than not being able to see clearly.

I spent Sunday morning washing all of my clothes and all of them dried up in the afternoon due to endless sunshine. The electricity went out around 9 am and didn't come till 1 pm. Later I learned that only some part of the neighborhood got power failure while the rest of them didn't have power failure. I ate lunch quickly and watched Innocent Steps movie. It was my second time watching the movie and I still loves it. I feel like dancing while watching the movie but then I don't even know how to dance. I think I might have cried a bit during my first time but I didn't cried at all this time but I could hear my sister sniffing beside me. Sometimes I wonder whether I've changed a bit in emotions while watching films. I rarely cry watching them now. The last time I cried was when watching Crying Out Love in the Center of the World which was pretty sad.

In the evening, my mother took to to a shoe shop nearby and bought sandals for me and my sister. The design aren't that bad and it fits for the rainy season. I was getting sick of wearing my old Adda sandals 'cuz they don't match with my clothes sometimes. I have a habit of wearing one shoe or sandal till it's completely worn out and not suitable to wear anymore. The same goes for watches. I had this watch which my mother gave me and I had been wearing it for like 5 or 6 years. Now it's broken and someone told me it's gonna cost more to fix it than to buy a new watch. My mother gave me a new watch but I don't like it 'cuz I miss my old watch.

Anyway, back to the topic after I got home, the electricity is out so I spent my time reading Deception Point by Dan Brown, having dinner and then trying to translate the Korean story given by my teacher. I gave up halfway 'cuz there are too many words which aren't included in the pocket dictionary which I was using as that was the only Korean-English dictionary at home. I went back to reading Deception Point till the electricity comes back at 10:40 pm. I tried to find the Korean words using the dictionary I installed in the computer but still haven't get back with much results. I'm going to just scan it with ocr and then translate it using online translation website.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Usual Days at UFL + Random Rambling

It has been awhile since I wrote about my student life at UFL and I promised a friend a long time ago that I'll explain her how we are taught but I forgot to do that.

I always leave work after 4:15 pm on Mon, Wed, Fri to attend UFL. On the way at Hledan Junction, I'll go to eat Rakhine Moat Tee from a shop in front of Pyi Myanmar mall. Even when I told myself that I'll try other foods, I always end up eating the same food every time. The food is great but sometimes the shop is crowded and seats aren't available till someone else get up. Another problem is that it's troublesome to cross the road from the junction. The traffic lights hardly ever turn green and it only lasted for a few minutes when it does. Once I heard that a bridge was going to be constructed but I guess the plan got rejected or something 'cuz of a condo or is it another shopping mall? at the junction.

Usually I just walk to UFL from Hledan. It's not tiring for me 'cuz I'm used to walking. Sometimes I can catch the 42 bus at the traffic light. Just as I come near to UFL, I have to come across another traffic light. It's also a bit hard to cross the road 'cuz when the lights turn green, the cars which are going to Inya Road will pass by immediately and I couldn't cross till they are gone but by then the light would turn red. I can go half before it turns red but then while I'm waiting in the middle, those cars going to New University road from Inya Road will pass in front of me and sometimes I felt like they are going to crush my feet as they pass by. I wish there's like a traffic police man or someone who will help us to cross the road.

Before I pass through the UFL gate, I have to put my student id around my neck and as I pass through the gate, I can feel all eyes are on me. No, I'm not popular or anything. The ones who are watching are the 'fashion police' of UFL. When I mean by 'fashion police', I'm referring to the teachers stationed at the gate. Their job is to keep a lookout for students who aren't wearing the id card, anyone who aren't wearing the appropriate clothing, guys with earrings and last of all and most recently, they are looking for any students with dye hair. Recently, I saw one of the teacher scolding two students and she was saying one of the student said that she dyed her hair 'cuz it looks good on Rebecca Win and the teacher said. well, Rebecca Win isn't from our university is she? (Actually she was a UFL student who major in Japanese but I think she graduated by now. Now that I think about it, one of the girl from Bambino is attending UFL and I wonder if she also gets into trouble for her dyed hair. )

Personally I have no problem with dye hair. I used to think that dye hair don't suit with Myanmar people but that is because I've seen some of them dye their hair red, in attempt to imitate Si Thu Lwin whose hair was dyed red at that time. But after Korean dramas became popular, people started to dress better and their hairstyles changed also. I noticed that more people dyed their hair nowadays and they are good at choosing colors which suit with their skins. I really don't understand why it's such a problem to have students with dyed hair in the university. I don't think UFL is the only place which is restricting these ridiculous rules. It's already enough that we aren't allowed to wear skirts, pants and jeans to class.

I really get pissed that I can't wear 'bi skirt' to UFL and it is again another ridiculous rule that they have imposed on the rules. If you are wondering what is a 'phi skirt', I'll explain to to you. Back in the days, Myanmar women will wear 'longyi' (it's called htamin in Myanmar) which is a piece of garment sewed together and wrapped around the waist. Modern day ladies would wear 'htamain skirt' which are skirts in the form of 'longyi' but they aren't actual longyi so you don't have the trouble to wrapping it around the waist and instead it's held together by clothes pin. (This isn't the exact word but I don't know how to call it). Those skirts look exactly like real longyi so I had no trouble wearing them to UFL. "Phi Skirt" is also another type of 'htamain skirt' but it's sewn together more like a real skirt and the only different is that it's cut up in the front so you can walk and it would look like a htamain. Sometimes when the 'phi skirt' isn't sewn properly or it's not handled by a good designer, the front part will always flap open when you walk and your legs can be seen from the opening. I think the fashion police has a problem with that 'cuz they don't want to see any students revealing her legs. They also don't allow wrapped skirts, the kind that you wear at the beach. There are so many rules and even through I don't like them, I had to follow them as I want to learn at their place. There's a Japanese phrase for this situation. It's "Shoi Gar Nai" which is the informal way of saying "Shikata Ga Nai" which means it can't be help and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm not bad mouthing the teachers. It's just their jobs to attend at the gate but still I'm just speaking out loud.

Aside from the fashion police, I like the university. I like how it's so peace and quiet and not so crowded. I wished I could have attend English major at that university but my grades were so poor that I wouldn't even be able to set a foot in that place if not for the evening classes (and morning diploma classes). Our class is situated right next to the canteen on the first floor. I think it's called a Myanmarsar building where they teach foreigners Myanmarsar. I'm not so sure about it but the class rooms names start with Myan which is the abbreviation for Myanmarsar. We have three teachers in our class. The first teacher teaches the main lessons from the orange books. Personally, I don't think he wanted us to learn like this, just reading dialogues after dialogues 'cuz it's too easy for us except for the fact that we don't know the words. We haven't even got to reading paragraphs in our lessons so lately he's also teaching us how to read paragraphs and translated them on our own so we would proceed further than just reading dialogues. This Monday, he said there'll be a listening exam on the final exam so he taught us one lesson on listening to a native Korean speaking and try to understand what she was saying. By the time the class was over, I managed to understand most of the words 'cuz he also taught us the meaning but I still don't catch the exact words she used in the cassette tape. I hope our exam won't be that hard 'cuz we are still not used to listening lessons which we rarely have in our class. He taught us in Basic 1 and he was the one who tested me for speaking.

Wednesday teacher focus on yellow book and she makes all of us memorized each and every word and repeat them without looking back in the book. It was a bit hard to do that at first 'cuz I wasn't used to memorizing the words so quickly but now I'm getting the hang of it. If this was an English lesson class and the teacher told us to memorized the sentences, I would say it's ridiculous 'cuz it's not going to help the student learn English. That's what my ex-tutor asked the other students to do back in 10th grade just so they can fill in the blanks on the exam. But as for Korean class, I think I can surely say that all of us are rather lazy students who don't pick up the books till we arrive in the class so by memorizing the sentences, we learn more than we normally do 'cuz we hardly study at home. As least that's true for me. The only time I ever look up on Korean words beside in class when I'm reading Korean lyrics or searching for Korean songs in hangul.

Friday teacher teaches us grammar. Sadly, we still haven't received the proper grammar book which the Monday teacher said we might be taught from that book, making it easier for us to understand the grammar. As for now, the teacher will teach the grammar lessons from the orange books and do a quick revision on the dialogues. She doesn't like students who come in later than her and if that student comes in late, she would say 'one cup of coffee' which means that student should treat us coffee for being late. Of course nobody really treat us for coffee but still she said it every time she's in class.

My post is really long now 'cuz I have to so much to say. Now I'm tired and I'll translate this to Myanmar later.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Complaints About Internet Connection

Lately I had been waking up early in the morning at 6:30 am even before my alarm clock starts to ring. Normally, I only get up at 7:10 am. So I've been arriving to work earlier even before 9 o'clock. That's kinda good 'cuz I get more chance to use the internet before work starts. The connection is extermely lousy. As soon as the clock turns to 12, the connection went down completely and I can barely surf the net afterward. I haven't been able to keep up with forum and others stuffs due to it.

You might think I'm a drama download freak but it's really annoying for me that I can't download dramas from the net anymore 'cuz of the connection. I can barely download from megaupload and sendspace. Only mediafire works for me. I had been relying on youtube to watch some dramas but now even youtube doesn't work for me anymore. I can watch it online but I can't download anything from there.

At least thank god that I can still use 'cuz I can watch Proposal Daisakauen from there. I watched episode 6 last night and I felt really sad. I have downloaded up to episode 7 from there now and waiting for the rest of the episodes.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Ye' Lay J me Album Review

I bought Ye' Lay and J me album on Sunday. I had been waiting for that album release ever since I saw the album cover photo at Native Myanmar forum. I wasn't disappointed with the album. There are 9 songs in total, J me sang 5 songs and Ye' Lay sang 4 songs. And again the total number of songs is 9. Ever since 9 Night was released, this is the third hip-hop album with only 9 songs. I don't think it's a coincidence. Those people who aren't satisfied with only 9 songs in J me's solo album will be happy to hear these songs.

I like all songs by J me. The second song feature Bo Lay and the lyric book said he also sang in the fourth song but I don't recognize his voice in that song. The fifth song 100 % Percent is sang in English and I'm surprised that it passed the censor board. Maybe it's okay to curse in English but not okay to curse and use rude words in Myanmar.

I'm a bit disappointed to hear the first song by Ye' Lay 'cuz it's just a regular mixed song between pop and r&b. My eyes were falling asleep while listening to that song and it only got wider on the second song. But I also didn't like that song that much probably because of the chorus part and the way he sing hello. I like the rest of the songs by him. I think Chan Aye Win featured in the third song but I don't recognize his voice. He performed that song with Chan Aye Win at his birthday show.

After I have listened to this collaboration album, I realized that I like J me more than Ye' Lay.

I bought this album to show my support to both of my favorite singer and I suggest that you do the same also. I'm sure this album will be shared online and I'm also guilty for doing that 'cuz I want to share them with my friends who are living aboard and unable to buy this album.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

J-me & Ye' Lay Album Release

J-me & Ye' Lay album is gonna be released tomorrow. They are going to have an album promotion program at Sein Gay Har on Pyay Road. I'm going to there but I'm going to buy the album of course. I can't wait to listen to it. I luv the sample songs from Planet website.