Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm bored to write about my Shan State trip.....
I'm bored to edit the photos we took during the trip.....
I'm bored to rest at home for 12 days.......
I'm bored to come to work.....
I'm bored to watch the dvds that I've bought to watch during my holidays
I'm bored to read the books I rented from the library
I'm bored to even listen to music
Last of all, I'm bored as I'm writing this post.....


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pissed Off Again

Today is the last day before my Thingyan holiday. I was having a good time, just listening to musc, working, and saving some tutorials. My brother came to my office after lunch and I thought he came to return the usb he took from me but no he said he needed some codecs so I copied them for him and he left without returning. I've been waiting for his return for 2 hours and finally I went to the office he was working and they said he left 2 hours ago. Damn it...I am getting sick of this. I don't care if it's work or not. I told him that I want to use my usb today. Why is that when I bought something or borrow something, everyone hogs it and I never have time to use them on my own. If I borrow a book, my sister will be reading it first.

I swear I am not going to stand this anymore. No more sharing among siblings. If they want it, they can buy it on their own.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Last Day of Class

My Korean Basic I ended last Friday. I had to take a written exam on Wednesday and oral exam on Friday. I was nervous about the exams so I took a day off from work on Wednesday to study. I had been under some stress at work and it was better for me to study at home and then take the exam. Although I was studying the whole day, I did managed to watch the first episode of The Devil and I was gonna continue watching Witch Yoo Hee but my mother stopped and said I should be studying. I regretted not continuing watching the drama 'cuz the exam was so darn easy except for listening. I thought it was gonna be hard so I was studying the whole grammar book but all I had to do was fill in the blanket. The listening exam was supposed to be easy if only I can hear the dialogues more clearly. It seemed that the teachers at UFL are still using old textbooks and cassette tapes.

On Friday, the teachers divided the class in half and I had to go to another classroom along with other students whose roll numbers are after 26. I was a bit nervous 'cuz the teacher was asking other students why do you take the Korean class? Most of them answered that 'cuz it's interesting. Then he asked why is it interesting and others couldn't answer him back 'cuz they didn't know the proper words. I was a bit lucky for my exam 'cuz before my turn came up I asked the student next to me how to say "I want to speak Korean" and that's what I answered when he asked why is Korean class interesting for you. The sentence wasn't proper so he fixed it himself :). He asked me my age and I had to ask him to repeat it 2 times and finally I caught the word "Sar" which means age. The rest of the questions were much easier 'cuz he asked me if I like Korean movies and of course I do and then he asked me which movie I like. I couldn't answer him properly 'cuz I didn't study the adjective usage and I didn't know the Korean title. I answered that I like King & the Clown. I'm surprised that that's all I had to answer. I actually was wishing that he would asked me which movie I like or which actor I like the most as I was holding Lee Junki's keychain in my hand before he called my name.

After everyone had taken the exam, there was some time left so he continued to teach a lesson from the text book. We asked him to teach us a song but he said he couldn't find the song and there wasn't enough time to write down the lyrics. Too bad, other classes were having fun singing songs and stuff and we had to continue learning on the last day of the class.

Now that exams are over and the class just ended, I'll have free time to use the internet at work time is over. The next class won't be open till May.



The exam result for the MOFA PSC came out last Friday on the website. My mother called me on Saturday to check it out and so I did. I had to install Myanmar2 keyboard layout to read the result and my heart was beating pretty fast as I was waiting for the installation to complete. I found my sister's name but I didn't see my name. Arr...another disappointment for me. I should have immediately listened to Antibiotic right away at the time but my mind was too occupied with the rejection. This is the second time I've been disappointed in 2 years, the first time with the trip to Korea thing and now this. I was rejected on the exam taken in 2005 but at that time I wasn't really into it and I only took the exam 'cuz of my parent's encouragement.

Before I can stop myself, tears dropped from my eyes. I really hate it when it happens. I didn't mean to cry but I'm such a weak person. Even though it was after office hours. people were still at the office and I couldn't care about them. I even shouted at one guy who was just asking me to let him use my headphone.

I tried to calm myself by watching some videos, I think I watched Heroes Episode 1 but I lost interest. Finally I remembered to listen to Antibiotic and so I did and was surfing the web trying to focus on something and finally I found something to focus on. I came upon a live journal group for Joo Ji Hoon and found a tutorial to make icons. As I was making the icons, I can forget about what happened earlier. I was working on the second tutorial when I was asked to leave the office as they are closing it. Oh, darn, I didn't get the chance to bring the tutorial home but at least I have an idea of how the colorization are done.

On my way home, it was really hard not to think about the exam result. I'm still not completely over it. What makes me really mad is that I spent all these hours studying while my sister was sleeping or reading novels and she still passed the exam for her second time. She didn't pass the personal exam the last time. I hope she get the job this time. With her out of the picture, maybe I might get a better chance next time.

I know I suck in Myanmar Sar. A lot of people will just laugh when I say it but I really do suck at Myanmar Sar. My essay written in Myanmar are just terrible. I never got fully trained in how to write Myanmar essays. I only had experiences in English essays but my skills aren't like it used to before as I have been out of touch with writing essays. I don't want to blame my tutor but she kinda of ruined my skills when I was asked to stop writing in cursive and to write only one page for an essay. Ever since my 10th exam, my skills degraded. And my university teachers aren't that much help either. They said the more you write, the more point you lose as those teachers who mark the papers had this strict code of 1 page per exam pinned to the brain.

I talked to my friend whose father work at MOFA. She said there might be another exam this year but I don't think it's possible. She's already attending tuition so that she can prepare for herself. I'll also need to prepare myself for the next round of exam. I can still take the exam until I turn 25. Now I'm 23, just 2 more months till June, and I still has my chance unlike my sister who's going to turn 24 in May. I think I'll apply for a course in translation at a monastery nearby. I heard that famous translators and editors came to teach at that place.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Curing Myself With Antibiotic

Currently listening to Antibiotic album to cure myself. I wished I had thought of listening to them earlier. I wished that my mother wouldn't have call me at work today.

I really love this band so much. They can make all the stress and troubles go away just by listening to a few songs. No other singers can do the same to me, not even Shinhwa, Ye' Lay or Sai Sai.

Also I'm checking this icon tutorial out. I'm feeling better working on icons. The tutorial is a bit wrong at the first part. Read my comment for the correction at that page.


Friday, April 06, 2007

This Week

Yesterday my friend's father passed away. I'm really sad to hear that. I went to the hospital with my mother and a friend to see him last month and he was doing better. He had to attend the hospital again so last week, my friend and my sister went there to visit him. I know I should have called her and should comfort her but I don't know what to say and my mother called her to ask about the funeral. The funeral will be on Saturday. My mother said I don't need to go and she'll go with my sister. I know I should attend the funeral but I already made an appointment with another friend to meet on Saturday at work. Beside, I can be very emotional sometimes. The last time I went to a funeral last year, I almost cried 'cuz I felt so sad although I didn't know the person at all. When something good or bad happens to someone, I don't know what to say to them. If it's a good thing, I just say oh, it's great...good for you. If it's bad, I say I'm sorry to hear that. What else should I say? Others people might say oh, it depends on fate or karma but I am not familiar with those words so I just kept my mouth shut.

Yesterday was also a bad day for my aunt 'cuz it was the funeral day for her baby. She passed away on Tuesday and when I heard about it, I thought it was the other child. I didn't even know that my aunt had another baby. My father will be mad at me for being so ignorant if I say that to him. I am always ignorant about relatives from his side. My mother said even though she was just 1 year old, a lot of people came to the funeral. My grandmother who hardly cry at funerals cried 'cuz she loves the baby. Everybody loves the baby but I didn't even know she existed. I kinda of feel bad about it.


Boy Group Shinhwa Members Go Solo for Now

Is Korea's longest running boy band Shinhwa splitting up?

It seems that Shinhwa members are focusing on solo projects, at least for now.

Shinhwa members Lee Min-woo and Andy Lee announced they are setting up their own record labels. Shin Hye-sung and Kim Dong-wan are also planning to release their solo albums. Eric Moon is currently starring in the TV drama "Que Sera, Sera", while Jun Jin has just finished promoting his single album.

Lee Min-woo, who is also known as M, is establishing M Rising Entertainment. In a statement, he said M Rising would focus on producing records and training new artists. He will produce his third solo album, which will be released in June.

Andy Lee, the youngest member of Shinhwa, is also setting up his record label ND Entertainment. ND stands for New Dream.

Since Shinhwa members have focused on solo activities and the group has not released an album for nearly a year, there has been widespread speculations the group may be breaking up.

To allay the fans' fears, the group's management agency said Shinhwa will be releasing its 9th album in October. It also said Shinhwa will do promotions from October to December with concerts in Korea, China, Japan and around Asia.

Shinhwa recently marked their 9th anniversary. In 1998, they made their debut under S.M. Entertainment.

Despite competition from younger boy bands like TVXQ and Super Junior, Shinhwa remains one of the most popular groups in Korea and around Asia. Last year, the group held successful concerts in Japan, Thailand, Singapore and China.

Shinhwa released their 8th album "State of the Art" last May. Since then, Shinhwa has only released their Japanese language album and a special edition "Winter Story 2006-2007" album.

Source : + this good or bad news? I don't want them to break up :(


Monday, April 02, 2007

Angel Live Show

I bought Angel Concert vcd from a pirate shop on my way back home. I didn't want to buy pirate vcds but I wasn't so sure about the quality of the vcd and I wanted to sample it before I buy the actual one. I'm so glad I didn't buy the original version. This is the worst concert I've ever watched. It's not because of the performances but the camera angles are that great and it wasn't done neatly. I don't know how to explain this but the best live show concert I've watched is Nge Chit Oo and A Lwan Yae' Nya. You might say they are fake concerts, not real live show but the camera shots are better.

When that concert took place, I asked my brother to go there and shoot some videos with our camera. I was able to watch a couple of performances before the vcd got out. I think our version of Sai Sai's performace is better than the one from the vcd. The vcd version sometimes lost focus on the singers and they are focusing more on the dancers whose dance steps really sucks. If you think shaking your butt will make you look sexy, so be it. They look more like poor imitation of western dancers who portray sexy dances.

There aren't much to comment on the rest of the performances 'cuz most of them are dubbed with studio recorded version so they don't sound nothing like from the live show unless you count hearing the fan shouting at the end of some performances. I can defiantly tell by DBeez's performance 'cuz they sounded terrible in the fancam video my brother recorded. He was the only one in the crowd who was recording the show except for the camera men and although I can't see him in the crowd, I can see our camera in almost every performance :) I said to him, Hey Look. you are in the live show and he was trying to spot himself but all he can see was the camera :D

Anyway, back to the performances, I already like all songs except for Kyo Kyar & Cindy song (which was so boring) from disc 1 so I enjoy all the performances. Ye' Lay just sang a soft ballad/ rap and he doesn't look nice in that big black coat. I don't know why rappers have to imitate western rappers' clothing. Myanmar is a tropical country so you shouldn't be wearing winter clothing at a stage show which must have been really hot at that time. (My brother said it was very hot at the show). The best performance is Window by J-me. I think his voice wasn't edited over that much in the performance 'cuz he sounded like he was singing live. I like the way he was rapping in the performance. My sister was surprised to see the word 'weed' not being censor in the karaoke title from the vcd. Perhaps the people from the censor board aren't expect in English and rappers can get away with by saying words which sounds close to cussing in English. If they sing like that in Myanmar, they all got censor.

The other side of the disc (disc 2) contains rock, pop and alternative or whatever they call it songs and I think half of them are copy songs. Shin Phone copied a Chinese song (there's an English version also to this song) and made it a sweet love song which disgusted me 'cuz I like the original song and the original lyrics make more sense. I don't like Khin Bone's song but I like her hair style and her hair color matches so well with her skin. Sometimes I dream of dying my hair which color matches with my skin. I got that inspiration after seeing Amuro Namie. Khine Bone later performed the song Honey with Rebecca and Shin Phone. Shin Phone was wearing a mini dress over some black leggings which stop around her knees. I don't really know why it's a fashion to wear mini skirts, mini dresses over short tight pants in Yangon. Whenever I see someone wearing that, it reminds me of my elementary school. Little kids at that school also dressed like that at school at that time.