Tuesday, December 26, 2006

U.F.L Classes Close for Two Weeks

U.F.L is closed for two weeks which means I don't have to leave work early on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Although I like learning Korean, I don't like having to leave work early especially when there are works left behind. It's been 3 months now since I attended the class. After two weeks, our class might have to change classroom as we have become the 'old' class. When the teachers first said about it, I thought they were walking about us moving to '9th' grade 'cuz the words 'old' and 'koe' which is 9 in Bamar are similar. We took a small quiz on Monday, another teacher did grammar review on Wednesday, and on Friday my fav speaking teacher taught us some lessons and then she taught us a song. She wrote the lyrics on the board and we had to copy them down. I was too busy copying to recognize the songs but some girls recognized them immediately and asked the teacher if it's that song from Sad Sonata which ended airing a few weeks ago. It's quite popular but I rarely watched 'cuz I always arrived late when it airs on MWD. Anyway, back to the song, after we copied the lyrics, she translated the song and played it via a cd player and we had to sing along. The English class next door was having a party and was noisy but after the song was played, all the noise quieted down a bit he he...Maybe they were also listening along with us. We could leave early that day but we asked her to play other songs so she played a Lies song by GOD, one of my fav song by GOD. Other people look blank when they were listening 'cuz they probably never heard it before. It seemed like the teacher and I were the only who were enjoying the song. Later the students were all around the teacher, asking her to lent her cds to them. They wanted to listen to that theme song from Sad Sonata and I wanted to say I have that song also but I don't know anybody except some girls sitting next to me and only one person asked me to copy the songs for her. It's a habit of mine for wanting to share some good music to others who have never heard them before. When I was younger, I even put the cassette tapes into the guest's hands even when they don't look interested. I just say try this one. this is really good...well. stuff like that. As I got older, whenever I tried to borrow some albums from my neighbors, they act like they don't want to lent them so I stopped asking around and tried to buy them on my own. I also stopped trying to share my albums with others unless they ask for them. But now I meet nice people who are willing to fulfill my request and I follow after them, fulfilling the requests and sharing my favorites. Like someone wrote in a forum before, sharing is caring.


Sharing Sad Korean Songs (1)

It has been awhile since I last share songs on my blog. This time I'll be sharing a couple of my fav Korean songs. It seems a waste of links when I share it on forum but not many people download them. Most of them are from Korean dramas but I also added a couple of other songs.

From Beautiful Days drama. It started airing on MRTV last month and ever since then this songs has been on my mind lately.

Tomorrow - Hwanhee

From Over the Rainbow drama. My fav part is the chrous part which is translated in English below. I luv hearing Hwanhee's voice. His songs really put one in such a sad mood.

~Tomorrow Tomorrow
Will my feelings be able to touch you
Those words I still haven’t said
Those words my heart wrote and sent out to you
That I love you and for you to come to me ~

I Cry - Son Ho Young

From Son Ho Young's first album, this song became one of my fav immediately after I heard it. I already feel sad just by listening to the first lines. He looks so serious when he was performing it on stage.

~Though my heart hurts so much I feel like I’m going to die
Though I miss you so much I feel like I’m going to die~

A Love to Kill -L.e.e Soo Young

From A Love to Kill drama, this is the theme song of course.

It's Still Love - Shin Seong Hoon

From A Love to Kill drama. This songs makes me feel really so sad that I make me want to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen along to the end. I feel like crying when I hear this.

~Love, is my love that bad?
Love brings happiness, but here I am crying
Why me, why am hurting so much?
I’d give everything away, if this love was permitted~

Even through My Heart Hurts - Fly to the Sky

From Fashion 70 drama. I've never watched the drama before but I like this song a lot.

~Even thought it hurts I laugh like this
It's the first time my eyes have been satisfied.
My heart is swollen with the tears I've kept inside,
but if it's for you, I'll be alright...~

Always - Ha Dong Gyoon

From Nine Tailed Fox drama. I didn't like this song at first and considered it boring but I became attached as I got hooked on the drama.

~You don't have to forget that we are always together
And also, you don't have to cry
you prepared your love for me
don't speak, I can see the feelings in your eyes.~

Song for A Lady - HOT

I don't remember hearing this song in the Autumn Tale drama but then I wasn't that much interested in kdrama songs.

Gonna Be Alright - Shinhwa

There aren't much Shinhwa songs which are sad and among them this is my favorite. I like the way they sing Gancharnaryo.

~I'm alright, I'm alright
I'll be hurting for a while but i'll stop
I think about our memories freely..~

GOD - Lie

I have forgotten to add this song to my list till I heard it in my Korean class. My teacher was teaching us a Korean song and later she played this song. Too bad she didn't teach us this one. I guess I'll have to try to sing this on my own.

credit : aheeyah.com for lyrics translation

credit : solid07 + z-degrees + kpopper + madyjune


Monday, December 18, 2006

MRTV-4 introduces free to air

Yangon, 14 Dec — The public of Yangon and its neighbourhood will have access to MRTV-4 which begins its free to air telecasts as from 15 December. The public now receiving UHF Channel 16 can watch MRTV-4 programmes except pay channels.

Similar service of MRTV-4 programmes will be extended to the remaining states and divisions.

source: New Light of Myanmar, 15-12-06


Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Sunday weekend

Yesterday, I stayed at home as I had nothing else to do. I woke up and ate breakfast while listening to music but the electricity went out so I had to eat in silence Darn, I was hoping to see "Hmae Ta Pauk" movie on MRTV that afternon. There's gonna be a remake of that film with Nandar Hlaing as lead cast. If it's with Nandar Hlaing, I won't bother to watch it.
After I did the housework in the morning, I thought about reading Harry Potter book which I borrowed from someone but I was told by my father to translate an article to practice my translation skill. I only did half of the article and got bored so I ate lunch and left home to go to buy some blank discs at Yuaznaa Plaza. I bought the discs along with a CD-RW which only costed 500 kyats. I was surprised 'cuz I had to pay 800 kyats last time. I browse through the dvds but I didn't buy any as I already bought Hotelier dvd a few days ago. Since the electricity only comes at night, I don't have time to watch dramas. At that time, I can only watch 1 episode per day 'cuz my mother watches both 7pm & 9:15pm dramas on TV. There's no time left for me to watch after the drama.
After I left the plaza, I ate Rakhine moat tee at the famous Min Street Moat Tee shop. I like the taste which is similar to my fav Rakhine Moat tee shop but it's too noisy there and I had to wait a long time to order the food and for the food to arrive. Regular moat tee with soup costs 200 kyats while moat tee salad costs 250 kyats. I brought moat tee salad home for my mother and although it's expensive a bit, the taste is quite different from other shops. Next time I eat there, I'll eat upstairs where there'll be lesser noise but I might have to wait a long time for my food to arrive. That's why I prefer to eat at regular moat tee shop where I can get my food in just a few minutes.