Thursday, November 30, 2006

Annoying Conversation Among People

I've been thinking lately that I don't match with most people. When we have conversation, I'm just talking to them due to obligations. Let's say I'm eating lunch alone after everybody had lunch. Someone will see and said "Are you eating lunch now?". I will reply yes. Then another person will ask the same thing. Then another and so on. I get tired of answering those questions. I always reply them politely but I want to shout are you blind? can't you see I'm eating here. That sort thing.

In Myanmar, people say how are you is translated in nay kaung lar which means how is your health. Lots of people use that phrase to greet each other but I never use that unless I meet with someone who looks sick. Why would I want to ask how is your health to someone who looks pretty healthy. Also people will ask what did you eat today? Have you eat today? Why? are you going to treat me something if I haven't they aren't. They are just asking.

In here when girls hold hands with their girl friends (girls who are friends, not lesbians) when they walk together. Sometimes my friend will do the same to me, holding my hand while we walk, It makes me uncomfortable but I never said anything to them 'cuz I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I feel strange when I see people holding hands like that esp guys who aren't gay but walk while holding hands together.

I go to walk alone. I eat alone. I go to school / leave school alone. I'm now getting used to being alone all the time so I don't like being surrounded by people sometimes. I rather eat alone that be surrounded by people who are chit chatting beside me. That's the same reason why I leave alone. You can say I'm an attention seeker. If I'm walking with someone, I want that person's attention to be on me, not on some other people who are walking with us. I tried to understand but it started to annoy me after awhile. I started to avoid them next time 'cuz I rather be alone than be left out of conversation.


New Proxy but Still Lousy

Two months ago, I thought the internet connection at MICT is pretty bad. Now it get worse. Before we use the proxy server Starting from last week, we were given a new proxy server, At first I was happy to get a new proxy server 'cuz it's faster. Well, it's not really that bad. You get no dc (disconnection) when you connect to gtalk or when you are downloading files using download managers. It's just that web browsing get dc all the time. I have to be extremely patient when I browse something during office hours. The connection gets better after office hour so I'm always leaving late when I don't have to go to UFL.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Picnic at Kandawgyi Park

On Sunday we had a picnic at Kandawgyi Park with Native Myanmar forum members. We were supposed to meet at 11'o clock but only 4 of us (me, my sis, Ma Red Rose & Ko Kalvin) arrived at that time. At first we lost our way trying to find the island 'cuz I was told that it was near Fuji Restaurant so I was trying to find it. I met Ma Red Rose & Ko Kalvin in front of the restaurant. We went to the island and sat there on the grass while waiting for others. After Ma PP arrived, we started eating the food that we brought. I brought rice, fried russel, papaya and watermelon. Ma PP made sushi and Ko Kalvin & Ma Red Rose bought fried chicken, fried potato and brought la phet also. Later, other members came along. Ko White bought a potato soup but I didn't get the chance to taste it 'cuz there wasn't enough spoon and I only had a fork. It's really relaxing to meeting them and talk about tech issues, blogging, forum, etc. I feel much happier to go out with them 'cuz we all get the chance to talk and I get to learn about a lot things, something which I never happen when I go out with my friends.

We left the island around 3:30pm and went to drink coffee at Happy. By the time we left, it was near 5:30pm. There'll be another meeting in December and I will get to meet other members who couldn't make it to the picinic yesterday. I hope we get to go on the picnic also 'cuz we can speak freely without minding others (not that we ever minded others) and no more long tables where you have will to shout to talk to the person sitting on the far side of the table.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Friend's Birthday Party

Yesterday was National Day and it's a holiday so I get a day off to rest at home. SD treated us dinner at SS Food Court in the evening for her birthday which was on the 7th. I didn't know what to buy her and my sister who had been rewatching My Girl has only that drama on her mind so she bought the dvd along with some hairclip. I didn't feel like going out on Sunday so I asked her to buy the present. I should have went along with her 'cuz the hairclip looks exactly like what we bought her last year. Anyway, after we ate dinner which was delicious btw, we went to Yankin Center to take some sticker photos. There's no sticker booth and we can only take the pics at Dora. We took some pics there last year and this time we took 4 pictures with 8 different frames. 2 pictures were taken along with her cousin and the rest are just us girls only. We had to wait 20 mins for the photos to get ready so we went window shopping upstairs. I saw 2 translation books of Harry Potter's The Half-Blooded Prince. Both books are thick and heavy and the one by Kyi Kyi Mar is around 5000 kyats and the second one by another author is around 3500kyats. My friend said her sisters had read the other book by renting from the book shop and the translation isn't that bad. It's not as good as Min Khite Soe San's translation but it's easy to understand. I might ask her to rent it for me someday so that I can take a look at the translation. 20 mins later, we came down to get our photos and the color setting is terrible. They look so faint. The quality is nothing like the sample picture from the sample album. As I was browsing the album, I saw a lot of pics of Korean celebs being used as sample sticker photos. Right now, the pictures are with SYM and she'll give them to me after she cut them up. They didn't even separate the pictures and we have to do it on our own. I want to take sticker photos at Dagon Center. I think the quality isn't that bad there and it has its own sticker booth but I always look awful whenever I take pics on my own.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Of Course Song from My Girl Drama

ah ~ ah ~ ah~
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

DangGeun ~ Ssong
Of course~ song

Na BoGoShipNi? (DangGeun) Na SaengGakNaNi? (DangGeun)
Do you miss me? (Of course) Do you think of me? (Of course)

AlLeoByu YuLeobMi (i love you, you love me) (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I love you, you love me (of course, of course, of course)

Na JohAHani? (DangGeun) Na SarangHaNi? (DangGeun)
Do you like me? (Of course) Do you love me? (Of course)

AlLeoByu YuLeobMi (i love you, you love me) (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I love you, you love me (of course, of course, of course)

Neo ByeonHaJiMa (DangGeun) EonJeKkaJiNa (DangGeun)
Don't you change (Of course) until whenever (Of course)

JohAHae JohAHae (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I like you, I like you (of course, of course, of course)

Neul HangBokHaeYo (DangGeun) Neul JeulGeoWeoYo (DangGeun)
Always be happy (of course) always be joyful (of course)

SaRangHae SaRangHae~
I love you, I love you~

Of course~ song~

TtaeRoNeun JjaJeungNaGo TtaeRoNeun HimDeurEoDo NeoEui GyeotE
Even if you get annoyed, even if you go through hard times

EonJeNa UtGo ItNeun Nal SaengGakHae
Think of me always laughing, next to you

TtaeRoNeun SeulPeoJiGo TtaeRoNeun WiRoWeoDo NeoEui GyeotE
Even if you get sad, even if you get lonely

EonJeNa HamKke HaNeun NaReul SaengGakHae
Think of me always with you


Of course~song

translation: p_ballereena
credit to soompi

This song is from My Girl drama. Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) sang this song to Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook). It's pretty touching for the way she's smiling but has tears in her eyes at the same time.


Mountain with No Name

On the way back from Mawlamyine during Thingyan 2002, we passed by Kayin State. We were all fascinated to see Mt. Zwel Kabin which is the landmark of Kayin State. As we went along the road, suddenly the mountain disappeared from sight and instead we see another mountain. My father kept saying he was sure we are still in the area around Mt. Zwel Kabin. He stopped the car on the road for something that I can't remember and we saw an old Kayin man passing by. He asked him what's the name of the mountain and the man replied "That's Mt. Zwel Kabin". My father said "No, I know what Mt. Zwel Kabin looks like. It isn't shape like that mountain. Can you pls tell me the name of the mountain?". The old man still replied "That's Mt. Zwel Kabin". My father asked the same question again. This time the old man got angry and he said "That's the mountain with no name." and walked away. What we didn't know at that time was Mt. Zwel Kabin looks different when you see from the other side. I will always remember this whenever I see Mt. Zwel Kabin.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Tazaungmone Full Moon Day & Nirvana Bazzar

On Tauzaungmone Full Moon Day, some streets have Nirvana Bazzar, giving away foods and drinks to your neighbors. I will try my best to explain how it goes. If your house no is 01 and you are going to make food for 20 people, 20 tickets will be made with the number 01 on them. Those who obtained the tickets will come to your house to collect the food. I have never experienced it before 'cuz my street doesn't celebrate those kind of activities. Only those streets with houses which are situated close to each other celebrate this event. (I'm not sure about downtown through.) I saw 2 street which celebrate Nirvana Bazzar near my neighborhood from the bus today.

When I was a kid, I used to spent my Tazaungmone holiday at my uncles' house 'cuz I get to eat a lot of food there :). Now as I've grown older, I hardly go there on Tazuangmone anymore. People are usually busy at this time, preparing for "Hna Kyeit Shit Su" and food preparations. My neighbors were excited to see "Hna Kyeit Shit Su" parade. I'm not into those parades anymore. I am sick of these people passing by playing many types of songs unrelated to Buddhism at loud volume, not caring about how the noise will effect other people. My brother always say I'm full of negative views but what's wrong with expressing my own opinion.
What I did on Tazaungmone Day....

I went to Yuzana Plaza with my mother in the afternoon. I bought a pair of earrings while she bought a hair clip. As usual, I checked out the list of Korean dramas available at the dvd shop after buying CD R-W from there. I might have bought one but since my mother was with me, she'll scold me if I buy it 'cuz I just bought one a few days ago. A woman was asking the sale girl to recommend some good kdramas to buy but that girl just stood and said nothing. So I tried to show some good dramas but she already watched them and she walked away to another shop asking for kdramas. Next time, I won't bother to explain to anymore. At night I light some candles in front of the house. I didn't get the chance to do that during Thadingyut.

Here's a picture of the earring.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chae Yeon - Only You Lyric Translation

01. Only You

I have hidden my heart while I’m by your side
When I just see you (Come on) I wait
What am I supposed to do about my stifled heart? Instead, I should just confess first to you

That I love you and because of you, I cry every night

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only see you

You talk to me about some other girl
When you need comforting (Come on) You call on me
Whenever I see you, my heart becomes nervous
For how much longer will I have to protect you only as a friend?

Does it not work? Not as a friend, but as a woman, can you not feel me?

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only wait for you

Tears gather in my eyes whenever you’re around, only you

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only see you

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only wait for you

translation by: ForeverMyLove

requested by maepearl