Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Feeling Depressed

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately. Since I have started writing in Myanmar, I haven't been posting much in English. I don't have much time to blog at work and I was busy watching dramas and practicing tutorials at home. I'll be more busier next month 'cuz I'm going to attend Korean classes at UFL (University of Foreign Language) from 5:20 pm to 7:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The class fee is 14000 kyats for the 6 month course. It's a lot cheaper than the other Korean language class I wanted to attend.

A friend of mine asked me to help her with a website design. I told her I'll help her but it's been over a week and I still don't have any idea on how to design it. I want to make the design with graphic like the Korean celebrities fan websites and blog but I don't know how to design like them. I'm still learning by reading online tutorials but I'm still learning from the basic. I wish there's somebody to teach me but I have to depend on myself to learn from online and I'm pretty lazy sometimes. That's probably why I'm not learning anything.

I'm depressed about my lack of skill in design. I've been working for a pretty long time but I had never bother to learn about Photoshop and other web related things till last year. I'm not interested in programming and I only learn a bit about css 'cuz I have to edit my blog template which was written in css. When other can do a design in half an hour, it takes me 2 hours to design one and I get rejected most of the time. Maybe it's because I don't have an artistic view. That's why my desigs are crazppy. I'm a lazybone so I only surf websites for tuorials once a month and I get distracted while surfing the sites when my friends come online or I found an interesting topic to read at forum.

I don't know what else to do beside this job. I want to find a suitable job where I'm good at but I don't know what I'm good at anything. I'm only learning Korean 'cuz I'm interested in it. I don't have any plan to use it like others who learn foreign languages to benefit from it. My sister's taking Thai classes 'cuz she said she might work there someday and it might be useful. I learned a bit of Thai before and I'm not interested in learning it at all. It bored me when I have to go to Thai class and it costed me 50 dollars for a 3 month course. It was't that useful 'cuz I had to come back to Ygn afterward.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ya Tha - Made in Myanmar album and Other Entertainment News

Lately I have been listening to the new album "Made in Myanmar" by Ya Tha. At first I didn't like the album 'cuz I didn't like Ya Tha's voice after a couple of times listening to the album, I really have started to like it. J-Me, Ye' Lay, Bo Lay and G-Tone featured in the album along with Ya Tha. My favorite songs are "Hip-hop Shae Toe", "Ta Kaung Kywat" and "Sin Aut Ka Nay Swal Myar". I think this albums has the most censoring in Myanmar hip-hop albums. I can hear a lot of beeps in almost every songs. In "Nay Ma Eait Nya Ma Eait", I got annoyed the woman's voice talking on the phone which was repeated about 3 times in the song. Sheesh, I would never talk her like at all. Those kinds of talks just gets on my nerves. "Byauk Oo Yae Stage Show" is a skit which tells the story about them meeting a stage show organizer. I can't believe the hard times that they have to go through just to perform on the show. The most absurd thing is the price fee for putting their name on the sign board. I used to thought that it was just advertisement done by the organizer.
Today a new hip-hop is being released. There's gonna be a signing ceremony at Yankin Center and Sky Walk Shopping Mall (Mandalay) tomorrow. I think this album might be a good one 'cuz J-Me, Ye' Lay, Ya Tha, Yan Yan Chan and other hip-hop singers feature in the album. I am looking forward to this album. I will try to listen to the songs first and if I like them, I will buy the album. I'm gonna buy Ya Tha album also. I believe that if you really like hiphop and you want to support them, you should support them by buying their albums. It's funny that they are people who claim to love hiphop music but they never buy the actual albums and they only buy or copy from pirate albums. I have to keep my mouth shut when I hear them talking about buying the pirated cds. I want to say why don't you just buy the album for once instead of wasting your money away. It is true that I spend most of my money on cds and I don't regret buying them 'cuz I only buy what I need. But what really annoys me is when other people want to borrow from me or copy them from me and asking me to copy for them. They take away my favorite and later I hear them dissing the singers. That really makes me piss off.
Sai Sai's first novel, "Paper Crane" is being made into a movie or video. This movie is directed by Director Mee Pwar and it stars Sai Sai (of course), Thazin and Wine Su Khine Thein. I haven't read his novel so I'm looking forward to this movie. Since Sai Sai himself is in the movie, at least they won't be talks like this movie runis the book, etc. :D


Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Changes

I've been thinking of involving myself in learning from online for the next week. I won't be going to any discussion forums at all. I always have been spending most of my free times surfing forums and searching for downloads. I'll only be surfing websites for photshop tutorials and practice at work and home. I will be able to use the computer at night next week and I won't be spending my times watching dramas anymore, at least for 1 week.

A few days ago I read the latest book by Jule and after reading it, I finally could make that decision to stop spending my entire times in entertainment and it's time for self improvement. What I will learn for the next week might help with work or maybe not but at least I will learn something anyway.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Kim Jae Won Visit to Myanmar

Last year Korean celebrities visited Myanmar for 3 days and held a concert at National Opera House. Myanmar people were pretty excited about it 'cuz Kim Jae Won came to Yangon. He came along with Babyvox (only 3 members), Wa Wa and the Cross. I didn't get to see the concert and there wasn't much to read about them in the news journals. I was disappointed 'cuz I didn't get to see him. MRTV 4 did an interview with them but I didn't get to see it 'cuz I don't have satellite. Later a video magazine called Viva made a documentary video about their visit and released it with other videos as a vcd. I didn't feel like buying it 'cuz I didn't want to see the other video but now I finally got my hands on it. I enjoy watching the video which is 20 minutes long. At first I thought about sharing the whole video on youtube but I don't get to get in trouble for uploading the files illegally so I made 2 videos with cuts of Kim Jae Won.

The first one is on the day he arrived to Yangon. He went to a university in South Dagon and there was a traditional performance in which he also participated. It's really funny to see him trying to dance along with the girls. When the dance steps got faster, he couldn't catch up so he went back to his seat.

The second video is from the concert held at the National Opera House. He amazed the audience by speaking in Myanmar and his Myanmar speaking is the best among the other Korean celebrities who also tried to talk a bit in Myanmar. He said Mingalar Par, which is a greeting in Myanmar. The exact meaning is auspicious day to you but it's awkward to say that in English. It's like saying Hello.


Hello (Auspicious day to you). Nice to Meet You. I am Kim Jae Won. I'm happy that you (audience) like me. Thank You. I love Myanmar. Thank You

Later he said the following in Korean and it was translated in Myanmar.

Before I came to Myanmar, I gave some thoughts about Myanmar, about how Myanmar is. Now that I have to come and after seeing the traditional culture of Myanmar, I love Myanmar more. I believe this concert will make the friendship between Myanmar and Korea stronger.

If you can read in Myanmar, go here to read the whole documentary in Myanmar. I have typed all the narration and conversations included in the documentary. I thought about translating them but the narrator talks a lot and it will take a long time to translate the whole vid. It took me more than 3 hours to type the 20 minutes documentary video.


Sweet Spy to Air on MRTV

Sweet Spy

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The new drama to air on MRTV on Monday and Tuesday nights is Sweet Spy, replacing Hello God. I am glad that we are finally getting to watch newer dramas. I bought the drama but I have to return it 'cuz it was with Chinese audio and no English subs. I might watch it on TV but I might also just download the drama 'cuz I prefer English subs over Myanmar subs.


Nam Sang-mi plays widowed police officer Lee Sun-ae who finds herself suddenly immersed into international espionage by Han Yoo-il (Dennis Oh), an undercover agent. Lee Joo-hyun plays Kang-Jun, who's recently transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. He opens an old case involving Sun-ae's past that leads him to an entanglement between the current political/economic powers and their secrets. One of them, oddly enough, being Han Yoo-il. Who is this man? Why is he here?

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My View about Myanmar Music

Some people from online tell me that they like the way I express myself truthfully. Well, that's me. When I write, I always write whatever that's on mind. Since I'm into entertainment, I always write about them. I used to write about Korean entertainment a lot but I decided to write about Myanmar entertainment also 'cuz of the Myanmar people who surf my blog hoping to read some Myanmar news. So whenever I watch a movie, listen to a new album or watch a vcd. I write a short review, saying what I like and what I don't like. I never meant to offend anyone with my posts.

My blog is not a place for gossips so I never write gossips at my blog. I judge a singer by his/her singing ability and music style and an actor/actress by her acting, character role, etc. I don't know any of them personally nor intend to know them at all. I'm just stating my view. Mostly I try to refrain myself from bad mouthing people. Just because I don't like someone, I don't want to write bad things about him/her 'cuz the person who might be reading could be his/her fan. I only write good things about people 'cuz I don't have time to write about who I dislike and stuff.

Now someone commented on one of my post and I got angry about it. I keep saying to myself, What did I do so wrong to offend anyone? I wrote about copy songs and who doesn't sing them but I wasn't offending the singer. I wouldn't have write about him if I didn't like him in the fist place. Own tune singer? pls give me a can count how many own tune singers are in Myanmar but how can you be sure that they didn't copy of anybody's music or idea? I don't want to write about Myanmar music world in English but I'm ashamed to admit about it in front of non-Myanmar people.

I used to listen to most of the albums that were released in Myanmar. I don't buy all of them but I rent them from a store and borrow from friends to sample the music. When hip-hop became famous in Myanmar, my sister and I bought almost all the hip-hop albums that came out. At that time, we were ready to give support for any singer who sings hip-hop. Most of the albums we bought were good and there were only a few albums that we didn't like. But now when a new hip-hop album comes out, I'm pretty skeptical about buying it. I will only think about buying it if that album features famous or known singers. I couldn't give my support to newcomers anymore. When I hear people singing those songs by newcomers, I felt quite funny but I couldn't stand a minute listening to those kind of songs. You can't just take a pop songs that you used to hear people singing with a guitar, add some chessy raps and call it hip-hop.

The kind of music I like is hard to find among Myanmar singers. I like eastern hip-hop style, r&b and pop songs like ballad songs. When I want to listen to hip-hop, I listen to Sai Sai, Ye Lay, Theory and J-Me. Although some singers do sing r&b, they don't sing them all the time. I listen to Rebecca Win, Ye Lay and Zam Nu for r&b. I think it' hard to find own tune ballad songs in Myanmar. I still haven't hear anyone singing own tune ballad songs in the style of Korean ballad. I think you call call "A Hnie Mae" and "Min A Twat" songs ballad.

I have been posting some news articles in my blog (mostly in Myanmar). If anyone from the journal want me to remove the article, you can mail me directly and tell me to do so. If I find some nice articles and I have time, I will try to translate them but I know there are Myanmar people who live aboard since childhood and they couldn't read in Myanmar although they can understand the language.