Monday, August 28, 2006

Save 1000 kyats by Bringing at least 3 Pirated CDs

If you want to save 1000 kyats for the hip hop crazy stage show, you can participate in the anti-piracy program by bringing at least 3 pirated cds.

The hip hop crazy live show has been arranged in the hip hop culture and the best hip hop singers have been invited. 27 hip hop groups including Annega, JMe, Barbu, Yan Yan Chan, Zay Yar Thar, Theory, Soe Moe Min, Lin Lin, Zim Zim and Yatha will be performing for the show.

The hip hop crazy stage show will start on August 27th at 2PM in front of the Eagle Garden Restaurant at Thuwanna Skating Ground. The audience will have to bring at least 3 pirated cds. Booking tickets have been sold at 2800 kyats. Those who buy booking tickets will have to pay 4000 kyats at the stage show day. If they bring at least 3 pirated cds, they will save 1000 kyats and will only have to pay 3000kyats.

The stage show organizer, Ko Moe Aung Swe (Ice Man), managing director of Event Mast said, "The audience have been encouraged to bring at least 3 pirated cds. In order to suppress the piracy virus which is destroying the entire music world, the pirated cds will be destroyed by a road roller during the stage show. This is the first time for this kind of event. The audience can bring any pirated cds, new or old as long as many cds are brought together."

Source : Kumudara Journal, 25-8-06
Story by : YYK
Translated by : madyjune
This is the first time I post news articles translation on my blog. I tried my best to be exact in my translation. I know there are unnecessary repeated sentences in the article but since they were included in the original article, I wanted to do an exact translation. It's funny that I finish writing this in just 10 minutes while it takes me an hour to translate a small paragraph summaries for my work. Writing this is much easier probably due to my interest in the entertainment world. I wonder how the stage show was and how many cds were brought to be destroyed. I'm with this movement 'cuz I'm already sick of seeing pirated vcds selling on the streets all over town (not including pirated foreign movies 'cuz that's the only you can watch them in Myanmar). On the day Sai Sai released his vcd, I heard the street vcds sellers shouting "You can get Sai Sai vcd here." I was quite angry and felt sad at the same time. I heard from someone that his vcd sales wasn't that high like his February Diary vcd or his 1st live show vcd.
off topic:

Last night was the day when Earth can see Mars up close. According to a journal, Mars can be seen brightest at 12:30pm. I missed that chance 'cuz it was drizzling and the sky's cloudy. Darn....I really wanted to see Mars. I won't be alive to see it the next time it passes close to Earth.


Thinking of Updating Blog

I have been thinking lately that my blog sounds pretty boring to me 'cuz I always write about Korean drama, Korean music and complaining about my life, etc. I want to change my blog a little by writing more about my country so that others can learn from my blog rather than just reading about my boring life. I will first start with changing the template again so that there won't be stack overflow errors in IE. I'll also try to find some times and surf Myanmar sites and buy journals to post interesting news and entertainment news. Well, it depends on whether I have the time to use the computer at night but I'll try my best. There are so many things that I want to do for my blog but I never have enough time to do them. For my other Myanmar blog, I'll be posting news from the journals and translate some Korean entertainment news. It's a way of practice for me 'cuz I'm thinking of writing them for journals. I'm still just thinking about so. I don't know if my articles will get chosen or not. I always read Korean entertainments news whenever I see them in Myanmar journals and magazines but I'm quite disappointed that most of the articles don't really focus on giving the information and they are just wasting the spaces writing about how that person's acting is the drama. Why would anybody been interested in reading about someone writing about the storyline of a drama when they have already watched them. They only pay attention in hoping to read some news about their favorite celebrities. I have a bad habit of not completing something that I'm doing or thought of doing so I might not be translating. You are confused huh? Yeah...I'm like that most of the time.


My Favorite Myanmar Foods

If you ask me what's my favorite food, I will answer immediately, "Of course it's Rakhine moat tee (Rakhine noodle)". If you aren't Myanmar, you might be wondering what Rakhine noodle is. Rakhine noodle is thin rice noodle eaten together with fish soup. You have to eat it together with tamarid paste, grind chilies and fish sauce if you want to add some. That'll make the soup spicy and tasty and prepare some tissues and some waters for yourself before you start eating. It is the kind of food which is best suited in rainy days and cold weather but I like to eat it even when the weather is hot. The food originated from Rakhine State and that's why it got the name Rakhine noodle. Another name for Rakhine noodle is 'ar pu shar pu' 'cuz it can be pretty spicy and makes your tongue go red. I prefer to eat at the shops or stalls than home cooking. It doesn't taste the same at home. You can find many Rakhine noodle shops or stalls all over Yangon. My favorite shop is the one located near the market near my house. It's a long way to walk there so I only can eat when my cousin goes to the market in the evening and when I'm home at that time. My second favorite is at 12 lone tan bus stop. I prefer Rakhine noodle which taste isn't too spicy or too much ngapi (fish paste). I absolutely hate eating fake Rakhine noodle. Fake Rakhine noodle is a fish soup trying to pretend like Rakine noodle. Whenever I went out and I feel like having a snack, I always look for Rakhine noodle shops and end up eating fake Rakhine noodle or spicy Rakhine noodle with a lots of pepper and padegaw. Lately, I haven't been able to enjoy my favorite food 'cuz I always come home late and the Rakhine noodle from the canteen is terrible. On Sunday, I stayed home most of the times and I got lazy to go out.

So instead of eating Rakhine noodle, I've been eating kyar san chet which is tranlsated Bean Vermicelli Soup in English. I like to recommend my favorite kyar san chet shop located at U Tun Lin Chan Road at Hledan. I always eat there on Saturdays when I leave work early. I have to get there by 5pm 'cuz there won't be any more kyar san chet if I came late. Kyar san chet is best eaten together with shaut thee toat (lemon salad). Just thinking about a spicy lemon salad with kyar san chet is making my mouth water. I am always alone whenever I go to eat there. I feel so loney while other people came to eat with friends, families and couples. When I couldn't get a seat, I had to sit together with other people and it makes me uncomfortable just sitting there and eating while others are having conversations among each other, eating their kyar san chet and sharing lemon salad with each other. I don't eat lemon salad there anymore 'cuz I can never finish eating it. I wish I have somebody to go with the next time I went there. Anyway, back to food...

Another food I like to recommend is Shan noodle. I rarely eat Shan noodle but after eating twice at a stall near Hledan bus stop, I have began to really like the food from there. Before I never like Shan noodle but I started to like it after eating it for breakfast at Pyin Oo Lwin 3 years go. At that time, the weather outside was really cold and our family was inside a small restaurant. My parents ordered Shan noodle with soup and I sampled the food from my mother. Ever since then, whenever I have Shan noodle, I always eat together with soup. Maybe it's just a habit I got from eating Rakhine noodle all the time. Most people prefer to eat it as a salad with the soup in another bowl. When you eat Shan noodle, you have to eat it together with Shan chin which is like kimichi. I used to hate it but now I luv eating Shan chin.

There are just so many foods to write about. I will write about them next time.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Old Myanmar Movies are showing back on MRTV

It has been awhile since MRTV stopped airing old Myanmar movies on Sunday afternoon but starting from last week, they started showing them back. A week before, "Ta Kyawt Hna Kyawt Tae Ko Thi" starring Win Oo, Tin Tin Mya and Cho Pyone was aired on TV. I already have watched that movie several times 'cuz I like Win Oo but I learned about it too late so I didn't get a chance to do that. Last Sunday I watched "Aw Main Ma Main Ma" starring Nyunt Win and Cho Pyone. I was planning to watch it at first. I was watching a Viva video magazine vcd about the Korean celebs visiting Myanmar and the first anniversary of Htoo Eain Thin's death. I switched back to TV afterward and "My Girl and I" was on air on MWD. I haven't watch that movie but I plan to watch it with subtitles so I went to downstairs and ate lunch while watching the Myanmar movie. When I was younger, I used to hate it when old Myanmar movies always aired on Sunday afternoons. I used to wish that newer movies would be aired instead but when they stopped airing old movies and started airing Myanmar videos, I hated watching them and wished that they would air old movies again. I remember reading in the newspaper about someone requesting MRTV to air old movies again. I got a bit bored while watching the movie but I managed to finish till the end. I wonder what movie will be aired next week. I want to watch Win Oo movies. I don't like musical movies where the actors and actresses kept singing songs in the whole movie but I like hearing Win Oo's songs. I want to watch "Mone Shwe Yi" and "Maung Doe Cherry Myay".


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just Thinking...

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately. It's not that I don't have anything to write but I am always busy to post even through I write them at home, like I'm doing now. Lately I have been going home at 7 pm 'cuz I was posting in forum. I never have enough time for web surfing. I'm always spending my times writing on forum or reading them, mostly in Movies, Music and Celebs section. I don't contribute much to the forum. I don't even have time to read other topics so if something big was going on, I only know about it a few days later. I'm always spending my times in my kdrama topic writing about drama reviews and stuff. I surf other websites as well and chat sometimes but my main reason for being late is the forum. Maybe I should stop going there after 5pm 'cuz once I started going there, I can't get up till I look at the clock and it's 7pm. I know it's late and it's dark outside to walk alone. I have other companions who leave early around 6pm but I wasn't in the mood to join them 'cuz I still have stuffs to do.

My everyday is so simple. Wakes up, get ready for work, eat breakfast and leave for bus stop, race myself to get to work on time, drink coffee, do work , started surfing the net at lunchtime and barely have enough time to eat lunch before the time's up, go back to work , web surfing and chatting at 5pm and leave around 6:45pm to 7pm, get home, watch TV if interested, get on the pc and eat dinner while watching drama, go to sleep. Boring huh? I think I've been wasting my times a lot. I told myself every month that I'll improve myself in Photoshop but instead I ended up watching dramas after dramas. How can I get myself to concentrate on it? I always remember to check out those tutorials during work time but I always forget when I'm web surfing. My mind is only on kdrama when I'm home.

I've been thinking about what Lee Ji Hyun (YEH's character in The Vineyard Man) have said in the beginning of the drama. She was comparing herself with other girls out on the street who have fantastic careers, money, awesome looks and guys to fall for them while she was just an ordinary girl with standard schooling and average looks and nobody likes her. I also think like that sometimes. I know I'm just an average girl with dull looking clothing and quite lonely sometimes. I used to have a friend at work who used to chat with me during break times and give me fashion tips like to try to match your Myanmar longyis with modern clothings 'cuz wearing them with the matching blouse is quite dull sometimes. She quit her job last month and I've been quite bored. I have nobody to talk to so I spend more time on the internet, trying to start conversations about my fav interests with ppl who might not even be interested. On Saturdays, I only have to work half day so I can leave at 2pm but I never left work earlier than 6pm 'cuz I have no place to go to and I didn't feel like going home early. I wish I can hang out with some friends on those days, eat Kyarzat chet together at Hledan, etc but I always end up going there alone.


Vineyard Man Episode 1 Review

Shinhwa is gonna held a concert in Bangkok on the 19th. Just 4 more days left. I wish I can go. At least Ma Yee Mon might be going there. I've been telling her to go 'cuz this is a once in a lifetime chance. I wish I was still in Bkk but even if I'm in Bkk, I'll have a hard time to convince my parents to let me go and pay for me as well. Well, at least I have their concert from Busan to watch. At least I can get an idea of what the performances will be at the concert.

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Last night I watched the first episode of the Vineyard Man starring Yoon Eun Hye. I can't say I luv it but I never like the dramas which are my fav now at first. The story is a bit strange to me or rather the guy is strange to me. I've never seen his acting before. As for Eun Hye, I still think her acting isnt' that much different from Goong. It's not bad but she still sounded the same to me. Her character is just a bit different. In Goong, she wanted to become a fashion designer. It's the same in this drama. She dreams of becoming a famous designer. Her age is supposed to be around 26 or 27 but she doesn't look that mature she's only 22, same age as me. Her only job is a temporary job at a design company. She wanted to become a permanent worker by submitting a design which was shown to the manager before she got the chance to show to everyone. The manager paid some guys to take them off her which she was wearing on that day. She called the police and asked them to come while waiting in the men's restroom. A guy came into pee and she thought he was the police so she tried to take his clothes and that's when the police came. The police thought the guy was a rapist so they arrested him. Later they found out that she was in fact the person who tried to take the clothes and they are charging her for sexual assault. That's when episode one ended. I almost forgot. While she was at the police station, her grand-father (not her grandfather but still a relative) came and told her parents that he wanted her to come to work at the vineyard for a year. After that, he will give her some acres. The guy that she got in trouble with (I still don't know remember his name) also works for the vineyard. I guess when she gets there, that's when romance will spark. As far as I've seen, the person that really got on my nerves is Ji Hyun's (YEH) best friend. She's so annoying. It was because of her that Ji Hyun couldn't return the dress back and got beat up by her mother. Ji Hyun's mother is a bit harsh on her daughter. Even if she spent $100 on a dress, she shouldn't have been so harsh on her. Even thought I don't like it that much, I still want to continue watching. I just have to wait for the subs to out. Meanwhile I can watch other dramas. I just have to decide between Green Rose, Delightful Choon Hyang, Snow White or Oh Pil-Seung. I missed some episodes of Oh Pil-Seung so I'm continue to watch it with English subs. I prefer to watch with English subs 'cuz the dramas was cut short while it's aired on TV. I only missed episode 5 so I downloaded it but when I watched it, I still need to watch half of episode 4 to know the whole story. I might as well just watch the whole drama on pc, rather than wait for it on TV.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hot Weather in Yangon

The weather has been hot for a couple of days. You might think it's summer although it's suppose to be the rainy season. It rained a bit in the morning on the way to work but now it's just cloudy. Not only the weather is hot but the aircons in our office are broke so we have to open the doors. It is even hotter in the room than outside. My body feels itchy although I already took a bath in the morning. Maybe I should take it again when I get home but I don't think I'll get home early. I'm still browsing websites.

I haven't been writing much in my blog 'cuz the electricity was out when I came home and my brother won't let me use the pc after the electricity came back. I even have a fight with him last night 'cuz he blamed us for using the pc for entertainment. There was something wrong with our ups and he blamed us. I told him that we still have a warranty to replace it but that still won't shut him till a phone call came for me. At that time, I was watching After the Sunset movie with my mother and I was getting bored with the movie but I couldn't stop it 'cuz my mother was watching it. After the movie, I watched Kim Sam Soon drama to ep 2 and went to bed. I bought that drama from Hledan a week ago. I also bought the first book of Lord of the Ring for 1000kyats only but the trouble is that the book looks like it fell in the mud and the outside is dirty but the inside is clean. I always put it down after picking it up to read 'cuz it's too dirty. I feel like boiling that book with hot water but that will make the book wet. I wish I can make the dirt disappear.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Super Junior and SS501 will participate in "The International Festival of the Youth"

Super Junior and SS501 will participate in "The International Festival of the Youth"

Written by oct23ria
Thursday, 03 August 2006
Super Junior and SS501 will be present in "The International Festival of the Youth". This event, which will be celebrated from August 11 to 13 in the city of Yeosu, in the province of Jeolla, will gather 350 young people of 20 countries and almost 60,000 young Koreans. In the inaugural ceremony, aside from Super Junior and SS501, other popular groups like Can and Uptown will also participate.

credits: KBS World Radio + kpopper

Yup...that's the event that I didn't get to go. Participation in the international festival was one of the event in the schedule. Not a huge fan of both boybands but I would have like to see them live. I found out a few days ago that I wasn't the only unlucky person who didn't get to go. That person case was worser than me.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


For the past weeks, I have been watching back My Girl, two episodes per day but yesterday instead of finishing the drama, I read a fanfic which is a different plot but with the casts of My Girl. The story is a romance/ mystery. You can read it at soompi here. I’m curious about how the story will turn out.

The first fanfic I read is a Harry Potter 5th book fanfic which came out before the actual book was released. The second one is a fanfic from soompi. That fanfic was being made into a movie so I wanted to check it out. The movie name is A Wolf’s Attraction/Temptation of Wolves. Those who have watched the movie will be familiar with the story plot. In the story, a country bumpkin girl came to Seoul to live with her mother and there she met two hot guys from different schools. Both guys fell in luv with her. She went out with Haewon, the guy who go to the same school with her. The other guy, Taesung is actually her brother as she found out later but he loves her more than brotherly/sisterly love. He have a heart disease so he went abroad to live with his grandmother and get medical treatments. He passed away but he didn’t want his sister to know about it so before he died, he asked a girl (who he donated his eyes to) to continue writing to his sister on behalf of him, not letting her know the truth. That girl went to Korea and told the truth. The movie isn’t that bad but I like the story more but at least I’m happy to see Jo Han Sun as Bahn Haewon. Kang Dongwan play the role of Taesung. The actress is Lee Cheong Ah. She's also in Let's Go to the Beach drama with Lee Wan and Junjin.

I’m halfway through finishing The Guy was Cool fanfic. I got bored while reading so I only read a few pages per week. I’m only reading it ‘cuz I don’t understand the movie. I’ve watched it twice but I still don’t understand. Even if Song Seung Hong was in the movie, I still don’t like it that much.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Unlucky Person = me

Luck…That’s something I don’t have. I have never won any lucky draw. I have never won any prizes at contests. And now I wasn’t chosen for the youth camp also. The embassy had already chosen those applicants who have passports. Maybe they already have people in mind when they released the news. It’s better for me not to think about it. Thinking about it will only make me sad ‘cuz I really wanted to go and not to mention the time I spent for the essay. At least I can stop daydreaming about my time in Korea.

Yesterday I bought 2 dramas from the dvd stalls at Hlaedan. I was happy to find My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Love Letter. I have been seeing these dramas for awhile but I wasn’t sure about the subtitles. At least I can now watch with English subs and away from the computer. Maybe I can use the computer for some other useful purposes or un-useful purposes like reading manga. I’m trying out Mars and Vampire Knight manga now.