Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Minwoo

Today is my chit chit :P Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa)'s birthday. He's turning 27 today.
Saengil Chukha Hamnida!

Another person that I know share the same birthday with him. She's ma Latt Sandar from Bagan Net & NativeMyanmar forum. Happy Birthday Sis! May you find the love of your life and get married quick :D

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

2006 Youth Camp for Asia’s Future

2006 Youth Camp for Asia’s Future will be held in Seoul, Korea from 7th – 27th August 2006. 200 youths from 17 Asian countries will take part in Youth Camp.

Any Myanmar high school student or university student age ranging between 17 and 24 are eligible to apply for the Youth Camp. Applicants should be proficient in English. Priority will be given to those applicants who are either currently studying or have studied subjects pertaining to Korean culture; and have professional skills in Myanmar traditional and local popular culture, and modern arts. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will select 10 candidates out of all applicants. The selected candidates’ returned airfare, board, lodging and transportation will be provided.

The above paragraph is taken from the information sheet that I obtained from the Korean Embassy yesterday. I found out about the youth camp from Myanmar Times and after I read it, I knew I must try hard to go there. I couldn’t even sleep that night. I kept daydreaming about what I’ll do when I arrive in Korea. So yesterday I went to the embassy and they gave me the application form along with the requirement paper and schedule. I have to fill in the form and hand it along with an essay on one of the topic they gave, writing around 700 words to 1000 words, along with other require papers. The schedule is pretty interesting. The candidates will be able to learn Korean, watch Korean traditional culture show, visit historical sites, and participate in group activities, festival and their Independence Day ceremony. What I really like among the schedule is that there’ll be a visit to a film studio and meet Korean celebrities. Wow…I wonder how we’ll get to me. (Notice the word we…I’m still dreaming that I’ll be one of the candidates.)

The application form is simple and there are 6 questions and some of them are easy like

What are some of the things you know about Korea?

Of course I know about Korea. I watch too many dramas and movies. I can say a lot of things just by watching Goong but the fill in box aren’t that large enough so I’ll have to watch my words. I’m thinking about writing about their traditional marriage ceremonies. I’m interested in it after watching it on Goong. I only knew a little bit about it after watching Sweet 18 and Marrying a High School Girl but Goong taught me a lot more.

The difficult questions are

Describe any special talent or skills you have which is related to Korean culture or art or language?

I don’t think watching dramas and listening to music counts for this question. I wish I had started learning Korean so that I can at least write about it. I wanted to but I couldn’t learn it due to some reasons. I downloaded some audio files which teaches Korean maybe I can write that I’m self-studying it. Yeah, I am doing so by watching dramas and listening to their speeches and seeing if I can recognize them

Describe any special talent or skills you have which is related to your culture and/or tradition?

Eek. How do I answer this question? I have absolutely nothing to do with Myanmar culture or tradition at all. The only thing I know is about computers and I’m not a professional at it. But in the other information sheet, it said

Priority will be given to those applicants who are either currently studying or have studied subjects pertaining to Korean culture; and have professional skills in their traditional and local popular culture and modern arts (eg. Traditional or modern instruments, fashion, movies, make-up, etc).

So maybe I can come up with something that has to do with modern arts. Maybe I might have some talents which are hidden from me and I don’t notice it (dream on!)

I’m not that much worry about the word count limits on the essay. I used to write essays which are always around 2 A4 pages. I had to write them for school and sometimes I enter essay contests if I am familiar with the topic. I never won anything through. Now if I’m going to write an essay, my brain doesn’t work like it used to anymore. I think it got ruined during the 10th grade exam. My tutor told me not to write over one page and to write clearly without using cursive. So after that I haven’t been writing essays over one page and my handwriting is so childish. At least I can type the essay. My friend said you can turn in the typed version also. I’ll have to search on the net to research for the essay. I have chosen 2 topics and one of them has something to do with Asia. I’m glad that I took the PSD exam for MOFA ‘cuz I wrote an essay about relationships between Asian countries so I can take some of the data from that essay and add more data. I just hope that I can find enough time to do my research 'cuz I'm so busy with work now.

I’m a bit worried about the passport ‘cuz the deadline (which is on the 24th) and the arrival date to Korea are so close but I’m not thinking about it now. I’ll concentrate on the essay instead.

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Window Shopping at North Point Shopping Center

Yesterday, I went to North Point Shopping Center with my mother, sister and niece (who’s actually older than me) to exchange a gift that I received a few days ago. It was a t-shirt from a brand name shop and I didn’t like it so I wanted to exchange with another design. I found the blouse that I like but I couldn’t find a smaller size. It was a green one, just like the t-shirt that I received but the design is much better. Now I have to go to other shops to see if I can find the S size. I found a S size for the same design with another color but I didn’t like it. I asked the sale girl about the t-shirt price and I was amazed with the price. Why would somebody pay that much for that t-shirt which looks something you can buy from the street stalls? I wrote about brand names in my Myanmar blog but I haven’t translated it to English yet. I’m too lazy to do so now.

I went to Ocean supermarket and took a look around. My mother said she wasn’t going to buy me any clothing. I wish I didn’t spend all of my money already. I found some skirts which prices seem fair for me. Maybe if I find a S size for that green blouse, I’ll come back to buy a green skirt. I also found a nice dress at the price of nearly 10000. My mother will scold me if I spend that much for a dress but she also liked the design. Maybe I can get her to buy the fabric and ask my dressmaker to make me a dress with the same design.

There was a cosmetic promotion at the center so I saw some male singers and met a female singer at the supermarket. I wonder what’s cosmetic got to do with those male singers. Maybe they also use them: P. I got scared by the way the sales girls at the cosmetic promotion counter and the female singer put on makeup. If that’s the way to put on makeup, I rather stick to my thanakha.

After I left the supermarket, we went to my uncle’s house and my sister and I left a few mins later after eating some snacks and borrowing some vcds. We bought spring rolls on the way home and eat at home.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No More Ms. Nice Girl

I don't want to be Miss Nice Girl anymore. I like helping out people whenever I can but these people just don't have understand and misuse me. I am sick of having to go home late 'cuz I spent some of my after office hours time helping out people (finding songs for them, helping them with photoshop, etc) and I never have enough time to surf the web. I absolutely hate working after office hours and don't expect me to be interested in work when the clock is nearly 6 pm. I'm just damn pissed 'cuz I had to restart my computer twice to burn a cd to show to a customer, closing all the websites that I was surfing. If that person had told me earlier, I wouldn't be complaining but instead she chose to tell me at 6pm and tell me to get it ready by morning. My computer always act up after office hours. It always work fine during office hours but after it reached 5pm, it started to get slow and I have to restart it a couple of time if I'm multi-tasking too much.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Lousy Rainy Day

Yesterday there was a small gathering at Shwe teashop so I tried to get there by 2 pm. When I got out of the house, it was only drizzling but when I get to Myay Ni Gone, it was raining hard and it was windy also so I got soaked with rain. To make it worst, my umbrella started giving me trouble and my sister’s umbrella was broke so we had to share an umbrella. When I tried to cross the road, my slipper gave me troubles. Finally I arrived to Shwe, Ko Poe Thar and Ko Young have already arrived there.

The reason we met is ‘cuz I wanted to borrow Photoshop CS2 book from Ko Poe Thar. He said I’ll call Zeng and a few days later, he emailed a couple of friends to meet. Most of them didn’t come probably due to the rain or ‘cuz they are busy. Only Ko Poe Thar, Ko Young, Zeng, Snow, SS and Ko Flame came to the gathering. We sat at the teashop pretending not to hear the waiters who kept hinting when we’ll pay for the food and get out. We only got up at 4 pm to eat spring rolls at Ma Nge shop. Ko Flame treated us . I was feeling a bit dizzy after being caught in the rain but I felt better after I ate. There wasn’t anything to eat at Shwe. I only ordered Super coffeemix there. I don’t really like that place ‘cuz it’s crowded and noisy but the guys said Shwe…so it’s Shwe for me then. Anyway since I got the book to practice with, I can start learning the functions of Photoshop. Although I’ve been using it for a long time, most of the time I’m just cutting pictures and tuning the colors. Lately I’m interested in making avatars and banners so I had wanted to practice some tutorials with some guidebooks.



There are a couple of reasons why I resent online chatting. I hate it when people ask about my personal life like what’s my name, where do I live, where do I work and worst of it all, my ph no. Sometimes I might be having a nice conversation with a person but when that person starts asking my real name, I told him no politely at first. But if that person kept pushing that idea, I started to get tired of that person. I’m not being secretive at all. I mean I have this blog (okay, I have two) where I let out all my feelings. Shouldn’t people be more interested in my feelings, my interests rather than asking my name and for my photos? I am sick of it. I have always uploaded my photos like sites like Friendster, Zorphia and to my blog also. (I also changed it recently due to a seminar about blogging) and I even have a photo gallery where people are still viewing my photos every week. Isn’t that enough? Just type for my name in the search engine and you’ll probably find a page with my photo. Just stop asking for personal info about me. I didn’t choose the name madyjune for no reason. If I wanted to reveal my real name, I would have chose to use my real name. I prefer nicknames ‘cuz being called by my id is like a getaway from my dull boring life. It makes me feel uneasy when people I meet online start calling me by my real name. Why is it so necessary? I am not looking for a relationship at all. I just want to make friends. Why are photos necessary anyway? What if I look ugly and fat? Is that person hoping to find a pretty girl online to start making a relationship? If that’s what you have in mind, you got the wrong person. I am not someone who is interested in flirting around online. I could have lied about real name, where I live, where I work but I hate lying so instead I only chose to refuse to answer. When I really think about it, sometimes I maybe online and I have nobody to chat with (‘cuz I rarely start chatting with someone on my own and I only wait for someone to chat with me ) so if someone came along to chat with me, I replied back and it’s always me who was answering the questions. I hardly ever ask a question, probably ‘cuz I wasn’t interested in that person’s affairs. When chatting was first introduced in Myanmar, everyone at work was having fun chatting online but I felt like an outcast who couldn’t fit with the chatting group. Boy was I relieve to discover Bagan Net forum. I finally have someone who will reply back to me and someone I can reply back to. Now I can’t kept up with forum ‘cuz I don’t have much time and I’m always web surfing so many sites during my free times. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because I always go to forums, I expect the chatters to be like a forum where you can discuss a topic and reply back and forth without getting into personal affairs.

Anyway to get back to the topic, I don’t believe in online relationship, Can it really work without knowing who that person is? I’ve seen some online relationship and I wonder whether that guy or girl would have chose their partners if they weren’t good looking or are from different races? No offense anyone. It’s just that after seeing some guys’ reactions to their online partners and friends, I started to distrust people who are seeing relationships. Not that I was ever in a relationship. I like my life the way it is. I also don’t believe much in online friendship also ‘cuz I had some friends who were so nice to me and we always chatted and mailed each other back and forth but later they stopped mailing me and I hardly see them online. At first I thought that they were probably busy so I mailed them from time to time but now I got the hints now. They probably got bored with me. So please don’t say forever friendship. I have enough of people saying that and leaving me behind.


Friday, July 07, 2006

SGWannaBe - Partner for Life

I changed the background song. What do you guys think? This song is popular in Korea. It ranked no 1 in hit charts. I've been wanting to use this for the background but I also liked Once in a Lifetime so I let their song be used first. Enjoy the song. It took me an hour to find a hosting which let me embed songs. You can watch their music video. It's a sad music video starring Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa). The story in "Partner for Life" video didn't finish and it continued to "Slow" video. Poor Dongwan....I knew he was going to die before watching the vid but I was still shocked when I watched it.

Partner for Life



Dan Pauk Treat

Although my birthday was over, I didn’t get to treat my colleagues till yesterday. 2 of our managers are July born so we got together and treated dan pauk to everyone at work. We ordered it from Kaung Kyite Dan Pauk and it was delicious. If you are in Ygn and plan to eat Dan Pauk, I recommend you to try out Kaung Kyite. I ate dan pauk with chicken breasts and it had more meat than the drumstick. I wanted to treat everyone but a few of the workers were absent so there were a couple of dan pauk packages left but not to worry, there was none left when I come back home. After eating dan pauk, I was feeling sleepy the whole day.