Thursday, June 29, 2006

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I turned 22 today. I don’t know how much I have changed since last year but at least I have a job now. I’m going to treat biryani (dan pauk) to everyone at work along with 2 other guys whose birthdays are in July. As for my friends, I’m going to treat them something at home. My mother told me to come home early to go to the pagoda. I hope it doesn’t rain today.

As my birthday was approaching during this week, I’ve been missing someone a lot. Out of all the birthdays I have had, I miss my 15th birthday party the most. I couldn’t treat my friends with nice foods but they all came to my house to celebrate with me. I miss them so much. The person that I miss the most probably won’t even remember my birthday. I’m always waiting for birthday cards from her every year but she never sent them. I’m still waiting for a card this year and if it doesn’t come today, I’m hoping she will sent it later as a belated card.

Boh goh shi dah :(


Monday, June 26, 2006

Cats Love Computers

My parents always scold us for always sitting in front of the computer.
Look Mom, we aren’t the only who are addicted to the computer.
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Saturday, June 24, 2006

X-Man, Love Letter, etc on youtube links

This is from my post at TV Drama & Series topic at NativeMyanmar forum.

Does any of you watch Korean TV game shows like X-Man, Love Letter, etc? I know Taungzalattlay watched some 'cuz we discussed about it via chat. When I first came upon X-man shows and Love Letter shows in Shinhwa Changjo forum, I didn't download them 'cuz I thought I couldn't understand them without subs. Now I've been watching some of the epsidoes by downloading and watching with subs or watching online at youtube. They sure are really funny. A lots of Korean celebs mostly singers participate in these shows. I'm still new to these shows so I'm only checking out shows with Shinhwa and Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook.

I'll introduce you guys to some of my fav clips.

xman episode 50 pt 1 [17.10.2004] shinhwa sub
(This is the truth game. You have to say Yes..(or of course?) to stay in the game and you have to knock down your opponent. The clip starts off with Eric & Eun Hye.)

Xman #14 Dangyunhaji - Infamous Porn CD Incident (en)
(this is the prequel to the truth game to the above vid...hyesung asked about staying late at night and they had a flashback to this vid...this is so funny)...

Xman #28 Dangyunhaji - Yoo Min vs Kim Jong Min
(Kim Jong Min is one of the funniest guy on the shows. He can be such a loser but I like him. In this clip, he was confessing his love to a girl)

Shinhwa - Cartoon Hero
(This is from my own collection. It's just cuts of them dancing to a cute)

Shinhwa serenading to Han Ji Hye
another clip with Han Ji Hye...they are singing soulmate, changing the lyrics a bit and their dance steps are funny 'cuz they are dancing like HyeSung who only dance to crab dance and sweeping the floor dance in the show)

X-man Micky vs. Eun Hye
(Love triangle with KJK, Eun Hye and Mickey from DBSK)

Xman #15 Wrestling Challenge - Yun Eun Hye Superwoman (en)
(I can't believe she beat Kang Ho Dong)

SBS best Eric vs Bi
(This is just a clip comparing Eric and Bi using cuts from their dramas and mvs and cfs)

Happy Together - Shinhwa - Singing Spoon Cut - 09.30.04
(Ouch..poor guys...they get hit by flying patters)

Happy Together - Eng subs / Part 1
(I'm still watching...You can search for the rest of the clips online)\

I almost forgot Ya Shim Sha Man clips
YSMM f. Rain/Bi,Tak Jae Hoon,Lee Whee Jae (part 1)
(This is the first part of a show with Bi and Kim Jong Kook. In thisclip, Bi talked about the kind of woman he likes and ther other guysmake fun of him.)

YSMM f. Rain/Bi,Tak Jae Hoon,Lee Whee Jae (part 9)
(In this clip, Kim Jong Kook and Bi talked about their airplane incidents. So hilarious. I started noticing KJK after this show)


Friday, June 23, 2006

New Album Released Last Week

For the past few days, I've been feeling insecurity 'cuz of something but I am feeling better now 'cuz I did some sleuthing and I found an interesting object. I won't say what it is 'cuz I still don't know much about it. The insecurity is still there but I think I will feel better a few days.

One of my colleague released a group album last week. He's in the band Pwel Taw Oak and he also rap by himself. My fav songs on the album are Phone Pyeit Khant + May Myat Noe Khin, Phine Hmuu and Moe Yan Htet. I already post the lyrics for Phine Hmmu song in my other blog. I promised the guy that I'll buy his album at the end of the month. I rarely buy music albums and I still haven't buy "Lan Bay Kyar Yan Myar" album. Maybe I'll buy that album also.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Why Do I Blog?

I don't remember if I ever wrote about this before. A week ago, there was a topic asking about what's the use of blog in Native Myanmar forum and I had answered back that I blog 'cuz I wanted a place where I can say whatever's on my mind when nobody's there to talk to nor listen to me. At least in blog, I can say whatever I want without minding people. I like to express my thoughts freely and if I offended somebody, I'm sorry but I can't help it. That's what I feel. I don't even know if my blog title is correct. When I first registered at blogger, I didn't know what title to choose and suddenly the name "Speaking Out Loud" came into my mind so I chose that name. It wasn't until I flipped through Myanmar Times that I realized where I got that name. There's a column in Myanmar Times call "Thinking Out Loud" which only features in the Myanmar version now. It is translated "Pyaw Pya Chin Taw Atway Myar". I got the translation for my Myanmar blog title. Even through the words are different in English, the translation sounds the same in Myanmar.


Sai Sai + Zu Zu Maung Magazine Scan

Remember my post about Sai Sai and Zu Zu Mg in Fashion Image? I finally remembered to transfer the pics from the camera to pc last night and here they are.

Sai Sai

How come there's only one pic? I thought there was supposed to be two pics.

Sai Sai + Zu Zu Maung

I don't like the pic on the right...Zu Zu Maung smiles too much

Fav Couple Pose

This is my fav pic, the one I wrote about it. The pic is a bit blurry so I'm posting another clearer pic but my sister used flash when she took the pic.

Zu Zu Maung

There are for the guys. Enjoy!


new hairstyle

I finally got a haircut on Sunday. I've been deciding whether to cut my hair or not for the past months but I finally do it 'cuz my birthday is approaching and I want to look nice on my birthday. I had to go to the salon early in the morning 'cuz I made an appointment with my friends to meet at SD's house by 1pm. I think I got my last hair cut in March. At that time, my hair was over my shoulder and it made me look older. I wanted the haircut Han Jin Hye had in My Boyfriend is Type B movie. It was just a plain haircut, just over the shoulder but instead I got a haircut which they said resemble Chaw Yadanar. They said it's a 2 step hairstyle. I don't know much about hairstyles so I couldn't explain clearly about the style I wanted. As I wasn't interested in Myanmar models, I didn't know her latest hairstyle. It looked nice at the salon but after a few days, I started to hate it 'cuz it look nothing like the one I wanted and I look so messy. A week later, I chopped of the messy hair but still it was in the 2 step hairstyle. I looked on the web and I don't see anything about step hairstyles. I think it's call layer hairstyle in English.

After the lady was done with my hair, I looked in the mirror and I was shocked that I had my last hairstyle again so immediately I told her to make the hair just a bit longer than my bangs. I wasn't satisfied with the fact the she made the bangs shorter and now it kept getting in my eyes. Well...what did I except, after all it's just 700 kyats per haircut. Ma PP recommended to go to a beauty salon by a Korean stylist but I think it might be a little bit expensive but even if I go there, my hair should be longer so that I can have a nice hairstyle. Maybe I'm just not fit to have modern hairstyles which look nice on others but always end up a mess on me. I have thick hair so they never look nice like other people. A lot of people complain about having thin hair but I envy them for being to have a nice hairstyle 'cuz their hairs are thinner than mine.

I'm going to wait and see how my hair will look for a month. If I get tired, I might just cut a really short hairstyle just below my ears, sort of like Shin's sister's hairstyle in Goong. It will look really wild 'cuz normal people like me will never go for that kind of style.

After I left the salon, I went back home and went to SD's house after lunch. I was 45 minutes late when I got there. Then we ate some snacks at a nearby food center and look around a bit in Victoria shop before going to Yankin Center. I wasn't planning to buy anything but my friend wanted to go there. There was a sales promotion at Yankin Center and I saw some guys dancing to N'Sync's Pop song. Since I didn't see the whole performance, I can't judge on their dance. I don't care much about those promotion shows but I got some D12 photo cards with Sai Sai in different poses with his hairs in braids. Man...I wanted Ye Lay card 'cuz he's also models for D12 but there wasn't any there..looks like they only made Sai Sai cards.

I went to Today bookshop and bought a book by Ta Doe Yar Za, another pen name of Min Khite Soe San. I was interested in that book 'cuz I read a review in a magazine and it said the plot is based on a R.L Stine book. The reviewer didn't mention the original book name but I already knew the name after reading the summary as I was a big fan of Goosebumps series. The book is based on Say Cheese and Die. Min Khite Soe San said he wrote that book in 1997 but it was never published till now. He uses that pen name 'cuz the story is based on another book although he only took the plot and wrote the whole story on his own and he didn't want to damage the other pen name 'cuz it doesn't contain philosophy like his other books. The price was only 1050 kyats so I think it's fair. I'm still reading it and although it's based on R.L Stine, the story feels different. At some parts, he added suspense like in Goosebumps book. I'm a bit confused about his introduction at the beginning. If he said he didn't want to damage his pen name, then why did he write that novel about a mirror which can make you invisible. I remember reading a Goosebumps book about it but I think he wrote on his own while basing on the plot. My sister said if he doesn't want to damage his pen name, then what about those Harry Potter books that he translated. Whatever the reason is, I still like his books even when the plots are based on other books and his translation for Harry Potter is the best in Myanmar.

Sorry about my post being long....I always write long posts unlike others who write short posts. I read that people don't have time to be reading long paragraphs when they are surfing online but I can't help it.

I took a photo of me last night but I forgot to bring the larger version. I am thinking of using this pic for my profile.


Monday, June 19, 2006


Honesty isn't always the best. I am never good at lying and I have the habit of blurting out everything, not thinking whether it's appropriate to say or not. I've been thinking over what I've said and wrote in the past weeks and I made a small mistake yesterday. It's not so important but it hurted my pride when I think about it. I shouldn't have accept it. I realized that I have been complaining a lot ltely. I may not like it but I should just accept it. It's not something I can change so I should keep my troubles to myself. I want people thinking that I'm such a pitiful person so from now on I will be careful with my words.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rain + Christina Aguilera Pepsi CF

Check this out...It's a Pepsi commerical with Rain (Bi) and Christina Aguilera. Rain is really hot in this cf.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

finally finished updating

Note to myself...never ever mess with this template again unless changing the pic...It took me a long time to edit this....I hate coding...

Please comment on my template and try to guess who's the little girl from the pic :)


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

template changed but still need to edit

I changed my template but I still need to edit the font size. It's getting late so I'll work on it tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Actor Byike passed away

Actor Byike, Nanda (Nyi Nanda)'s brother passed away on Monday. His obituaritary is in the newspaper today. I used to watch his tv show on Sundays but I stopped 'cuz I didn't like the other co- host. I heard that Nyo Min Lwin (director) replaced his role as a host at the tv show now. I still remember his shows with Thandar Hlaing. They were really funny and made a good match (at hosting together).


NYI LYNN SECK: How to Install Zawgyi Unicode Keyboard

I was having problems typing in Myanmar with Zawgyi font until I read his blog and I realized that I didn't have Zawgyi Alpha Unicode. I only have GtalkMyanmar addin. So I uninstalled it and installed the required software and it's working fine now.

NYI LYNN SECK: How to Install Zawgyi Unicode Keyboard


Monday, June 05, 2006

Korean Fair at Karaweik

I was pretty bored at home on Sunday so at first I thought about going to Yuzana Plaza to check out some hair accessories and fashion earrings alone but as I was eating lunch, my sister who was reading the newspaper said that there's a Korean trade show at Karaweik. I got interested 'cuz I saw a pic of women surrounded around what looks like fashion accessories. I was hoping to find some hair clips or some earrings there. So my sister and I went to Karaweik first, paid 300 kyats each for the gate fee. The price went up from 100 kyats then before. I haven't been to Kandawgyi ever since it was redecorated. I felt disappointed when I arrived to the fair. They were only selling school supplies for kids, office supplies, cosmetic supplies (like brushes, pencil sharpners), plastic briefcases and files, kids vitamins, stuff animals (Thai import), etc. I did see a place where they sell fashion accessories. There was only 2 products anyway, a 2 in 1 watch bracelets and some hair clips for older women which is heavy to even hold in my hand. I can't believe I wasted 600 kyats for nothing. There was nothing to do at the park and it was drizzling a bit so we walked to a small bridge nearby and took some pics of the Karaweik and left for Yuzana Plaza. On the way, I was thinking of a quote from Wedding drama in which Jang Nara said it's embarrassing to go to amusement parks, zoo or gardens alone 'cuz it's only children and people who are dating go there (or with friends in my opinion). I don't think I'll go back there again unless I have somebody to go with.

I regretted that I went to the plaza with my sister 'cuz she kept disappearing in shoe shops. I have no patience to wait for her. That's why I wanted to go alone. I spent an hour at the plaza but I couldn't find what I wanted. All of the accessories look the same to me, pretty ones are expensive, cheap ones are just cheap and no unique styles. I only bought a 8 in 1 Korean movie dvd. I saw some kdramas there but I am afraid that they won't have subs. I really want to watch My Girl again (this time on TV). I kept thinking about it lately 'cuz I want to watch Lee Junki back again.

I meant to write this yesterday but the electricity went out after 6 pm and I had to go home. I'm so happy today 'cuz the connection speed is normal again and I can download files now.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Busy 1st day

The first day of a month are always busy. Today I woke up thinking about blog template while my father was banging on the door. Another ten minutes later, it was my mother who was knocking on the door. I knew I had to get up or I will be late for work. I hate paying extra 600 kyats for late fee.

Yesterday there was a meeting in the evening and when I got out, it was already way past 5 pm. All the other staffs were gone. I still couldn't login to blogger dashboard so I left after getting my salary. I was feeling depressed (again) 'cuz I lack creativity in designing and was thinking about it on my way home till I got to Hledan. I told myself to cheer up and go home after buying an English dvd....Gotta buy an English dvd....I kept telling myself as I walked to the shop but when I got there, the seller put "Almost Love" in my hands and I bought it immediately. "Almost Love" is a Korean movie :D starring Kwon Sangwoo and Kim Ha Neul. I luv those couple. They made a great match in "My Tutor Friend". When I arrived home, my mother was watching "Jewel in the Palace" and my father was saying about a family in Mandalay who house got on fire after asking a child (not exactly a child but a younger person) to fill in the oil for the generator while the rest were glued to the TV. I don't know where my father read the news from. At least it gave the journalists a headline....A Jewel in the Palace Fire. I didn't get to watch the movie afterward 'cuz my brother said we are always hogging the TV, watching kdrama and kmovies. So I ate dinner while watching Robots with him. If the electricity didn't go out at 11pm, I would have watched the movie.

Anyway, about today....I'm stuck with doing updates again. I also have some works left to finish and I asked a newbie to help me but he got fired so now I have to finish up on my own. I don't like handing my works to others. I never felt comfortable 'cuz they might be doing the work in their own way and when I have to work on them again, it always annoy me when I have to correct their mistakes. I'll just trying to work faster.

Damn...I still can't login to Blogger Dashboard. Thank god for Performancing Firefox add-in. I can still blog but I can't edit my template.