Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I finished watching Goong last night. I watched 3 episodes straight till 11pm. I'm sad that it's finished now, at least for this season. There's gonna be a sequel next year and the plot isn't finished yet. Great, maybe I can still see Yul Goon. I don't like his ending in ep 24. He doesn't deserved it.

I have been telling myself that I will try to restrain myself from watching kdrama for at least a week or two after Goong but after browsing soompi's Goong thread, I found a link to a website which has Meteor Garden drama. I have been wanting to watch that for such a long time 'cuz it's based on Hana Yori Dango manga. So I will still be watching drama whenever I can use the pc.

I've been rewatching Goong while wating for the subs for the last three episodes but I still stop watching now. I have downloaded a medium quality version of Goong drama with eng subbed and I plan to burn them to vcd and watch them with TV later. more Goong...

I'm going out to dinner with my colleages 'cuz three of them have their birthdays this month. So they are treating us, the computer team tonight. I think they are going to barbeque shop again. I went to Shwe Khine last month already and I got sick of eating pork.


Monday, April 24, 2006

another random thoughts

I wrote this yesterday at home.

Today I attended my English class and skipped the rest of the classes and I went to my uncle's house instead. I visited my cousin's house first and she made me a cup of coffee. I didn't get the chance to eat breakfast so I took out a piece of bread and started to eat my breakfast. My niece saw me eating and she said she wanted to eat so I gave her the bread. I thought she was just going to take a few bites but she didn't return the bread to me at all. So I had to eat some cookies while my niece was eating my breakfast. My niece's so adorable and she's smart too. Here's a picture of her taken last year around March.

After eating breakfast, I got bored so I went to my uncle's house which is only 3 houses away from my cousin's house and watched half of X-man 2. A couple of guests came by to visit so I didn't get to finish watching the movie and instead I have to play Power Rangers for the guest's kid to watch. These guests include a family for San Francisco who came by to visit and the husband is the Filipino or something. My relatives kept talking about how I lived abroad and they kept saying talk to the guy in English. What was I suppose to say? Hi! ...How are you? I don't even know this guy. One thing I don't like about my relatives is that they like to brag about our family in front of guests. So whenever I visit their house and a guest came by, I started to leave before they start talking about me 'cuz I know it'll be the same....She lived aboard and studied for a couple of years....Oh, really....why don't you stay there? Why dont' you apply for a visa? Why did you come back? I am sick of answering their questions and the funny thing is they don't care what I say. All they talk about is "she should live aboard you know... It's a shame that you came back, etc..." I read the April issue of Fashion Image magazine today and there's an article written by a doctor who visited America and he wrote about China Town. He mentioned that he sends his kid to International School of Yangon but he made sure that his kid live like a Myanmar at home. He wrote that there are some Myanmar kids in school who don't know how to speak in Myanmar and they are shamed to dress like a Myanmar. Then he wrote about a kid who went to America after graduating from 5th grade and after living for three years, he forgot to speak in Myanmar. It's kind of true. I'm not trying to pick a fight but Myanmar people who lives abroad esp kids and teenagers try to act like they aren't Myanmar and they are ashamed to speak in Myanmar to each other. When I arrived there, I had some difficulties 'cuz although there were Myanmar kids at school, they don't try to help around and they all speak in English to each other, sometimes making fun of me. So I tried hard to fit in or at least improve my English and after a few years, I can speak English almost perfectly. And what did I become? I started to speak less in Myanmar and I didn't want to speak in Myanmar to the kids and I might have given a hard time for some new kids 'cuz I acted cold and didn't talk to them in Myanmar. We speak in Myanmar at home and with other Myanmar adults but when I'm with the kids around my age, we all speak in English. I hang out with other Asian kids and I notice that Chinese people speak in Chinese to each other and Vietnamese people speak in Vietnamese to each other even though they can speak perfectly in English. Sometimes it drives me nuts 'cuz I was left out of conversation between them. So my question is why are we like that? Why do we have to act like we aren't Myanmar? Now I hardly speak in English anymore and it is awkward for me to speak in English to some foreigner. Sometimes I see some people who speak in English to each other and I tried hard not to burst out laughing. I don't mean to criticize them but here's an example. I went to Kitchen Mart to buy some snacks and there was 2 guys (probably younger than me) standing near the potato chips stand. One guy kept saying ' You want this man...." ....You want this man". He kept adding 'man' after every single sentence. I got tired of hearing them and I left without buying anything. I know my pronunciation isn't perfect either. For example, when I say the word 'end or ending' along with a Myanmar sentence, I pronounce it like 'ant' instead of what you are supposed to pronounce with a 'd' at the end. So people couldn't understand me. Sometimes I have to speak like what locals speak so that others can understand. If I want to buy a "Top" magazine, I can't pronounce it like 'top' with a 't' sound at the start. I have to say like what others say. It's the same thing when I buy blank cds. I always buy 'Deny' cds so when I ask for 'Deny' cds, I have to call it 'Dany'. Everybody else call it 'Dany' when the correct spelling is 'Deny'. But what can I say? If I ask for 'Deny' cd, they will say they don't have it here although I can see the cds at the shop. My father says that I watch too much Korean movies and dramas and my pronunciations got worse. My mother said you should watch more English movies but all you ever rent is Korean movies. She wants to watch action movies but all we rent is fantasies, science fictions and comedies which are dirty to watch with family.

I watched half of Chicken Little tonight. I wanted to finish it but I have to stop it at 9:15 pm 'cuz my mother and my cousin wanted to watch 9pm kdrama and then the electricity went out at 9:40 pm. It came back at 10:40 pm and went out at 11:00 pm. Lately it's been like that. You can't expect it to come without going out before 11:00 pm on electricity day (how will u call it?).


Saturday, April 22, 2006

New Year Day

April 17th, 2006

Today's the New Year day so I told myself to put myself into a good mood and try to finish cleaning the house or at least my room 'cuz I haven't tried to clean it during my holiday. Yesterday, I got rid of some stuff that isn't necessary for me anymore including school papers, etc. I put them in the trash bin and when I do house cleaning, I found them back again near the computer. I really just hate it. I'm trying to do get rid of unnecessary things and my parents are always putting them back when I threw them away. Same reason why I couldn't get rid of half of my clothes in my wardrobe 'cuz they won't let me give them away. I am feeling really pissed again. Why can't they just leave my stuffs alone? This time I'll really throw them away or burn them. I lost the mood to clean the house. I was happily doing my work while singing along to Goong ost.

Not a really nice way to start off a new year. I know I haven't really been writing interesting stuffs during my holiday. I've been just whining around and bickering around 'cuz others have fun at Thingyan while I got stuck at home with nothing else to do but to watch movies and dramas. I envy those people who can go out and have fun with their friends, I went out during the evening yesterday but what's so fun about going out with your parents.


Thingyan Last Day

April 16th. 2006

Another thing I can't stand about Thingyan is that the music are always played at full volume. My brother decided to throw water at passing car today and he's opening Ya Ta Hma Hmway at full volume. He put the speakers on the verdanah which is located near the computer. Here I'm trying to finish Wonderful Life and the drama is getting good and the song "Taung Paw Ka Shan Kalay" is playing at loud volme. I'm regretting that I bought the album. He won't even change the album. Great...he's repeating the album for the third time now.

I can't concerate on kdrama but I have nothing else to do. I can't write kdrama reviews 'cuz I left them at work. At least I have some photoshop e-books to read. I'm reading a Photoshop guide from the start. I have been using it for a couple of years but I don't know how to use it fully. I only use it to edit photos most of the time but I don't have any tutorials to work with. I have Adobe Classroom in a book tutorials but no guidebook to look at for now. I have to borrow it from Ko Poe Thar.

The above was written in the morning.

In the afternoon, I went out with my family and some neighbors. At first, I didn’t want to go ‘cuz I didn’t want to get hit by ‘kwat saung’ but my mother said that I can sit in the front. I think she was the one who was really active about going out. She caught a cold and was coughing for a few days but she got better after going out. Maybe Thingyan water treated her cold.

My father drove the car around Sanchaung to Bogyoke Market and then came back via Yankin. He tried to avoid big mandats ‘cuz the traffic is so crowded there. I saw U Kyaw Hein at one mandate and Thandar Win and her mother at Bogyoke Market mandat. I sat in the front so that I didn’t get hit badly but I still got wet ‘cuz my father left the window open on his side.

As I went around the city, all I ever hear is Yaw Tha Ma Hmway, Everywhere I go, I only hear that album. I hardly hear any other music at all. I guess you can say that Ya Tha Hmway reached no.1 best selling album for this month.


3rd Thingyan Day

April 15th, 2006

I'm quite bored now. I have been using the computer almost all day. I hardly leave the computer when the electricity is on. I should just watch movies that I borrowed but my brother is watching Ice Age and I missed some parts so I will just watch it later. I have been spending my holiday watching "Wonderful Life" drama. I'm almost finished now. I just got a little bored watching it straight for 3 days now. The drama is good and I like the casts but I don't feel like it's the greatest drama I've watched. I just watch the drama and forget about it later except for the little kid who's just so cute. Maybe it's because I watched it straight instead of just watching 1 or 2 dramas per day. The songs aren't that catchy either. I can hardly remember the songs while I can remember other drama songs when I only watch them one episode per day.

My brother went out with his friends from work today. He went to Pyay Road and got stuck there. One of the things I don't like about Thingyan is that there are so many traffics at Inya Road and Sayar San Road and you have to wait the whole day to get sprinkle by some water. There's no fun in being sun baked while waiting in the car. Another thing I don't like it that it's just all business now. During Thingyan, prices will rise and you have pay twice to eat something. You have to pay huge amount of money to singers to come and sing at your mandat. You have to pay a lots of money to built mandats and spend your time finding sponsers. What's so good about mandats when you just go there to dance to the music in front of people and get? Some girls wear flashy clothes and get drunk so bad that they have no shame at all. I kept hearing things like that every year. I'm just losing the spirit now. To me, Thingyan is a 5 days holiday for me to rest at home.


2nd Thingyan Day

April 14th, 2006

I wanted to some translations for kdramas I've watched during the holiday so I saved some of the drama summaries on a diskette and I left it at work. I don't know why I have such poor memory. If I'm doing something, I forgot another. I probably might not have time to do them when I get back to work.

It's another Thingyan day. The kids are having fun outside. Someone gave mote lone yay paw to our house. My mother said we aren't going to make any mote lone yay paw. At least I can eat from the neighbors. I got scolded today for placing photo stands at the new cupboard 'cuz it was located near the stairs and I'm not supposed to do so. I am not one of those kinda of person who are superstitious at all. All I know is that we have a couple of photo stands which are only placed in the family room 'cuz there was no place for them downstairs. What's the point of photo stands when nobody's going to look at them? Nobody bother to wipe the dust off them except for me. I got 2 photo stands in my room but I just place them there to decorate my room. There's not much to decorate anyway. My room is just pretty plain, still decorated with boxes. I am sick of boxes. I have 2 big boxes which are full of toys and dolls which I've bought when I was a kid. I spent my Christmas money on them and as soon as I bought them, they were placed in the boxes, kept away from me. Now I'm too old to be playing with toys and they are still in the boxes. I got 3 small boxes near my bed which are full of books from university. I told my mother that I want to get rid of them but she said you should keep them to look back when you get older. Why would I want to look back at those books from UDE anyway? It's not like I learned much. I can't remember what I was taught in UDE and I'm just graduated last year. I swear I'm going to sell those books back to those Indian men who buy used books. At least I should make use of those books which I had paid for during my days in UDE.

As I have nothing to do when the electricity went out, I read "The Genetic Code" by John Case. I still haven't finished it 'cuz the electricity came back on at 7pm and I'm writing for my blog now. Even though I was reading a book, my mind was on my days in US since I went to US in April 2005. I'm thinking about my friends and my school life. I thought about writing in essays for English classes and competitions but now if I'm asked to write an essay, I can't even think of what to begin with. Back then, I can easily write a 2 or 3 page essay within 30 minutes to an hour depending on the topic and I always get good grade for them, either a B or an A- .But ever since I took the 10th grade exam in Myanmar, my English skills were put away 'cuz I have to write to please the teachers who would grade my paper and even my handwriting had to be changed from cursive to normal handwriting which look childish. I'm trying to write in cursive but I am not used to it anymore. I wish I have kept records of my school papers and books but I only have a book for Pre-Algebra, Spanish and a journal, which I had to write in 8th grade. I didn't like having to write it and having my teacher reading my thoughts but now I'm thankful that I have that book 'cuz I can now read back my thoughts. I was just a normal teenager whose mind was focus mainly on pop music such as BSB, N' Sync, 5ive, etc, books and Dawson's Creek. I didn't keep a copy of my essays and term papers and I only kept them in my computer, which broke down, and the hard disk was replaced a few years later.

My school was a mix up of black and Hispanic and some Asian students, which are mainly Vietnamese, and 3 Burmese, Laos, Indonesian and a Filipino. There were hardly white people at school. I didn't really fit in with the black and Hispanic students so I always hang out with the Vietnamese kids and a Romanian girl. We, Asian wee always at the top of the class and most of us got honor rolls in our report cards. School wasn't really that hard to keep up with and some of the classes were quite easy for us like Algebra. I was like a funny student whose eyeglasses were so thick like magnifying glasses thanks to my dear relatives who sent them from Ygn. I was always being made fun of for being an Asian, a smarty pant, my glasses, a crybaby, etc. Nobody was interested in me except to let them copy from my homework. I spent most of my free time in school reading books when I have nobody to talk to and my friends were occupied with themselves. Even thought I had to go thorough my life like that, I still miss my school and my friends who don't keep in contact with me at all. I still remember their birthdays while I can't remember the birthdays of my current friends I'm hanging out with. I feel that I was much happier in US than right now. Now I'm just a boring person whose only specialty is in kdrama according to my friends. I don't know how to have fun with my friends at all.

I still don't fit in with the environment even thought I have been living here for 6 years now. I'm still not used to my friends holding my hand when we are walking side by side, being ask to go with them to the bathroom together (why can't they go alone?), being talked like I did something wrong when I went to a place alone, being ask to treat them on my birthday. I mean why do I have to feel obligated to treat them rather than celebrating my birthday with them. It's not that I don't want to treat them but I don't want to feel pressured about it. Back in the states, when my friends' birthdays were approaching, I could only think of giving them birthday cards. Since I didn't have money, I could only give them cards and only give presents to my best friends. It was alright with me if they didn't treat me anything. It just makes me happy to wish them a happy birthday. I still can't adjust to this life in Ygn. I used to have so much freedom in my thoughts also. I used to speak as I wish..(I still do but my speech is polite now). Now if I want to talk about something improper, I have to use words like 'ho din...ho har...".I'm quite glad for this blog 'cuz I can write all my thoughts without having my conversations cut off or the subject changed. Sometimes I can't even have conversation with my friends 'cuz I'm not interested in what they are saying and they aren't interested in mine. How can I be interested in what they are saying why they are gossiping about political situation, rumors, celebrities? How can I listen to them when they are speaking ill about people they don't' even know? I don't like to speak ill of celebrities like they hang on those rich people and suck the money from them. I don't give a damn about it anyway.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say was what frustrate me the most is that I can't speak English nor write English properly now. Even my writing style now is pretty much like my old journal posts, childish 'cuz I couldn't come up with better words. I'm attending English classes on the weekends to improve my translation but I'm being bored to death attending those classes and I can't discontinue the classes 'cuz my parents want to attend it. What's the point of attending a class where the teacher only teaches reading comprehension? I still haven't got much to the part of translation and having to attend a grammar class is even worse. I may know how to write in English but I hate having to writing according to those grammar rules applied in Myanmar. I asked my parents whether I should attend British Council or American Center but they just said what are you going to do after attending those expensive classes and I can't answer them. My father said why you are going to still attend classes at this age while others who don't even know half of what you know are making money teaching English. I can't teach kids. I don't know how to and I'm pretty impatient with kids. I can even imagine myself getting into fights with them. Some people suggested going abroad to study but I still don't know what to do. I don't think I can get out of the country even if I want to and I don't want to bother my parents. I'm not the only child and there's still my sister who wants to go to US and my brother who wants to attend animation classes. I rather have him go abroad than me.

hah...even as I'm writing this in Microsoft word, there were little green lines indicating that my grammar is wrong. It's Thingyan and I should be thinking of positive things rather than negative stuffs and being depressed about it.

My post is pretty long now and I'm still not finish. I'll continue writing tomorrow. My brother will be using the computer soon and I better start watching those movies I borrowed from my friends.


Thingyan A Kyo Day

April 13th, 2006

Today I spent my day doing spring cleaning at home. There was so much to do although I was only brooming the house. I always take my time while cleaning and wiping the tv stand carefully, taking out cds and wiping the surfaces. Meanwhile, my brother and my father were setting up furniture downstairs. My brother got a new dresser in his room and took his old one to use at bookstand. There's another computer desk but since we don't have another computer, we are using it as a study desk in the family room and a cupboard to place downstairs. I don't have to sit down at a table to write news articles translation. I always wanted a desk but we didn't have any to spare. There are still boxes to get rid of like old cassette tapes, school books which I have been telling my mother to get rid of many years ago, etc. After lunch, I stopped working and was only organizing journals in order. Not much to organize 'cuz we only read Myanmar Times and Weekly Eleven. Electricity came back at 2pm so I started watching "Wonderful Life" drama while my brother and his friend watch "The Incredibles" on TV. I don't know whether I'll have time to watch movies on TV. I tried to watch "S Diary" last night but since it has some inappropriate parts, my mother started talking about how it's so nice to watch from TV 'cuz they are censored and you don't have to watch these kinda of stuffs. So I have to watch something else. I really hate it when I can't watch a movie peacefully without people talking while I'm watching and asking me to skip when there are some censored parts. Well, there wasn't anything in S Diary anyway. It's so annoying and I'm 22 (well..almost) and I am mature enough to watch these movies. It's not like I'm watching porn. It's just some scenes which can't be avoided 'cuz you miss the point if u skip them (well..for some of the movies...) The only solution is watch when my parents aren't around. I had to wait a long time to watch April Snow 'cuz they are always around when I have time to watch it. My friend gave me Sex is Zero movie also. I really going to take a long to watch it to wait for the room to be clear :D

Where was I anyway? Oh yeah...I watched kdrama. Even though it's Thingyan, I don't feel like it's Thingyan at all. Maybe it's cuz my neighborhood is kinda quiet except for some kids who are throwing water around in front of my house. One thing I like about Thingyan is the neighbors are always giving our house one thing to eat after another. Today, a neighbor brought Shwe Yin Aye but I didn't eat it 'cuz it was too sweet and there wasn't enough for my brother and his friend. I wonder if my family is going to make mote lone yay paw. It's fun making mote lone yay paw. My cousin always say I'm make mote kyar sae instead of mote lone yay paw 'cuz my mote lone are always too small. Also I like to insert big pieces of htan nyat.

I'm thinking of sharing Hein Zaw videos on youtube. I'm currently listening to his album. His songs are really good. I just don't listen to him 'cuz as you know I'm more of a big fan of kpop. If I listen to 5 albums in a day, I'll probably only listen to one Myanmar album and I might not listen to all the songs. I have been noticing that most people oversea are more interested in Myanmar music than me and they are always asking me to share songs with them. I am kinda scared of being accused of piracy but since I really want to share, I can reduce the file quality and share on youtube. I also want to share Yuzana songs online. I want to create a group for Hein Zaw and Yuzana. I just need to find time to upload them. Sometimes the connection fails when I tried to upload online.


thingyan repost

I kept forgetting to post my posts during Thingyan. This time I finally remember to do so. I'll warn you. They are pretty long.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy New Year!

How was everyone during the Thingyan festival? Did you all have fun? I stayed home and watched "Wonderful Life" while others were having fun. I just heard a sad news that some girl died at a mandat which broke down a few days ago. My boss said paying money to go to that mandat was like paying for your own death. While during the holiday, I wrote daily for my blog to post when I get back to work but I left them at home. I'll try to post them tomorrow. I gotta finish checking my mail before time's up.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hein Zaw (Acid) passed away

(the one from the left side)

Hein Zaw(Acidic Acid) from Myanmar first hip-hop group ACID passed away on April 10th. His obituary is in the newspaper today. I don’t read newspaper that much but I just heard the news from a friend. Just last week, there was an article about Acid no longer using the band name and now this. I was hoping it was just a rumor. I feel so sad ‘cuz he’s one of my fav rapper in Myanmar. Unlike some singers, he has his own styles and his songs are catchy. Rest in Peace, Ko Hein Zaw.

Staring from tomorrow, Thingyan festival will start. I have not been able to concentrate at work since yesterday. Maybe I caught the Thingyan virus. I have been preparing myself for Thingyan by collection dramas to watch during the holiday. I asked a friend of mine to let me borrow a few dvd but he brought a bag full of dvds which are mostly Korean. Now I’ll be extremely busy during the holiday with Wonderful Life & movies to watch.

I got bonus from work today for Thingyan festival. They wanted to prepare a car to go around the city during Thingyan but some of the staffs don’t agree so we just got bonus. I wish we could have go around the city with a car. We went like that 2 years ago and it was fun. I didn’t even have to pay for lunch ‘cuz my boss took care of it. Everyday I just had to wait for the bus near his house or work and they picked me up. I want to go out but nobody offer to go with them. I don’t want to go to mandats ‘cuz I don’t want to waste my money paying for mandate and then not be able to use the water pipe for long. I won’t fit in with the crowd ‘cuz I don’t want to dance around on stage and I am not the kind who will have fun at those places anyway.

I tired to think of what I did during Thingyan when I was little but I can’t remember a single thing. I spent some of my childhood oversea and my first Thingyan after I got back was in 2000. At that time, I go to a road near my house with some neighbors and throw water at passing cars with water bucket. For the other years after 2000, the neighborhood kids and teens got together in front of my house and throw water to passing cars. It was fun doing that although others might laugh at use ‘cuz we seem childish. I only got tired of Thingyan last year ‘cuz my friend visited my house and her boyfriend from my neighborhood was at my house too. I got sick of having to turn away from that couple in my own house. (Btw, they got married and my friend is pregnant least they won’t be visiting this year).

My sister went to meditation center yesterday and she’ll be staying there for a whole week. My brother said he’s going out with his work for one day with a car. For the rest of the day, he said he’ll mediate at home. I can’t go to meditation center ‘cuz I won’t be able to adjust to it. I don’t’ like being away from home sleeping in unfamiliar places, etc. I don’t know whether my sister will adjust or not. She’s always hungry in the afternoon and likes to eat Rakihe moat tee or a thote or kee marr.

I wish everyone a happy new year. I have been planning to write this post for a couple of days now but now I’m just not in the happy mood ‘cuz of Hein Zaw death.

I uploaded Eain Mat Thingyan vcd. Click below to download. I wished I uploaded Alpine Thingyan but the connection was slow to upload songs. I can't even upload to youtube.

Eain Mat Thingyan

credit to (pic)


Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Sai Sai!

Today is Sai Sai's birthday. I want to wish him a happy birthday. He's having a birthday celebration fan meeting at Kandawgyi right now. I wish I can go there.

I want to write more but I have to go now. I'm going with a 'car kyone'.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Sai Sai Birthday Live Show

On the way to work, I overheard Sai Sai song from a car that pass by and I suddenly want to go to see his Birthday live show at Kandawgyi. The price is 4000 kyats and those 500 people who got tickets to his show when they bought his cd can go for free. I wish I can go but I don't want to ask for money from my mother anymore. I'm planning to go shopping this Sunday and we'll have to go to a dressmaker afterward. For Thingyan, my sister is going to meditation center so my mother have to buy supplies and food for her and also buy food for Thingyan. I don't want to trouble my mother for a concert. I wonder if Ye' Lay's going to be there.

I better go now. My time is up. Before I go, I want to share something from youtube. It's the instrumental songs from Goong. I luv listening to them.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Goong synopsis

Since I've been writing about Goong, those who don't know Goong might be wondering what is she talking about. What is Goong? Well, I found a nice synopsis about Goong on MBC English website.

Goong (Princess Hours)

Princess Hours is a drama that starts with the interesting premise; ‘What if modern Korea were a constitutional monarchy with a king?’, and offers two types of fun; the romance arising between a noble prince and an ordinary girl, and the familiarity of all this happening in modern-day Korea. A perfect boy from a noble bloodline, with good looks and a sense of unpolished beauty has to marry against his will at the age of 17. An ordinary girl from an ordinary family, with a clumsy character, average grades and average looks oversteps the prejudice and barriers surrounding her. The process how they fall in love with each other unfolds with excitement.

Shin Chae-kyeong and Lee Shin, because they don’t know each other well, go through numerous incidents in which they end up fighting. Chae-kyeong witnesses the scene where Lee Shin proposes to another woman to avoid their arranged marriage and this is how the two become fully aware of each other’s feelings. The story evolves from the fact that Chae – kyoung’s grandfather was very close to the former monarch, whose wish was for her and Shin to get married. This gives some impetus to the otherwise unrealistic union of the two. As the drama progresses, many other ‘fine’ men, including Lee Yool, a cousin of the royal family, make their appearance. The story of the two characters, who keep quarreling about structural problems such as the rules of the royal household in the midst of the difficulties of being a prince and of the arranged marriage, will unfold in an interesting way. The show’s fun lies in the episodes concerning the status gap that exists between a prince and an ordinary citizen. As more problems of status arise, the uniqueness of being a prince will be more greatly exposed, and doubling the fun of .

When the king’s illness gets worse, Crown Prince Shin receives an order to get married his arranged marriage partner. Shin realizes that there have never been personal choices available in the life of a Crown Prince, though he’s only nineteen. Prince Shin proposes to his girlfriend Min Hyo-rin. Taking it as a joke, Hyo-rin shows her cute smile and takes off to practice for an international ballet competition. Shin doesn’t hold onto her but just smiles faintly as she turns away and leaves….

Chae-kyeong has a dad who stays at home as a full time house-husband after his business failed and a mom who works as an insurance consultant.

Chae-kyeong’s family, which was able to create happiness in the midst of difficult times, suddenly becomes in-laws with the royal household. To Chae-kyeong’s parents everything seems much more like a dream, as they see that the arranged marriage grandfather always boasted of become realized. Chae-kyeong cries out loud, not willing to accept the fact that she has to get married at the age of nineteen, but Shin accepts the marriage, not caring about who becomes the queen.

To him, she’s not a person he’ll ever love anyways and she’ll just live in the palace like a doll. Meanwhile, Hyo-rin engages herself only in her ballet practice abroad without knowing about her boyfriend’s marriage. Yool, second – in – line to the crown and the son of Crown Prince Hyo – yeol, who abandoned his position 15 years ago and left with his wife for England, comes back to his motherland. Upon hearing this news, the king instinctively senses the danger of Crown Prince Shin losing the crown and orders Shin to be careful of Yool. Shin just laughs at the fight over the crown and ignores the king’s words. Chae-kyeong enters the Oon-hyeon palace, the palace of the new queen - bride, to get educated as the future queen. Shin, who visits the detached palace, is stunned by the beautiful presence of Chae-kyeong in her ceremonial dress…

Shin Chae-kyeong : Yoon Eun-hae
An art major at an art high school who, one day, suddenly becomes the queen.
She is an active girl who goes around wearing her training pants inside her school uniform skirt and enjoys sketching scenes with a comic-like imagination. Although she is easily befriended by anyone regardless of age and doesn�셳 make enemies, once she starts disliking something she continues to do so. After she becomes queen she is disappointed that Kwon Tae-byeong is in fact the Crown Prince Shin; a young heartthrob who fights with her endlessly over everyday issues. However, her affectionate feelings toward Shin grow, once she starts living inside the palace and learns of the boredom and loneliness he experiences. At the same time, she is confused by the feelings she has toward Yool, whom she meets after she has already decided to get married to Shin.
Chae-kyeong quickly and profoundly observes the hidden desires and secrets of power found inside of the elegant palace better than anyone else. She becomes a central character that changes not only the palace itself but also all the other characters in the palace.

Lee Shin : Joo Ji-hoon
The one and only Crown Prince of the Republic of Korea; the young man who will inherit the throne.
He possesses the intelligence and appearance of the son of a bright king and a beautiful queen. Although he is irritated by the strict rules and dull life inside the palace and feels bored with his life, he has an intense and ongoing struggle with his own identity. Repelled by the fact that he has to spend his entire life as king inside the palace, he dreams of escape. When he starts learning what it means to be alive by looking at Queen Chae-kyeong, whom he marries without feelings of love, he gradually gains strength in life and starts to feel love towards her. Meanwhile, he plays love games with Hyo-rin, his ex-lover, and confronts Yool, his rival, at every turn.
Shin is a �쐍owhere man�� who believes that there is no place for him; neither inside the palace nor anywhere else in the world.

Lee Yool : Kim Jeong-hoon
Sir Eui-sung; second-in-line in succession to the throne.
Having spent most of his life abroad, he feels less aversion towards the palace than Shin, and due to his innate optimistic character, intelligence, and down-to-earth attitude, everyone loves him. While Shin is straightforward in his behavior, Yool thoughtfully and philosophically considers his actions. He feels deep affection and sympathy toward his mother, who had a difficult time in raising him alone, and therefore understands his mother�셲 avarice toward power; he himself slowly begins to express interest in the throne.
Yool develops an interest in Chae-kyeong when he first meets her as he transfers to a private school. He grows to love her so much that he considers the crown for the first time when he learns that the marriage promise of the king concerns the �쁤randson who will be crowned�� among the two grandsons of the king.
Although he keeps his distance from Hyo-rin, who approaches him knowing that he�셲 ranked second in succession to the throne, he gets to understand her pure desire and experiences another change in feelings in his relationship with her. Like a plant absorbing water, he gets involved in the situation of regal authority and in Hyo-rin, naturally falling in love with her and becoming the rival for the one-and-only successor to the crown.

Min Hyo-rin : Song Ji-hyo
She is a perfectionist who has everything, including good looks, money, and brains.
Love-calls from the royal household asking her to be the daughter-in-law are endlessly pouring in. Her interest in becoming the empress of the Republic of Korea and making Shin her own, grows. However, too suddenly she awakens from her dream of becoming the queen when Shin, her lover, has an arranged marriage with Chae-kyeong. She is hostile toward Chae-kyeong; the young woman who is her worst enemy, having stolen her dreams, and constantly attempts to recover her self-esteem and win over Shin�셲 love. Also, when she approaches Yool, ranked second in succession, and sees the potential of realizing her ambitions, she is perplexed by the unexpected change in emotions she experiences.
A character that provides an important change in the triangular and quadrilateral relationship composed of Chae-kyeong, Shin and Yool. She�셲 an intelligent woman who knows to sacrifice something small for a realistic gain.
Her efforts at obtaining her dreams and goals are purer and more passionate than anyone else�셲.

I have been watching Goong for some time now and I just realized yesterday that Yoon Eun Hae is from Babyvox. I was thinking that she looks so familar but I never bother to find out her information. I'm not a huge fan of Babyvox but I have some of their mvs and albums and I've watched their 1st concert like 5 times already. When Babyvox visited Myanmar, since there was only three members, I think she quit the band before that time. She was my fav singer in Babyvox 'cuz she's so cute and her voice is a bit childish.

I watched episode 9 and 10 last night. In episode 9, Shin went on a royal visit to Thailand and Hyorin followed him and asked him to taker her to the airport while he got 4 hours before giving an important speech. They were walking around holding hands, having fun and paparazzi followed them, taking pics and later releasing them in Thai gossip newspaper. Meanwhile Chae Gyeong went to some place with Ryul and the whole palace was trying to look for her. She got scolded by the Queen later. That Queen is always hard on her. I don't think she approve her as her daugher-in-law. She had to meet with Prince Williams (where did they find that guy...he looks more like a hnarbuu than Prince Williams) and show him around the palace. I like the part where they show about Thailand and Shin riding a motorcycle and then taking a boat to reach the hotel in time for his speech. When I heard his speech, I was suprised 'cuz he only said a few lines about how beautiful the country and something about flower, showing a 'pan kone (I'm lost for words) on his wrist, which he got the boat girl. Hyori looks pretty in her orange dress. It won't look nice on me, I'm too skinny.

I'll stop now. I have to eat lunch.

credit to MBC for the synopsis and pics


Monday, April 03, 2006

yaw tha ma hmway

I bought "Yaw Tha Ma Hmway" album on Sunday and have listened to a couple of songs. I'm a little disappointed 'cuz the mixing between Myanmar music & electro music only feature in 4 songs (or was it 5?) and the rest are remixes of Theory, Shwe Hteik, J-Me and Too Big. I didn't even bother to listen to Too Big song. I skipped right ahead. Since I still haven't listen to the rest of the album (J-Me songs), I'll write the review later.

Today, I just got a notification from hi5 from a friend I haven't heard in years. I don't use hi5 at all. I just create an account with my pic in it 'cuz my friends kept inviting me. I'm so happy to hear from Cristina again after all these years. I miss hanging out with her and Tra. I still think of them from time to time and I still have their pic in my wallet.

Another Goong talk: I burned episode 9to 12 on a disc and 13-16 on another disc and both of the discs were damaged or something. I can only copy episode 10 to 12 and couldn't get the rest. I was hoping to watch Goong on the weekend but now I have to burn them again. I hate having to burn on cds.

I wish I have a dvd writer. I have a chat with a friend on Saturday and he recommends me to buy a dvd writer instead of buring so many cds and losing track of them. I want to buy one but I can't afford with my salary and I know my parents won't approve it if I use them all up to buy a dvd writer. Actually, I don't really get to spend my money on my own. I only took 10000 kyats every month and buy blank cds, audio cds and some clothes with them while my mother took the rest of the money and I have to ask from bus fares and other pocket money from her.

I'm going to start saving my money starting next month and spend less. I can try to leave work early so that I can catch the bus and only have to pay 100 kyats to arrive home instead of giving away 250-300 kyats everytime I ride a taxi with other passengers. There are two top things to buy on my list, the first is the dvd writer and after that I'll buy a mp3 player. It might be cheaper to buy outside Myanmar but I'll just try to save my money and buy from here. I heard that MSI brand is the best in Myanmar, probably around 60000 kyats (not sure of the price).


Saturday, April 01, 2006

busy weekend

Since I got paid yesterday, there's so much to do this month. Tomorrow, I'm going to have to wake up early and go to attend English classes. I'm taking English classes at U Mg Mg Hlaing to prepare for Myanmar-English and English-Myanmar translation. I'm been asked to do news articles summary for my work and I'm still don't know most of the terms. I have to ask my father for them and I should try to write on my own without having anybody correcting it.

After Thingyan, I'm going to attend Korean classes at UFL. I can finally attend it now :D. I know I have no future with learning Korean but since I'm so crazy over kdrama & kpop music, I wanted to know more about Korean and Korean culture. I'm starting to pick up a lots of Palace terms by watching "Goong" lol :P.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with my mom and hopefully I might get to buy what I like. She doesn't approve that I took some money out of my salary and wanting her to buy me clothes. Well...who's gonna pay for cds....speaking of which...gotta buy "nat doe' album today...

As you can see, I'm writing this in a hurry....I am leaving work soon....