Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Perhaps It's Love - theme song from Goong

Perhaps Love (Is this love?)

by HowL & J

I don't remember when it happened.
I'd get dizzy just thinking about you.
Because my thoughts kept stretching, my heart was surprised.
It's a little awkward that I keep saying to you that "it's nothing"
and that "my heart's just trifling"

Is this love? And if you feel the same way, is this the beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you and the more the world listens
the louder it yells it.
Why is it just now that I hear it?
That the love has been found us so we might be together.

Even if I try to explain my feelings, the only true way to understand
would be to become me and feel them.
I'm already inside of you, just how you're inside of me.
I don't know if we've gotten used to the meaning between us.

Is this love? And if you feel the same way, is this the beginning?
My heart keeps saying it loves you and the more the world listens
the louder it yells it.
Why is it just now that I hear it?
That the love has been found us so we might be together.

Now that I think about it, there were so many moments of fluttering.
I'll make up for all the time lost.

I'll be with you and give you only good memories,
so in return you can't leave me.
Even the slightest moments make me feel uneasy
Stay with me

I'm loving you (until then)
like this (only you) already

translation by: Jungie
credit to


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I'm in luv with Goong drama. I spent my weekend watching Goong whenever I get a chance to use the computer. I'm on episode 8 now. I watched half of it and I'm hoping to finish it tonight. At first, I thought about trying out some other dramas like "Love Story in Havard" and "Mars" but I only watched a few mins and my mind was already on Goong. I didn't think that I would like this drama so much 'cuz it focuses on younger audience and all the casts are younger than me (until I read their profile..the actress is same age with me) but still I like them. I also have been reading the manga and I'm on volume 5 now.

I don't know whether I wrote about Goong drama before but since I can't remember, he's the storyline.

Goong is adapted from the same titled manga by Park So Hee. Read the manga here

Due to a promise between the former king of Korea and an ordinary, strong-willed girl's grandfather, our heroine finds herself betrothed to a seemingly cold-hearted prince of Korea. How can she marry a guy who she overheard him proposing to another girl! Both unwilling parties agree to the marriage, each with his and her own different motivations for the agreement to marry. Can love bloom under the strain of love rivals and political ambitions? (credits to The Manga Hut for the synopsis)

I think the lead actor looks like a younger BYJ without glasses. Since he acts so cold, he looks just like BYJ in Winter Sonata, when he's still in high school. His smiles are so rare unlike the second actor (Ryu)The lead actress is really cute. She's the one who brings up the spirits of Goong. The second actor (Ryu) was a boyband called UN which have broke up now. Since I wasn't a much of them, I never paid attention to that band. And as always, there's always a character I dislike in kdramas. I don't like the character Hyorin. She's the ex-girlfriend of the prince and she just won't leave the prince alone.

It took me the whole lunch time to find this pic. I'm using it for my signature at NativeMyanmar now. I'll make it a banner later when I have time. Now I need to make an avatar to match with the Goong theme.

I changed my background music to the theme song from Goong. Since I don't celebrate Thingyan, I wanted to change the music to something else and I've been repeately listening to it all day long.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Myanmar Nat Doe

I'm currently listening to some songs from Myanmar Natdoe album. My brother said he had been listening to them at work even before the album came out. These songs are really great. I'm going to choose one of the songs to use as my background music after I've listen to them all. I am not a big fan of Myanma Sine Wine and I always turn away whenever I hear them but now I'm beginning to like them. There are many Thingyan and DJ albums released for Thingyan but this album is going to be the best album among others.

Thank you Ko Thaxa Soe & DJ Jay for releasing this album.

I won't be sharing the songs here 'cuz if people get them for free, they might not buy the album.

I think I caught a cold yesterday. Now I'm feeling a little bit better. I'm only sneezing and sniffing sometimes. Maybe my nose is running due to watching A Love to Kill last night. I cried a lot :). I finally finished watching it. I know the ending already but still it's beautifully done. Bi can really act and his acting skills are amazing but I won't be watching this drama again unless it comes on TV. The drama is too depressing sometimes and I stopped it several times while watching to switch to watching something more fun. I like most of the casts except for the second actress 'cuz she gets on my nerves whenever she speaks. Her accent is so different from normal Korean accents. I like most of the fans hate her also.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Myanmar Nat Doe vs Electronical Music

Today is the release date for Thxa Soe and DJ Jay's album which is about combining Myanmar Nat Doe and Electronical Music. The album name is "Yaw Ta Ma Hmway". The first 100 cds will include tickets to Tiger Live show where you can watch them perform songs from the album. I want to buy it but I'm low on budget since it's near the end of the month. I will have to wait till the end of the month to buy it. I wonder how it will sound. Maybe I can preview the songs at City FM. My brother had listen to a couple of songs but he won't bring those song from work. I know you guys might be thinking.."Oh no..our Myanmar music is ruined" but I think this album might be not bad. Sometimes you have to stand out from regular music and be creative. I know people used to criticize Myo Kyawt Myaing when he came out but now everybody say that he's the leader of Myanmar rap music.

You can read the article about it here at planet website.

credit to for the pic


Friday, March 17, 2006


Racists! Yuck!

I was talking to a friend of mine and we got into talking about singers...

She: I don't like Ye Lay anymore....

I: Why?!?!

She: People say he's a Muslim...

I: .... but he says he's a Kayin Buddhist...

She: he's lying....

I: Whatever... I don't care whether he's a Muslim or Christian or Buddhist... He has a great voice and he's soo good-looking... So I don't care even if he worships spirits, ok?

That shut her up....

I was abit speechless... It's no secret that there's racism in Myanmar about Muslims... It's really appalling.. While I take pride in my country having churches, mosques and Buddhist monasteries in the same area, or at least in the same quarter, people have such animosity towards people who doesn't worship the same religion as them. Sure, take pride in what you worship; you can believe that your religion is the best in the world, but you don't have to go dissing other people just because they worship different Gods or other Beings. It's despiteful.

I have friends from different religions... My friends are Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and some who doesn't believe in any religion at all. I never dissed their religion. Sometimes, we'll discuss about our own religions, and then we got to know more about other religions that are in the world. I believe that the basic foundation in any religion is having good morals and doing good deeds for other people. It is about having faith and being a good person. I am a Buddhist, and I'm proud of being a Buddhist, but I do not tell others, "My religion is the best in the world." I believe that every religion have their own aspects that make them all the best.
Anyways... what I was saying was just because Ye Lay was a Muslim, that doesn't mean you should stop watching his shows or stop buying his albums or something. I think that some jealous people spread that rumor so that those racist people would not like him anymore. Be fair people! If you want to show that you're the best, show it in a fair way! Don't go spreading rumours behind them... It's cowardice.
I don't normally read my sister's blog but I'm posting it for her today and since it's about Ye' Lay, I read it and it made me angry also. That friend also told me the same thing and Itold her that I don't care. I remember surfing planet forum one day and saw a discussion about him so I thought about participating but after reading those posts by anti- Ye Lay members, I got angry and I've never been to that forum ever since. It's just ridiclous. You can't judge music by religion.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

busy afternoon

As I've have said, today's my unlucky day and it just didn't stop. In the afternoon, I couldn't get my pc to connect to network group. I tried everything and in the end, the problem was that my network admin installed firewall along with virus scan to my pc. He uninstalled it and reinstalled the virus scan along with other requried stuffs like VGA, soundcard, etc. I hate having to reinstall everything after Windows was reinstalled. After network was connected, I finally could start installing other programs. Right after installing Office and Photoshop, I thought I would take a rest before starting to do my jobs. That's when one of my customer, who I have lost contact with for 3 months visited our office and gave me new stuffs to update. I am amazed that she can talk all the time while I was feeling tired and I'm got really hungry. Not even have time for coffee break. She finally finished with her task at 5pm and now I'm posting while uploading pics of Myanmar vids to a website. I'm too tired and so hungry now. I should stop surfing the net after my job is done and go home straight or eat along the way to home. Today is surely my unlucky day. When I'm free, I have nothing to do but when I'm busy, all jobs piled up on my desk.


unlucky day

Today is my unlucky day. I woke up at 6:30 am but went back to sleep till 7:20 am and only got up when my mother woke me up. When I came downstairs, my father bought breakfast for me but I don't like what he bought. My mother told me to eat so I hate half of the food and rushed to the bus stop. Lunch wasn't ready for me so I only brought rice to work. When I arrived to work, my computer won't start Windows. I asked around for help but they all said they will help me later. I waited for an hour and half and when I lost patience, I got up and took the cd rom from the another pc and put in on my pc. Then one of the guy started helping me with it. He said you need to format your c drive and it won't be no use to try to copy your files. So now my c drive was formatted and all of my files are gone. I don't even want to think about what files I have placed in c drive 'cuz I will be full of regrets for not making backup copies. I still need to install many softwares and all of my mails in the maibox and my Firefox bookmarks are gone also. I'll have to try to see if I stil have an old export file for my bookmarks. Nothing works out for me well. Even trying to scan some pics, I had to restart the computer twice and rescan the pics. Feeling frasturated, I leave my pc and the other pc I'm currently using to eat lunch. I went into the lunch room and before I sat down, my foot was caught up with a plastic chair and my toenail got hurt when my friend sat down on the chair.

The day is not finished and I don't know how many more bad lucks I will have for today. Who knows, my customers might call me for not finishing their job soon or for not uploading them online yet which reminds me....I still have 4 jobs to finish and not to mention the job given my boss. It just make me mad that I have to finish jobs for others while I'm so busy with my own jobs. I can try to ask some newbies for help but I'm afraid of askin them 'cuz they might delay my jobs and I might have to redo them again later. I'm not being mean but I just don't trust anybody else to do my jobs while others trust me so much that they kept handing out their jobs to me. Sometimes I wonder who's the senior here, me or them?

Off topic: Yesterday the electricity came back on at night when it's supposed to be out. Maybe it came on 'cuz of the 10th grade exams and might go out again after the exams.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thingyan albums + A Lwan Nae Nya vcd review

Since Monday was the full moon day of Tabaung, I got to rest for one more day at home. During the weekend, I just stay at home and watched Daddy Longlegs, watched Shinhwa’s 2005 Winter Story Concert and watched some episodes of A Love to Kill and Wolf. Shinhwa’s 2005 concert is the best Shinhwa concert I’ve seen. Since it’s a vcd, the first cd includes Shinhwa performances and the second cd includes their solo performances.

On Saturday, I brought home a copy of A Lwan Nae Nya vcd from work. There are 2 discs and I only burned the second vcd which focuses on hip-hop and pop music. I like the vcd a lot and I’m thinking of buying the original version. The first song is by R Zarni and J-Me. I was surprised to hear J-Me in that song ‘cuz as far as I know, J-Me doesn’t sing that kind of song. The song is a catchy tune and I’ve heard that song already being played randomly at my office. The second song is by Kyo Kyar and Cindy, a copy song of M2M’s Pretty Boy. That song was already copied by Tin Zar Maw but this version is nearly the exact translation and it was written by A Nge. I always skip that song ‘cuz I’m tired of hearing Pretty Boy song all the time already. I like Kyo Kyar’s pink outfit. She looks pretty cute. The third song is by Yan Yan Chan & Thar Soe which is title Yangon-Mandalay-Yangon. It’s my fav song from the album. I haven’t mention that this live show is actually a real live show and you can hear the audience sometimes. I don’t remember the rest of the songs orders so I’ll just write what I can remember. Bambino sang “Kyaung Pwint Chain”, a Aye Chan May song, with rap verses from Ei Nwe. They look funny with shoulder bookbags on their waists. Nge Nge sang an r&b song which I think is either copied from Beyonce or Destiny Child. Although I don’t like copying, nobody else can copy an R&B song like Nge Nge. Even the song Tint Tint Htun copied from Beyonce’s Baby Boy was written by Nge Nge. She really knows how to sing an R&B song and get the crowd moving. Blueberry sang and danced to “Say Kyaung Thar”. I don’t want to cricitized them but their dances look funny. I don’t know why they look funny. They are moving quite fast in their dance steps but still look funny. Maybe it’s because they are all tall and their choice of fashion is pretty lame. Two girls dressed all in white and the girl in the middle dressed in black top and white pants. Another catchy song, “Gi Ta Sit” was performed by Rebecca Win and Kyaw Thu Soe. I think Kyaw Thu Soe wrote that song ‘cuz he got tired of people calling him ‘parlay yar ngapichet’ for singing in almost all the remake albums. Rebecca Win looks pretty in her outfit and her hairstyle is nice but she just doesn’t match with the song she’s singing. She’s singing “Han Pan Tway Ma Lo Par…Fashion Dway A Po Par….Lo Nay Tar Gi Ta Sit Ta Khu Par” while being dressed fashionly.

That was my review for A Lwan Nae Nya hip-hop vcd. When I have time, I’ll write more reviews for other vcds which probably might be hip-hop and related vcds. I’m dying to write my opinions for “Min A Twat Hip-hop” vcd but since I don’t have time now, I’ll write it later. Since the time is near Thingyan, there are so many Thingyan related vcds released and I still haven’t check most of them out yet. I have “Yadanar Myaing Thingyan 2” and saw “Eain Mat Thingyan” at work. In “Eain Myat Thingyan”, I like the remix version of “Thingyan Moe”, my fav Thingyan song. I also heard that song by Htun Eindra Bo in “Alpine Thingyan” on the radio. Then there’s “Fashion Thingyan” to check out. I heard the advertisement on radio and the songs are pretty catchy, which are as usual, popular commercial songs. I heard Sai Sai signing “Numa Numa” song and I want to listen to it in full version. “Okkar Oo Thar’s 2006 Remix” album have released tape and cd but haven’t release vcd yet. There’s a remix version of L Wun War’s “A Chit Myat Wun” , Kyaw Hein’s “Thingyine Ka A Hman Ta Yar Myar” and a song by Ye’ Lay. I’m guessing it’s the “Mother” song but it could be other songs by Ye’ Lay. If you think that’s the complete list, there’s more. Yan Aung released a thingyan album featuring the Soe Myat sisters (Thuzar, Kahlyar, Nandar) and Nawarat. There’s also an album called “DJ’s album” which I still don’t know what the heck it’s about. And of course I almost forgot Zaw Win Htut’s Mandalay Thingyan album. He had been advertising it a lot of the radio. His albums contains half of Thingyan songs and half of his other songs.

Yeah, it’s a long list of albums and if I have to buy them all, I might go broke (Okay…just an expression….I won’t really go broke). Should I be happy that there are many Thingyan albums now or should be sad that not many of the albums contain traditional Myanmar Thingyan songs (maybe except for Yan Aung) and I don’t feel comfortable hearing modern singers singing traditional songs like ordinary songs? I still am feeling unhappy after hearing Thiri J Mg Mg from Alpine Thingyan on the radio. So far I’ve shared Ye’ Lay song on youtube and I might share some Thingyan vids after I’ve watch them all.

I changed my background song from Ye' Lay to Zaw One's song from Thingyan Moe OST. I thought using a modern version but after listening to the songs, I can't choose one yet. Maybe I'll change it later.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

my bad habit

One of my bad habit is that I like to download high quality video files from the internet but i couldn't burn them all to cds 'cuz I don't have a dvd writer. I tried to burn them to vcds but I can't burn them all 'cuz the encoding is pretty slow and I don't have patience to wait for them to finish. Every day I said to myself that I will deleted my files but my files just kept increasing. The worst part is that I'm using my office's computer to store my files. I really want to delete them but I luv all these vids. Maybe I'll just encode them to lower quality vids but that takes time also. Right now I'm trying to free about 10 GB from my pc.


Friday, March 03, 2006

can't go to concert

I can't go to Mya Yeik Nyo concert. My friend who said she will drop us off home can't go. I really want to see this concert. 3000kyats is really worth it and I get to see my fav singers. The crowds will be mostly hip-hop pop fans. I want to see Ye' Lay. I'm now asking another friend. She said she's going to ask her uncle.

Since I was depressed, I went shopping with my mother yesterday to Mingalar Zay which was closed 'cuz it was Peasant Day. So I looked around the shops near Yuzana Plaza, bought some clothings but I was hoping to buy clothings to wear to work. I went to Yuzana Plaza to buy some Korean cds at Music King. I couldn't find the store at all. I searched the whole 2nd floor twice but I couldn't find the store. At first I thought the store had moved but I did see the signboard..Taiwan clothings but I didn't see any cds. Now I have to go to Lathar to search for Korean cds. I thought about buying a dvd for my brother at the basement but I didn't see any foreign movies at all. Just my bad luck but I did manage to buy a t-shirt for myself. So yesterday wasn't so bad. When I went home, the electricity came back on and my friend SYM came a few mins later. We watched "Spin Kick" while eating laphat tote. I've been wanting to see it for a long time 'cuz Shinhwa's member Kim Dongwan is in it. After watching it, I realize why that movie wasn't popular. It's so crappy. The storyline is so lame. But still I got to watch Dongwan and Hyun Bin and that tall guy from Classic movie and A Love to Kill drama (I don't remember his name). I think I was paying more attention to Hyun Bin :)). Dongwan's acting is not bad but it's the plot that's kill the movie.

Later at night, I finished watching A Love to Kill episode 6 and watched a KBS Documentary vid about Bi. That vid is encoded with English subs so I could understand it. I didn't finish it 'cuz the electricity went out and it was time for bed. While watching the vid, I was thinking about his concert in BKK and how lucky Sai Sai Htun Htun got to go to his concert. I wonder how they got the ticket. Yes, they did go to see the show. I've read the journal and the article said they will watch 50cent concert on Sat and Rain's concert on Sun. Htun Htun said he didn't plan about the concert..Sai Sai another person did that. He said Rain didn't just become famous automatically. He had can tell by looking at his body structure (Is Htun Htun admiring Bi's body structure?). The translation isn't exact but it's something like that. Other guys from his band also went to BKK with them except for one guy. I don't remember the name 'cuz I don't pay attention to his band.

Okay, before I go...I just want to say that Ye' Lay's song "Hteik Sone Hmar A May"'s chorus part is taken from a Korean song called "Melody". I've uploaded Ye' Lay vid to youtube and someone commented about it a few days ago. He said it was copied from a Chinese song and gave link to the vid. When I clicked on the link and listen to the song, I recognized it as a Korean song immediately 'cuz I have that song in my Kpophits 2004 album. I haven't been listening to that album for a long time now. I had been thinking that Ye' Lay's song is familiar but I couldn't recognize it until now. I've listened back to the original song and compared with Ye' Lay version. I like both version. The original version is a bit slow and Ye' Lay's version is a little bit faster.

Here's the link to the vid.