Monday, January 30, 2006

New Rapper In Town
And guess who the rapper....he's none other than U Kyaw Hein, famous actor & singer (although not many people heard of his songs). His live show album was released last week. The album featured remixes of his songs featuring Annega, Barbu, Examplez and his son Nay Win and daughters Thu Thu & Khin Kha. I heard his rap parts in the tv commericals and 0n City FM. He may be old but he's better than Examplez (or it's probably just that I can't stand them). He's going to retire from entertainment industry in 2008 and plans to concertrate on meditating.

I am not a huge fan of his actings but I like his songs. I grew up listening to his songs 'cuz my father plays it in the car most of the times when I was a teens. Most people would just say he sing copy songs but who doesn't sing copy songs anyway. His lyrics are always meaniful, not ordinary love songs like others. I wish I have his old albums in cd format 'cuz I don't want to listen to cassette tapes now.

note...I will post the pic later 'cuz it's in another computer which is shut down now...

I'm leaving work now. Now I have to switch back to Thamine route 'cuz there's something wrong with jar car at Hledan point lately. I don't want to pay 300 kyats for a group taxi.

When I get home, the electricity will be out. I'll just finish reading Micheal Crichton's State of Fear while listening to City FM. I bought batteries to listen to City FM to keep me out of boredom but too bad it's end at 9pm. I always wait for the electricity before going to bed 'cuz you never know what could be in my bedroom. I'm talking about coachroaches. I hate them and am scared of them. Yesterday I found one in my room before going to sleep so I ask my cousin to take it out. After that I was sitting on the bed, trying to finish a novel when I hear noises behind me. At first I thought it was from outside but I looked to make sure and I saw another coachroach running around on my bed. Just my bad luck...two coachroach in a row. I don't know why they are always running around in my room. I never heard about them running around in other bedrooms. They must love me so much.


Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yesterday, I bought April Snow movie from Hledan on my way home. I'm disappointed 'cuz the movie was a ripoff movie, not in good quality, probably shot in the cinema and the subs are terrible. I am going to try downloading it. This is the second time I bought a rip off this month. Other people said they have watch it so I thought the quality might be good now.

This morning, I read about Eric's news at ShinwaChangjo. According to the article, he might recover soon enough 'cuz he can't even get up from bed. He can only eat soup made by his mom. I hope he recover sooner but if he can't go back to work, they should just postpone the drama until he have fully recovered so that he can show his best.

I downloaded a mv today which I want to share here. The song is from K's second album. I never have listened to K before but after watching the mv, I repeated it again. The song is really nice, a ballad song. I'm still downloading the song now. It's pretty slow to download from z-degrees.

K - Laughing
credit to

While working, I listened & watched a music program which was aired on MBC channel on Jan 21. Most of the singers were pretty good. The last singer to perform was Wheesung and he sang rock. I'm not a huge fan of him but I thought he sang r&b. I luv his performances with Se7en. I'm not into rock songs so I stopped the video. Maybe I should listen back to those rock songs. I'm sure it was said so in the background.

I'm pretty bored right now. Maybe I'll watch some movie before I go home. I'm not in the mood to continue my work or I should just leave early to eat Kyar San Chet at Hlaedan. I never got the chance to eat it ever since I started working here.


Friday, January 27, 2006

My pc been acting up on me again. Just today, my mouse froze twice already. I've been thinking about reinstalling Windows but the problem is I don't know how to reinstall XP. Also I want to delete everything from C drive but I haven't got rid of my files. My hard disk is full again. I have to stop downloading for a couple of days. Lately, I don't download much music vids. I only download dramas and talk shows which have english subs.

A few days ago, I watched a show with Bi, Kwon Sang Woo, Han Ga In & MC Mong. There was another girl (who's character names was Booja in Phoenix drama) and a cute guy from Kwon Sangwoo's movie, Once Upon A Day In High School. He was like second actor in that movie. (Han Ga In is also starred in that movie). It's an old video clip but I haven't watch it before. I burned it into a cd and I think I overburned it. We didn't get to see part 3 and my sister got mad at me 'cuz she's a big fan of Kwon Sangwoo. While she's looking at KSW and saying how cute he is, I'm gazing at Bi. The show is funny but the first show I watched was funnier.

In this show, Bi talked about how he cheated on the exam and the way to cheat using a pen. He unscrewed the end part of the pen and rolled up a slip of paper. When the teacher got suspicious, he ate the paper so that there was no evidence. Kwon Sangwoo talked about how he jumped the fence from the backyard when he was late to school and got caught by the teacher. I forgot the topic they were discussing...something do with a survery taken by men and they had to get the right answer....if they were wrong, their face get blown up by wind (or something like that). MC Mong made a joke singing "Trying to Run Away from the Wind", making fun of Bi's song "Running from the Sun", using his sunglasses.

Kwon Sangwoo made a joke about how he hardly get ph call from MC Mong but one day he called him to talk about appearing in a commerical ad. Bi also said...I also got a sms from him about that cf deal....MC Mong tired to cover Bi's mouth with his hand he he.....

One of the topic they discussed was about how guys don't like their girls to hang out with their guy friends. Bi said...there are no such thing as a guy friend....Either you become a boyfriend or they are waiting for the chance to become that girl's boyfriend. Han Ga In talked about how she went to the movies with her guy friend and Kwon Sangwoo was a little shocked. He said...if the movie is so good, why didn't you watch with your boyfriend?....

I have the urls for the above show but I can't share them here 'cuz somebody uploaded them. I luv watching YSMM shows (with Bi). I am hoping to watch YSMM with Shinhwa during the weekend.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yesterday I was scanning some vcd album covers for work and when I saw "A Yin Htet Hna Sa" album cover, I couldn't help laughing at the pic. One of the singer, Daung Lun was hugging himself. When I saw his pic, I remember a scene from Full House where Song Hye Gyo was dreaming that she was attacking Bi (not attacking physically but...). She went into his room and he got scared so he tried to protect himself by hugging himself. Also in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Hyun Bin woke up from his bed and saw Kim Sun Ah in his room. He thought they spent the night together. He got embarrassed and pull the blanket on him.

Here's a clip of the scene I'm talking about. I don't have the clip from Full House. I think I deleted it 'cuz I already have it at home.

I wonder who was attacking Daung Lun. :P


Monday, January 23, 2006

Moon Hospitalized After Car Accident

Moon Jung-hyuk, actor and member of the boy band Shinhwa, was hospitalized after a car accident Sunday but ``is going to be fine,'' according to his management company Monday.

Good Entertainment said the 26-year-old actor and singer injured his spine and ankle. He will have to be in a cast for four weeks and receive physical therapy for the following four weeks, the company said.

The accident occurred on the set of the MBC miniseries ``Wolf.'' Moon was shooting a scene with actress Han Ji-min when a stunt car hit him. According to witnesses he embraced Han in an effort to protect her.

Moon, who is also known as Eric when performing with Shinhwa, was rushed to Seoul Baik Hospital in downtown Seoul.

With Moon unable to take part in productions, MBC said that it would not be able to broadcast the show’s fourth episode that was scheduled to air tonight.

credit to koreantimes

Please get well soon....Eric!

I am sad by the news but also I'm impressed by his action, trying to protect Han Ji Min from getting hurt.


I decided to keep a diary to write down my thoughts and post them on my blog when I have time. There are times when I was thinking about posting at my blog but when I'm actually posting, I forgot them. I still haven't type them yet. Maybe I will do it tonight.

I don't think I've share Clazziquai Project songs here yet. I've already share them on Bagan Net & NativeMyanmar.

As I've said before, my current kdrama obession is My Name is Kim Sam Soon and when I feel like listening to music, my first thought is to open Clazziquai Project songs (and of course Bi's Sad Tango song also). I uploaded a couple of the songs to sendspace. My fav songs are Be My Love and She Is.

Clazziquai Project - Be My Love (English version)

Clazziquai Project - Be My Love (Korean version)

Clazziquai Project - She Is

Clazziquai Project - You Never Know (Soft Remix)

Clazziquai Project - Come to Me

Here's the lyric for Be My Love.

Be My Love (House Remix) (English Ver)

Let it play the song of the joy
now my darling be my precious
let it play the song of the joy
now my darling be my precious

Keep me under pressure
it's alright
fade me to your nation
it's so fine

All I ever asked was matter of time
would you risk your soul
all I ever asked was a place to stay
have no else to find

But it's so round round round
just matter of time now
keep on swinging keep on dreaming
round round round
thousand pieces of joy now
keep on smiling keep on dreaming

Your imagination seems so fine
Floating in your nation it's so right

All I ever asked was matter of time
would you feel my soul
all I ever asked was a place to hide
have no else to go

But it's so round round round
just matter of time now
keep on swinging keep on dreaming
round round round
deeply to your soul now
I wanna get you all you are the reason why I sing now

And I feel so fine
because you make me so smile
won't you be my love
and come a little closer
let me feel your heart
because you make me so fine
won't you be my love
won't you be my love

It's alright
it's alright
it's alright
it's alright


Saturday, January 21, 2006

I think I should be writing my posts at home now 'cuz I don't have time to post at work. Even now, I'm resting for a few mins until my superior tells me what to do. Yeah, today's half day but I have to help at work.

I'm going to the movies tomorrow. Sandar already got the ticket at Thamada Cinema. I've been wanting to see this movie. I think it's gonna be funny. The movie's name is "Mingalarpar" and it stars Sai Sai, Nay Toe, Zarkanar and Bae Lu Wa. Then I'll go to China Town. I hope I don't have to go to other places 'cuz I have stuffs to do at home. Usually when I'm out with Sandar, I arrived back to home at 6 pm.

Last night, I stayed up until midnight to watch My Name is Kim Sam Soon episode 4. I had problems with Windows Media Player so I had to reinstalled it. (stupid service center....I still have to reinstall Winamp) The electricity came back at 11 pm and the drama is pretty good. I'm starting to get stuck to it and my fav Korean actor list kept growing whenever I watch a new kdrama. Now Hyun Bin is in my top 5 list :D.

I like MNKSS so much that I put a pic of the pig doll from MNKSS on my desktop.

This is the pic. It's so cute.

If I have time at home, I'll write a summary on MNKSS based on what I've watched so far. I might not be able to watch it tonight if my brother is using the pc. He said he's working on an animation project and I don't want to start a converstation about it 'cuz he'll tell me to delete my files and complain about how the computer is slow.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

I've been busy lately so I didn't have time to post. I thought about posting today but right now I'm not in the mood. My friend's mother just passed away today and although I don't know her, I am feeling sad. She had an operation today and she died 'cuz of the operation. I won't write in details about it.

To Moona, thanks for reading my blog and yeah....I know about kdramas airing in US. I think My Name is Kim Sam Soon will air in US also.

I better find a new way to post reply to comments from my blog without having to post here.


Monday, January 16, 2006

I got my computer back from maintenance shop on Saturday. Electricity was out on Saturday and when it came back on, my brother wouldn't let go near the pc at all. He said he's working on a project now. My father picked up the computer on the way from work and he was quite angry when he got home. He said he arrived around 5 pm and they made him wait for an hour. They were the one who said the computer will be ready by Saturday evening and my father even called them in the afternoon to make sure. Also, they charged 5000 kyats for reinstalling Windows and program files (that's what it said in the boucher slip...what program files...they just copied back our old program files....). My father didn't have enough money 'cuz we only told him to pick up the computer. He said we embarassed him.

Maybe I should write more clearly....

We had to replace our motherboard. We could have ask a friend to do it for us but my mother said just send it to that service center 'cuz we still have 3 years warranty for service charge and we bought the pc from that place. So we brought the pc there and they said they don't have the motherboard for our pc. So my mother and brother had to go downtown and buy the motherboard from another place and give them the motherboard. They said they will give us a call when they are ready. Later they called us to tell us that they might have to format C drive to reinstall Windows. My sister told them not to format it if it's not necessary and if they format the drive, give us a call. They didn't call us so we thought that they didn't format the drive.

When electricity comes back at 2 pm on Sunday, my sister said she was going to use it and I told her to burn me Shinhwa concert, which I had copied into the pc before it went down. And guess files were in the folder 'temp' which is located in C drive. I searched everywhere for my files ( a couple of vcds which are pretty hard to get 'cuz they are kpop music and I remember puting a movie file in there also). I also got scolded by my mother for trying to call them. She said why don't you just make sure....what's there to make sure...all my files are gone....Should I be glad that my other files aren't gone also? Every other files & folders are there except for those files in the 'temp' folder.

Man...writing about this is getting me angry again....

Of course I did call them. They said the guy who's responsible for our pc is not there and to call back on Monday. I haven't call them today 'cuz I'm not exactly allowed to make phone calls for personal stuffs (unless it's important).

We were also stupid for not taking our second hard disk from the pc before sending the pc to them. Now they know everything about us, they know my brother's into animation, they can even read my sister's e-mails ('cuz she keep every record of her mails in text files...easily readable by anyone). I don't really mind about my stuffs 'cuz I only have mp3s, music videos and korean drama in my folder. They can even copy all the episodes of Full House from my pc but I think not everyone know how to watch with subtitles and what softwares to use.

I am going to ask my sister to go to that place and copy back my files. I hope they are still there. It's hard to get a Shinhwa concert vcd in Ygn.

All mind is a little distracted now and I am waiting for someone to go home. It's getting late so I'm going home with her car. I hope she leaves early.

If I'm in a good mood tomorrow, maybe I will write about an art exhibition I visited on Sunday and My Name is Kim Sam Soon drama. I watched episode 2 last night. It took me a month to finish watching that episode.


Friday, January 13, 2006

I don't have time to upload this video for you. If you a fan of Rain, you should watch this video.

Rain sang this song in Japanese. Since I'm not a Japanese expert, I can't judge on his Japanese but I like the song and the dance moves.


I haven't been posting much lately. I don't really have much to post except for a video I downloaded today. It's the new Japanese video by BoA .

BoA - Everlasting



Monday, January 09, 2006

I'm testing out Mozilla 1.7.12 now. I was having some problems with Firefox browser 'cuz it kept shutting down. I am not really used to this browser. Maybe it's because I haven't installed my fav 'cat' theme yet. I wonder if they have the same theme for Mozilla. If not, I'll just switch back to Firefox.


The above pic was taken on Last Saturday at a wedding at Grand Plaza Hotel. I know it's not really a good pic. I took some photos with my camera but my brother took it to work. I had to attend 2 weddings on both Saturday & Sunday.

On Saturday, I got to see Yuzana & Rebecca Win at the ceremony. I was happy to see Yuzana but when she started singing, I got a little bit disappointed 'cuz she sounds like she has a cold. She sang "Theik Theik Lay Pae" song from A Phyu Yaung Pone Yeik Myar album and "Nge Nge Tone Ka Htet Po Chit Tae", a song by Soe Lwin Lwin. I was hoping she sang songs from her album instead but maybe she thought those songs were more apporiate for the wedding. When she came on stage, I also got a little shock 'cuz she was wearing low waist jeans, revealing a little bit of skin between her shirt and jeans. Also when she was handing out papers to the band, she turned her back on the audience and we can see the tip of her underwear when she bends. I heard some noised from the guys' tables. I wished that she wore makeup which suited her face 'cuz she looked a little bit white.

After Yuzana, Rebecca Win came on stage and she looked beautiful. She look just like in her vcds....nice makeup and also she can sing live.I don't recognize the first song she sang. She sang "When You Say Nothing At All" in English. Her English is pretty good, for a Myanmar singer. I think I have a small video clip of her singing in my camera.

There was another girl dressed in white & black who sang on the stage but I don't know her name. I don't think she's famous. She's really cute when she smiles. She knows that we were taking her photos and she continued smiling for the camera. I can't post her photos 'cuz I think I should give respects to her and she's not even famous yet.

Gotta work now. I will post some more later.


Friday, January 06, 2006

I won't be coming to work tomorrow. I have to attend a wedding ceremony at Grand Plaza Hotel. I have to get there before 8:30 am and I might go to a photo exhibition at Sakura Tower later.

My sister told me to bring the cd-writer from work 'cuz she got back the motherboard from her friend and she planned to go to Lucky Bird on the weekend. We might have to replace the motherboard. Darn...I was hoping to burn vcds at work 'cuz buring from my cd-writer is better. (I don't know why....if I burn from other cd-writers, I lose quality)

I'm burning Bi's drama "This Love I Wanna Kill / A Love to Kill" episode 1 now. It took me 2 days to download it 'cuz it's a HQ version with English subbed. I won't be able to watch it tonight but I might be able to do so tomorrow.

Last night, I watched "War of the Worlds" movie. I was quite surprised with the ending. I don't mean to spoil the ending but out of all things and all the stuffs those aliens had done, they just died liked that. I was hoping for some heroic actions like in Independance Day. I have seen it many times and I luv watching it. War of the World kinda da freaked me out ....maybe 'cuz I'm afraidy-cat and I don't like to watch those kinda of stuffs at night. It put me in a depressing mood.

I gotta return to work now.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sorry....I forgot to post this yesterday....I only saved it as draft....

Back to work again.....
I did go to Yuzana Plaza yesterday but it didn't go as I had planned. My friend came along with us 'cuz she wants to buy some longyi and treat us for her birthday. If you had been reading my posts about them, you can guess that I didn't get to look around that much and like always, I always ended up leaving empty handed or buying minor things while they buy what they like. I am still thinking of going back there without my friends. How can I look around when I know they are outside waiting impatiently for me. My sister blamed me for bringing my friend along. She also hated it when she can't look around as much as she want to.

I bought some blank cds at Yuzana Plaza basement and at the shop, they were opening Bi's concert. Maybe that's the reason I chose to buy from that shop. Some girls passed by and they were talking to each other ...."Is that Young Jae?....Yes...he is...." then one girl said..."Is he like that (The exact word she said is "At Di Lo Yoke Gyi Lar". I was taken back by that comment. I'm a big fan of Bi and I really don't like ppl saying bad things about him. I know everyone had different opinions and they have different tastes and she wasn't even talking to me but still I got a little angry.

Speaking of Bi, Full House just ended airing last night. I didn't get to watch it 'cuz the electricity was out. I wanted to watch it 'cuz I want to see how they translated his confessions in Myanmar. I know I'm still on episode 4 translation but I'm going to still try to translate as much as I can when I get my pc back. I have difficulities in translating love those words he said to Ji Eun...

This is what he said...

"When I doubted being able to protect you and was thinking about it, I thought I was gonna go crazy. Thinking about you constantly, worrying about you and missing you. I was really hurting. Loving someone... is tiring and it hurts, but it's not something I can stop. Going to you... I can't stop that. I love you. As much as the entire universe exploding, as much as the waters in every ocean drying... With my spirit burst, as much as it spreads outward. I love you very much. Han Ji Eun...I love you so much."
Lee Young Jae, Full House

Oh...what the heck...I might as well post some of my fav Full House quotes....mostly by Young Jae....

"Hello...Although you (reporters) are busy thank you for coming to this place. Today, the reason that I called you...I wanted to talk about some girl. Currently, I love a certain girl. I really love this girl too much. She is a person who finds happiness and joy in small things, when i'm with her, I'm always happy. She is also a person who told me how happiness felt like. Because of this, Because of this, because i love this girl too much, because i want to protect this girl...I am getting a divorce."
Lee Young Jae, Full House

"How are you going to protect me?? do you even know what it means to protect someone?? you think giving a crying person icecream is a way of comforting or protecting them?!?! you don't even know anything! you don't know how to love someone, you don't know how to show love, and you don't know what it means to protect someone. you hurt people without realizing it"
- Ji-eun of FullHouse

"I said I wouldn't loose you again... I can't take it anymore.You say I'm the man who always hurts you, the man who can't protect you. You say I dont know how to love someone. I don't know how to express it. And making you happy, I dont know that either. So I thought about it... Since I don't know how, whatever you order me to do, whatever you teach, I'll do it all. If you tell me to wait, I'll wait. If you tell me to sing, I'll sing. If you tell me to dance, I'll dance. If you ask me for flowers, I'll buy you flowers"
– Young jae of Full House-
credit to soompi forum

I'm always like this. Whenever I'm on a subject, I get distracted by another subject. Probably it's one of the reason why I never got good grades on essays.

Where was I anyway,.....okay...back to Yuzana Plaza....I left around 4:00 pm and went to eat at Feel Restaurant at Yankin Center. I ate burgers 'cuz she kept talking about how much she wants to eat burgers. It was good but I was wishing for a cup of hot Rakhine Moat Tee instead of eating burgers and french fries. I hardly eat burgers in Myanmar. I used to laugh when I saw ppl eating burgers with knives and forks but when I tried to eat with my hands, they would all burst out and when I eat with a knife and a fork, they still burst out. I got annoyed with my burger afterward and it makes you lose impressions when you are desparely trying to cut a burger. It reminded me of a novel by Min Khite Soe San called "Coffee Night". In that novel, the guy was out on a date with a girl for their first time and he got tired of her after seeing her trying to eat a burger with a knife and a fork and being so super clean about her straw before drinking a cola.

Or, maybe it was just me and I always have problems when others are doing fine.

Off topic....someone asked me the meaning of Aja! Aja! Fighting in one of the comments. On MWD, it was translated as "Kyoe Sarr Htar". Fighting = Kyoe Sarr Htar and Aja= Arr Tinn Htar. I always hear the word "Fighting" in Korean dramas & movies but it's the first time I heard it together with "Aja! Aja!". If you are a fan of Full House, you probably won't mind me using that phrase so many times.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tomorrow is the 4th of January, Myanmar's Independence Day. So my office will closed. Another day to rest at home. I keep staying at home lately. I might go out to Yuzana Plaza to buy a wedding present and check out the korean albums at Music King.

Intenet connection had been a little bit slow lately. I couldn't download Bi's drama. I was hoping to watch it at home with my dvd player. I'm still on episode 5 'cuz I stopped downloading the LQ vids to download the HQ version which are hardsubbed in English. If you want to know what I'm talking about, check it out yourself here. (You might need to register for an account to access the site. This drama is also availabe at kpopper (which is down now) and idolslimited but I can't use megaupload anymore. So I have to rely on filefront)

Bi - This Love I Wanna Kill Drama

I should go home now. I might not be able to get a bus if I'm late. I had to wait 45 mins last night at Hlaedan. There was like a outlet sale near the bus stop and one guy with a mic kept announcing how cheap it is to buy at 1200 kyats....u should really buy the clothes...blah blah blah... every 2 mins. I got tired of him and felt like hitting with something to shut him off. Those clothes look cheap and out of date anyway.


I'm currently listening to a song by Wine Wine. I can't believe he copied Jay Chou. He's singing one of my fav song now. Why can't they just try to write a song on their own?


Monday, January 02, 2006

I'm back to work now. I went to Zalun on Saturday. There wasn't much photos to take so I only took a photo at Danuphyu near the Ayeyarwaddy River. I wanted to take a pic with Ayeyarwaddy River in the background but the scene wasn't that much beautiful. This pic is actually taken near the bank of Ayeyarwaddy River.

Here are some pics I took at Zalun. I'll write the descripitons later.

I just stayed home for the rest of the weekend. I thought about going to Yuzana plaza to buy some cds but I was kinda lazy to go out. So I asked my sister to buy them for me after she came back from internet cafe. She didn't buy the cds 'cuz she met Ko Poe Thar and they went out to eat somewhere. I hope she will buy them for me today. I'm hoping to burn some of my music video selections to vcd. I brought my own cd writer from home and it works better when burning video vcds. I tried to burn with the burners at work but I got poor quality vcds.

So today is the day after new year. I made no new year resolution except to buy myself an alarm clock. I don't know why it's so hard to find the clock that I want. It's just a simple one but I can't find it anywhere. The second thing to buy is a photo frame made out of plastic for my bedroom. I have a glass photo frame but I don't like it. I got it as a birthday present from my friend. I saw a nice one at Yuzana Plaza but I didn't get the chance to check it out 'cuz my mother was calling me.

As a new year present, my friend Zeng had setup a forum in his site. The link is here. You can write in both English & Myanmar.

I'm also preparing a little present. I might be able to share it tomorrow whenI'm finished with it.

There are a lot of things I've been thinking about writing at my blog but I just don't have enough time to write them all out. I still haven't sent my computer for repair.