Tuesday, December 26, 2006

U.F.L Classes Close for Two Weeks

U.F.L is closed for two weeks which means I don't have to leave work early on Mon, Wed, and Fri. Although I like learning Korean, I don't like having to leave work early especially when there are works left behind. It's been 3 months now since I attended the class. After two weeks, our class might have to change classroom as we have become the 'old' class. When the teachers first said about it, I thought they were walking about us moving to '9th' grade 'cuz the words 'old' and 'koe' which is 9 in Bamar are similar. We took a small quiz on Monday, another teacher did grammar review on Wednesday, and on Friday my fav speaking teacher taught us some lessons and then she taught us a song. She wrote the lyrics on the board and we had to copy them down. I was too busy copying to recognize the songs but some girls recognized them immediately and asked the teacher if it's that song from Sad Sonata which ended airing a few weeks ago. It's quite popular but I rarely watched 'cuz I always arrived late when it airs on MWD. Anyway, back to the song, after we copied the lyrics, she translated the song and played it via a cd player and we had to sing along. The English class next door was having a party and was noisy but after the song was played, all the noise quieted down a bit he he...Maybe they were also listening along with us. We could leave early that day but we asked her to play other songs so she played a Lies song by GOD, one of my fav song by GOD. Other people look blank when they were listening 'cuz they probably never heard it before. It seemed like the teacher and I were the only who were enjoying the song. Later the students were all around the teacher, asking her to lent her cds to them. They wanted to listen to that theme song from Sad Sonata and I wanted to say I have that song also but I don't know anybody except some girls sitting next to me and only one person asked me to copy the songs for her. It's a habit of mine for wanting to share some good music to others who have never heard them before. When I was younger, I even put the cassette tapes into the guest's hands even when they don't look interested. I just say try this one. this is really good...well. stuff like that. As I got older, whenever I tried to borrow some albums from my neighbors, they act like they don't want to lent them so I stopped asking around and tried to buy them on my own. I also stopped trying to share my albums with others unless they ask for them. But now I meet nice people who are willing to fulfill my request and I follow after them, fulfilling the requests and sharing my favorites. Like someone wrote in a forum before, sharing is caring.


Sharing Sad Korean Songs (1)

It has been awhile since I last share songs on my blog. This time I'll be sharing a couple of my fav Korean songs. It seems a waste of links when I share it on forum but not many people download them. Most of them are from Korean dramas but I also added a couple of other songs.

From Beautiful Days drama. It started airing on MRTV last month and ever since then this songs has been on my mind lately.

Tomorrow - Hwanhee

From Over the Rainbow drama. My fav part is the chrous part which is translated in English below. I luv hearing Hwanhee's voice. His songs really put one in such a sad mood.

~Tomorrow Tomorrow
Will my feelings be able to touch you
Those words I still haven’t said
Those words my heart wrote and sent out to you
That I love you and for you to come to me ~

I Cry - Son Ho Young

From Son Ho Young's first album, this song became one of my fav immediately after I heard it. I already feel sad just by listening to the first lines. He looks so serious when he was performing it on stage.

~Though my heart hurts so much I feel like I’m going to die
Though I miss you so much I feel like I’m going to die~

A Love to Kill -L.e.e Soo Young

From A Love to Kill drama, this is the theme song of course.

It's Still Love - Shin Seong Hoon

From A Love to Kill drama. This songs makes me feel really so sad that I make me want to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen along to the end. I feel like crying when I hear this.

~Love, is my love that bad?
Love brings happiness, but here I am crying
Why me, why am hurting so much?
I’d give everything away, if this love was permitted~

Even through My Heart Hurts - Fly to the Sky

From Fashion 70 drama. I've never watched the drama before but I like this song a lot.

~Even thought it hurts I laugh like this
It's the first time my eyes have been satisfied.
My heart is swollen with the tears I've kept inside,
but if it's for you, I'll be alright...~

Always - Ha Dong Gyoon

From Nine Tailed Fox drama. I didn't like this song at first and considered it boring but I became attached as I got hooked on the drama.

~You don't have to forget that we are always together
And also, you don't have to cry
you prepared your love for me
don't speak, I can see the feelings in your eyes.~

Song for A Lady - HOT

I don't remember hearing this song in the Autumn Tale drama but then I wasn't that much interested in kdrama songs.

Gonna Be Alright - Shinhwa

There aren't much Shinhwa songs which are sad and among them this is my favorite. I like the way they sing Gancharnaryo.

~I'm alright, I'm alright
I'll be hurting for a while but i'll stop
I think about our memories freely..~

GOD - Lie

I have forgotten to add this song to my list till I heard it in my Korean class. My teacher was teaching us a Korean song and later she played this song. Too bad she didn't teach us this one. I guess I'll have to try to sing this on my own.

credit : aheeyah.com for lyrics translation

credit : solid07 + z-degrees + kpopper + madyjune


Monday, December 18, 2006

MRTV-4 introduces free to air

Yangon, 14 Dec — The public of Yangon and its neighbourhood will have access to MRTV-4 which begins its free to air telecasts as from 15 December. The public now receiving UHF Channel 16 can watch MRTV-4 programmes except pay channels.

Similar service of MRTV-4 programmes will be extended to the remaining states and divisions.

source: New Light of Myanmar, 15-12-06


Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Sunday weekend

Yesterday, I stayed at home as I had nothing else to do. I woke up and ate breakfast while listening to music but the electricity went out so I had to eat in silence Darn, I was hoping to see "Hmae Ta Pauk" movie on MRTV that afternon. There's gonna be a remake of that film with Nandar Hlaing as lead cast. If it's with Nandar Hlaing, I won't bother to watch it.
After I did the housework in the morning, I thought about reading Harry Potter book which I borrowed from someone but I was told by my father to translate an article to practice my translation skill. I only did half of the article and got bored so I ate lunch and left home to go to buy some blank discs at Yuaznaa Plaza. I bought the discs along with a CD-RW which only costed 500 kyats. I was surprised 'cuz I had to pay 800 kyats last time. I browse through the dvds but I didn't buy any as I already bought Hotelier dvd a few days ago. Since the electricity only comes at night, I don't have time to watch dramas. At that time, I can only watch 1 episode per day 'cuz my mother watches both 7pm & 9:15pm dramas on TV. There's no time left for me to watch after the drama.
After I left the plaza, I ate Rakhine moat tee at the famous Min Street Moat Tee shop. I like the taste which is similar to my fav Rakhine Moat tee shop but it's too noisy there and I had to wait a long time to order the food and for the food to arrive. Regular moat tee with soup costs 200 kyats while moat tee salad costs 250 kyats. I brought moat tee salad home for my mother and although it's expensive a bit, the taste is quite different from other shops. Next time I eat there, I'll eat upstairs where there'll be lesser noise but I might have to wait a long time for my food to arrive. That's why I prefer to eat at regular moat tee shop where I can get my food in just a few minutes.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Annoying Conversation Among People

I've been thinking lately that I don't match with most people. When we have conversation, I'm just talking to them due to obligations. Let's say I'm eating lunch alone after everybody had lunch. Someone will see and said "Are you eating lunch now?". I will reply yes. Then another person will ask the same thing. Then another and so on. I get tired of answering those questions. I always reply them politely but I want to shout are you blind? can't you see I'm eating here. That sort thing.

In Myanmar, people say how are you is translated in nay kaung lar which means how is your health. Lots of people use that phrase to greet each other but I never use that unless I meet with someone who looks sick. Why would I want to ask how is your health to someone who looks pretty healthy. Also people will ask what did you eat today? Have you eat today? Why? are you going to treat me something if I haven't eaten...no they aren't. They are just asking.

In here when girls hold hands with their girl friends (girls who are friends, not lesbians) when they walk together. Sometimes my friend will do the same to me, holding my hand while we walk, It makes me uncomfortable but I never said anything to them 'cuz I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I feel strange when I see people holding hands like that esp guys who aren't gay but walk while holding hands together.

I go to walk alone. I eat alone. I go to school / leave school alone. I'm now getting used to being alone all the time so I don't like being surrounded by people sometimes. I rather eat alone that be surrounded by people who are chit chatting beside me. That's the same reason why I leave alone. You can say I'm an attention seeker. If I'm walking with someone, I want that person's attention to be on me, not on some other people who are walking with us. I tried to understand but it started to annoy me after awhile. I started to avoid them next time 'cuz I rather be alone than be left out of conversation.


New Proxy but Still Lousy

Two months ago, I thought the internet connection at MICT is pretty bad. Now it get worse. Before we use the proxy server ygncache3.mpt.net.mm. Starting from last week, we were given a new proxy server, ygncache4.mpt.net.mm. At first I was happy to get a new proxy server 'cuz it's faster. Well, it's not really that bad. You get no dc (disconnection) when you connect to gtalk or when you are downloading files using download managers. It's just that web browsing get dc all the time. I have to be extremely patient when I browse something during office hours. The connection gets better after office hour so I'm always leaving late when I don't have to go to UFL.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Picnic at Kandawgyi Park

On Sunday we had a picnic at Kandawgyi Park with Native Myanmar forum members. We were supposed to meet at 11'o clock but only 4 of us (me, my sis, Ma Red Rose & Ko Kalvin) arrived at that time. At first we lost our way trying to find the island 'cuz I was told that it was near Fuji Restaurant so I was trying to find it. I met Ma Red Rose & Ko Kalvin in front of the restaurant. We went to the island and sat there on the grass while waiting for others. After Ma PP arrived, we started eating the food that we brought. I brought rice, fried russel, papaya and watermelon. Ma PP made sushi and Ko Kalvin & Ma Red Rose bought fried chicken, fried potato and brought la phet also. Later, other members came along. Ko White bought a potato soup but I didn't get the chance to taste it 'cuz there wasn't enough spoon and I only had a fork. It's really relaxing to meeting them and talk about tech issues, blogging, forum, etc. I feel much happier to go out with them 'cuz we all get the chance to talk and I get to learn about a lot things, something which I never happen when I go out with my friends.

We left the island around 3:30pm and went to drink coffee at Happy. By the time we left, it was near 5:30pm. There'll be another meeting in December and I will get to meet other members who couldn't make it to the picinic yesterday. I hope we get to go on the picnic also 'cuz we can speak freely without minding others (not that we ever minded others) and no more long tables where you have will to shout to talk to the person sitting on the far side of the table.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Friend's Birthday Party

Yesterday was National Day and it's a holiday so I get a day off to rest at home. SD treated us dinner at SS Food Court in the evening for her birthday which was on the 7th. I didn't know what to buy her and my sister who had been rewatching My Girl has only that drama on her mind so she bought the dvd along with some hairclip. I didn't feel like going out on Sunday so I asked her to buy the present. I should have went along with her 'cuz the hairclip looks exactly like what we bought her last year. Anyway, after we ate dinner which was delicious btw, we went to Yankin Center to take some sticker photos. There's no sticker booth and we can only take the pics at Dora. We took some pics there last year and this time we took 4 pictures with 8 different frames. 2 pictures were taken along with her cousin and the rest are just us girls only. We had to wait 20 mins for the photos to get ready so we went window shopping upstairs. I saw 2 translation books of Harry Potter's The Half-Blooded Prince. Both books are thick and heavy and the one by Kyi Kyi Mar is around 5000 kyats and the second one by another author is around 3500kyats. My friend said her sisters had read the other book by renting from the book shop and the translation isn't that bad. It's not as good as Min Khite Soe San's translation but it's easy to understand. I might ask her to rent it for me someday so that I can take a look at the translation. 20 mins later, we came down to get our photos and the color setting is terrible. They look so faint. The quality is nothing like the sample picture from the sample album. As I was browsing the album, I saw a lot of pics of Korean celebs being used as sample sticker photos. Right now, the pictures are with SYM and she'll give them to me after she cut them up. They didn't even separate the pictures and we have to do it on our own. I want to take sticker photos at Dagon Center. I think the quality isn't that bad there and it has its own sticker booth but I always look awful whenever I take pics on my own.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Of Course Song from My Girl Drama

ah ~ ah ~ ah~
Ah~ Ah~ Ah~

DangGeun ~ Ssong
Of course~ song

Na BoGoShipNi? (DangGeun) Na SaengGakNaNi? (DangGeun)
Do you miss me? (Of course) Do you think of me? (Of course)

AlLeoByu YuLeobMi (i love you, you love me) (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I love you, you love me (of course, of course, of course)

Na JohAHani? (DangGeun) Na SarangHaNi? (DangGeun)
Do you like me? (Of course) Do you love me? (Of course)

AlLeoByu YuLeobMi (i love you, you love me) (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I love you, you love me (of course, of course, of course)

Neo ByeonHaJiMa (DangGeun) EonJeKkaJiNa (DangGeun)
Don't you change (Of course) until whenever (Of course)

JohAHae JohAHae (DangGeunDangGeunDangGeun)
I like you, I like you (of course, of course, of course)

Neul HangBokHaeYo (DangGeun) Neul JeulGeoWeoYo (DangGeun)
Always be happy (of course) always be joyful (of course)

SaRangHae SaRangHae~
I love you, I love you~

Of course~ song~

TtaeRoNeun JjaJeungNaGo TtaeRoNeun HimDeurEoDo NeoEui GyeotE
Even if you get annoyed, even if you go through hard times

EonJeNa UtGo ItNeun Nal SaengGakHae
Think of me always laughing, next to you

TtaeRoNeun SeulPeoJiGo TtaeRoNeun WiRoWeoDo NeoEui GyeotE
Even if you get sad, even if you get lonely

EonJeNa HamKke HaNeun NaReul SaengGakHae
Think of me always with you


Of course~song

translation: p_ballereena
credit to soompi

This song is from My Girl drama. Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) sang this song to Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook). It's pretty touching for the way she's smiling but has tears in her eyes at the same time.


Mountain with No Name

On the way back from Mawlamyine during Thingyan 2002, we passed by Kayin State. We were all fascinated to see Mt. Zwel Kabin which is the landmark of Kayin State. As we went along the road, suddenly the mountain disappeared from sight and instead we see another mountain. My father kept saying he was sure we are still in the area around Mt. Zwel Kabin. He stopped the car on the road for something that I can't remember and we saw an old Kayin man passing by. He asked him what's the name of the mountain and the man replied "That's Mt. Zwel Kabin". My father said "No, I know what Mt. Zwel Kabin looks like. It isn't shape like that mountain. Can you pls tell me the name of the mountain?". The old man still replied "That's Mt. Zwel Kabin". My father asked the same question again. This time the old man got angry and he said "That's the mountain with no name." and walked away. What we didn't know at that time was Mt. Zwel Kabin looks different when you see from the other side. I will always remember this whenever I see Mt. Zwel Kabin.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Tazaungmone Full Moon Day & Nirvana Bazzar

On Tauzaungmone Full Moon Day, some streets have Nirvana Bazzar, giving away foods and drinks to your neighbors. I will try my best to explain how it goes. If your house no is 01 and you are going to make food for 20 people, 20 tickets will be made with the number 01 on them. Those who obtained the tickets will come to your house to collect the food. I have never experienced it before 'cuz my street doesn't celebrate those kind of activities. Only those streets with houses which are situated close to each other celebrate this event. (I'm not sure about downtown through.) I saw 2 street which celebrate Nirvana Bazzar near my neighborhood from the bus today.

When I was a kid, I used to spent my Tazaungmone holiday at my uncles' house 'cuz I get to eat a lot of food there :). Now as I've grown older, I hardly go there on Tazuangmone anymore. People are usually busy at this time, preparing for "Hna Kyeit Shit Su" and food preparations. My neighbors were excited to see "Hna Kyeit Shit Su" parade. I'm not into those parades anymore. I am sick of these people passing by playing many types of songs unrelated to Buddhism at loud volume, not caring about how the noise will effect other people. My brother always say I'm full of negative views but what's wrong with expressing my own opinion.
What I did on Tazaungmone Day....

I went to Yuzana Plaza with my mother in the afternoon. I bought a pair of earrings while she bought a hair clip. As usual, I checked out the list of Korean dramas available at the dvd shop after buying CD R-W from there. I might have bought one but since my mother was with me, she'll scold me if I buy it 'cuz I just bought one a few days ago. A woman was asking the sale girl to recommend some good kdramas to buy but that girl just stood and said nothing. So I tried to show some good dramas but she already watched them and she walked away to another shop asking for kdramas. Next time, I won't bother to explain to anymore. At night I light some candles in front of the house. I didn't get the chance to do that during Thadingyut.

Here's a picture of the earring.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chae Yeon - Only You Lyric Translation

01. Only You

I have hidden my heart while I’m by your side
When I just see you (Come on) I wait
What am I supposed to do about my stifled heart? Instead, I should just confess first to you

That I love you and because of you, I cry every night

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only see you

You talk to me about some other girl
When you need comforting (Come on) You call on me
Whenever I see you, my heart becomes nervous
For how much longer will I have to protect you only as a friend?

Does it not work? Not as a friend, but as a woman, can you not feel me?

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only wait for you

Tears gather in my eyes whenever you’re around, only you

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only see you

Turn around just once, look in my eyes
My love is eager, but will my heart convey itself?
Just a little closer, come feel me
Yesterday, today I only wait for you

translation by: ForeverMyLove
credit: aheeyah.com

requested by maepearl


Saturday, October 21, 2006


"Maumy," set to open in theaters on October 26, is a movie about a deep friendship between a dog named Maumy and a brother (Yoo Seung-ho) and sister (Kim Hyang-ki). Not surprisingly, one of the main characters is a four-year-old female Labrador Retriever named "Dari," the first "acting dog" in Chungmuro. Labrador Retrievers are known for gentle and faithful natures and used as guide dogs for the blind or as drug sniffing dogs.

In the movie, Dari shows a variety of face expressions and excellent acting. The movie studio was enthusiastic about making Dari a star in the news conference.

Dari won several dog training contests and Dari's owner Kim Jong-gwon brought Dari to the audition when he happened to find the news about making a movie with a dog as a main character.

The secret to Dari's acting is its voracity. In the scene Maumy runs after a train on which Chani (the brother character) is, Kim was on the train with a fried chicken leg. Other scenes were also shot with the help of sausages and squid ice cream.

In the scene Dari covers with newspaper Chani who is sleeping on the streets as a homeless, Kim had to divide the move and train Dari for each part: bringing newspaper, crouching, and lowering its head.

The care for Dari, a "lead actress," was the top grade. On a break, Dari rested in a Starex van with a carpet and curtained windows. It cost 5 million won to remodel the van. After a day with lots of shootings, Dari was allowed to rest the next day. Dari's son Jjangi played the part of Dari in the scene of fighting with a Shepherd. An imitation was used for the scene Dari is bitten by the Shepherd.

Dari is a fine dog worth 100 million won. Kim received 50 million won for Dari's acting in the movie. It may seem too much. But a consideration was given to the fact that Kim had to give up on his job as a business manager and concentrate on the movie.


This movie sounds cute. I can't wait to check it out. I'm more of a cat person but I like watching dog movies. Not many people make films out of cats. I only know Garfield and the cat is an animation.

Source: The DongA Ilbo, www.maumy.co.kr

credit to soompi


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gong Chan Karaoke Song from My Girl Drama

I have something to say to you,
I have not been able to show you how I feel but,
I have been loving you for a while,
Give me a chance to tell you more.
You have ever, even once…
Have you ever not known what love is,
If you also love me too,
Give me a chance to tell you more.
But she is trying not to look at me,
She always turns around when she sees me,
And makes it harder for me to say…
It's okay, just smile at me, once in a while…
So that I can be there for you by your side…
Just give me the courage to say it.
I want to tell you how much I love you,
Please believe me…
I still can’t give up on you,
Please turn around,
Oh, my sad tears…I still love you too much.

This song is taken from episode 15 from My Girl drama. In that episode, Yoorin was trying her to get away from Gong Chan but he kept chasing after her. So in the karaoke room, Yoorin tried to embarass him by asking him to sing. She thought he would walk out but instead he sang this song to him. I was so touched by his singing and the lyric is perfect for the situation.

Download Lee Dong Wook version
Download original version

credit to soompi + d-addicts subbing team


Tips for UFL Evening Classes

  1. Wear only Myanmar traditional longyis and htamain (no skirts, jeans, pants, short sleeve blouses even if the style is from the colonial time and not even htamin skirt which cuts up from near the tights or pat htamin which you put around your waist...it's okay to wear htamin skirt which looks exactly like a real htamin). Guys can't wear t-shirts with stickers also.
  2. Guys can not wear earrings. Leave your Sai Sai Kham Hlaing diamond earrings at home.
  3. Always wear your name tag around your neck or pin it to your shirt. Don't take it off till you are out of the university.
  4. If your class is a crowded class, get to class early to save your seat.
  5. Get some friends to attend with you so that you'll have some company in the class and they will save your seat for you when you arrive late.
  6. If you are taking English classes and your teacher's pronunciation is terrible, just bear with it.
  7. Expect different teachers though teaching the same subject to have different pronunciations and different handwriting style. (which is usually very different from your text books). If you want correct pronunciations for whatever subjects you are taking, buy some learning CDs (from National CD) or search in the internet.
  8. Get your butt off the canteen by the time you hear the bell ring. Don't try to hide. They will still catch you and expect to see an angry old teacher fussing over the issue.
  9. If you are taking 107 buses, get to the gate as fast as you can after the bell rings. A minute or two late and you'll have to walk all the way to Hledan.
  10. Don't think about taking the bus from Hledan to Kyaung Lan bus stop to get to the class. It's faster to walk.
  11. "Walking is a good exercise for your health." Keep repeating this sentence in your head as you are on the way for your 10~15 mins walk to school from Hledan Junction.
  12. Always have some extra money with you for you will have to pay for the textbooks and handouts. Don't expect those to include in the class fees.

I don't mean to hurt anyone here. I just wrote this for fun after hearing about the clothing restrictions at school. I don't mean to criticize the teachers. I have respects for my teachers and I like both teachers. I still haven't meet the teacher who is supposed to teach on Fridays. About my comment on the English classes, I still think it's a waste of money 'cuz it only last for 3 or 4 months unlike other languages which you take till advance.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TVSQ Member Got Poisoned

Yuno-yunho, a member of the boy-band TVXQ who drank a beverage containing a harmful substance on October 14 that he received from an unidentified woman, received medical attention and is currently recovering.

The group’s agency, SM Entertainment, said that Yuno-yunho received emergency treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul and underwent a health checkup at another hospital later. The diagnosis is yet to be released but the singer is apparently doing fine. His manager, who was with him when the incident occurred, helped him vomit the drink immediately.

Yuno-yunho rested until October 15 and in the afternoon of that day cooperated with police in identifying the suspect.

Aside from the poisoned beverage, the singer also received a letter from the suspect warning him to "watch his mouth" and that "many people switch channels when TVXQ appears on TV." The letter also called the band “arrogant” and sounded threatening. All members of the group were shocked by the incident because it apparently targeted the entire group.

TVXQ will appear on TV shows without Yuno-yunho for the time being, as it is unable to cancel its scheduled activities at this point. The group will sing its song “I’ll Be There” instead of the title song of its just-released album, because it is easier to replace Yuno-yunho in that song.

source : http://english.kbs.co.kr

I am so shocked that someone will actually thought of killing someone just because they don't like them. I read that he already forgave the girl who gave him poison but I still like to see her get some punishment. Gosh. he could be dead by now if he had actually drink the poison.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oct 11's Korean Class

I thought 140 words was a lot for me but I learned about 5 new words today and I'm still confused with the pronunciation. There's a new teacher in the class so we now have 3 teachers for class. This teacher taught us the words and told us to write 5 lines each while she goes over everybody's desk to look whether we are writing properly or not. Later she ask some students to read aloud the words she wrote on the board and I was glad that my name wasn't called out. I got a short term memory and I can't remember them in time as I'm still confused with the pronunciations and I didn't study Monday's lessons.

I'm a bit bored at the class 'cuz I don't have any friends in the class. I don't know anybody so I find myself an empty seat and study while others are chatting with their friends. It's pretty usual that I won't make friends in just a few days but it'll be nice to have a friend who can help me out in the class.

My favorite teacher is the teacher from Monday classes. She's the only one who taught us a few words in Korean. They haven't teach us Korean dialogues yet 'cuz we are still on alphabets. I have to buy some books at the class. The class fee didn't include the book fees :(. Whenever the teacher wants us to repeat, she said Dashi and the song by G.O.D. Whenever she said it, it makes me want to listen to the song so badly. Korean songs do help with learning new words. I have been able to learn some words just by listening to their songs and reading the translations later. I wonder whether we'll be taught some songs also in the class. In the Japanese class, our teacher taught us some songs and I still remember some of the lyrics. As for Korean lyrics, I only know Gomsemari, the 3 bear songs from Full House. Maybe I can memorize the carrot song from My Girl. I have the lyric somewhere in my pc and got 2 different version of the songs, one by Lee Da Hae and another by some kid. I prefer Lee Da Hae version.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Recent Dramas that I'm Watching

The dramas I've been watching lately are

Sweet Spy

I started watching this drama when I learned that it was gonna air on MRTV. Luckily I was able to download most of the episodes from kpopper at pretty fast speed. I was quite attracted by both Lee Joo Hyun and Dennis O' Neil. Dennis is a bit hit in Myanmar. I even got annoyed of hearing about him all the time. I'm still on episode 17. I am having troubles with downloading so I have to download from another site or ask some friends to help me out. I won't write the story as I've already done that here.

Vineyard Man

I'm still haven't even finished with episode 4. I wonder whether episode 5 subtitles have come out yet. The series have already finished airing in Korea now. I saw the screen captures from the last episode and Eun Hye looks really pretty in the wedding dress. This is her second time to get married in a drama. I already posted about the drama here.

Invisible Parachute Agent

This drama is like the sequel to Super Rookie drama. The plot line is different from the previous drama but it's still about an employee who got employed unexpected into some big company (or) secret agency here now. I was looking forward to this 'cuz of Eric and Han Ji Min. I'm on episode 3. I'm still trying to download the drama. I just wish I get faster connection at work. The connection get dc whenever I download or upload a file over 3mb. Since I'm still watching, I don't know much about the story plot 'cuz I dont' read ahead of the story. Eric got rejected by LK during the interview. On the way back, he saved a granny from being runned over by the president's car. He didn't actually save her on her own as he was pushed out to the street by another woman. When the president thanked him, he couldn't accept the commendation from the president. The president thought of him as a unique man and he recommend him to the secret agency to recruit him. Meanwhile Eric met his high school friend Han Ji Min and found out that she was working as a bar host. He went over there and left after being slapped by her to getting her in trouble. Actually Han Ji Min isn't really a bar host and she's from the secret agency which Eric will be working for later. At the start of the show, the director of the agency went to see a guy to come back to the agency and lead the team. Eric will be in the team that he recruited, I think.

I'm still watching this drama on MRTV. I don't know what episode we are on 'cuz MRTV edit the episodes to air them longer on TV.

Over the Rainbow

I'm on episode 2, only finished half of it. I heard that you can get the dvd in Ygn so I might just find it watch it later since the downloading speed is quite slow. The subtitles aren't perfect but at least I can understand.


I bought the dvd a few days ago. I've been watching it back again and reached to some episodes now. My mother got addicted to Goong and she had been watching it ahead of me so when I think about watching it, she's already watching it. So I have to wait for her to finish watching as I want to watch in order. Ever since I've been watching back Goong, I've been listening back to Goong ost, reading the Goong thread at soompi and surfing websites for Goong related articles and fan arts. It feels just like when I started watching it. Once I start to watch it, I can't stop thinking about Goong and whenever I write in blog or forum, the word Goong will popup in my writings. I think I've been Goong-nifed again :D. When I bought the dvd, the guy at the shop told me that Sweet Spy & Goong are the most sold out dvds and they only have a few copied of Goong at their shop. That's why they are more expensive than other dramas.

My Fair Lady

This drama is aired on MRTV at 7pm on Thursdays and Fridays. I ended up watching this drama although I don't like Kim Hee Sun 'cuz it's a bit funny. Kim Hee Sun is an airline hostess who targets rich men who she met on the plane. She and her colleagues will meet with them and go out with them if she's interested. Go Suu used to work in Sydney but he came back to Korea after his girlfriend. During a matchmaking meeting, he met Kim Hee Sun who looks exactly like her so he was interested in her. Kim Hee Sun thought he was a rich doctor so she went out with him. She rejected a guy who proposed to her and said she's going out with Go Suu. That guy, the manager found about Go Suu and told her so that he can get her back to his side. Kim Hee Sun got angry with Go Suu for lying to her and Goo Su got angry that she was only interested in money. But both of them are still interested in each other. In the episode I watched, Go Suu went back to Sydney and Kim Hee Sun went after to find out her twin sister, Go Suu ex-girlfriend. She was supposed to be on duty so she's gonna be punished by her company for sleeping outside without permission. Go Suu will go back to Korea and an old man will ask him to help him out at his company, I think. I only saw the preview for that.

Sad Sonata

I only watched the first episodes but haven't continue watching 'cuz it airs at the same time with My Fair Lady. This drama also stars Kim Hee Sun and I had to watch again although I don't like her. At least Kwon Sangwoo stars in the drama. I won't be writing the storyline as I haven't watched it entirely.

100% Senorita

I'm getting a bit tired of watching this but I'm only watching 'cuz of Penny Lin and Wallace Huo (I think that's his name). I like the ost and my favorites song is track 2 disguise. It's an English which comes at the ending of the drama.


First Week at Basic Korean Class

It's been a while since the last time I post here. I've quite busy lately and I didn't have much time to use the internet for personal purposes. I always use my free time to check email, read Native Myanmar and to surf for icon tutorials. I have been interested in learning how to make them and I found a nice place where I can get the textures and tutorials. I'm still learning how to make them bits by bits. I want to learn how to make a graphic header for a fan website but I still haven't found any tutorial to do that. I asked for help but no one had replied to me so far. I'll just have to depend on my own for it, I guess.

Last week, I started attending Korean Basic class at UFL. The class starts from 5:20 pm to 7:00pm and I have to attend it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Last Friday was closed 'cuz it's a Thadingyut holiday. I've learned the basic alphabets and I have to write them in a practice book and show them to the teachers. There are two teachers and I think the first teacher will teach on Mondays and Wednesdays. It was like that when I took Japanese classes at UFL. At that time, I only learned Japanese 'cuz Japanese dramas were aired on TV and I wanted to speak like them. Also since I was young, I didn't want to work all the time so I enjoy the times at UFL 'cuz I get to leave work early. I am a lazybone and I didn't practice all the kanjis so when we continued on the next level, I couldn't keep up with the students. Also one of my teacher changed and I didn't like the new one. I couldn't even read his handwritings and what make it worse is that the new class included students from other Japanese classes and they can converse in Japanese so the teachers assumed that we can all talk in Japanese by now so they continued teaching in Japanese with little hints in Myanmar. Luckily I haven't paid for the class yet so after a few weeks, I stopped going there. I also was an internet addict at that time (I'm still an addict) and I didn't want to leave early and miss chatting with my friends. Lousy excuse but I was only 18.

Now I'm really interested in learning Korean. My mother said I'll only last for 6 months but I hope I can continue till I finish all the classes at UFL which might not be possible. When you advance to another level, the number of students decreases. You'll need at least 25 students to start a class. That's why one of my friends couldn't continue with her Japanese class 'cuz there wasn't enought students for the next level.

I haven't learn any phrases yet. I only was taught the usual....annyoung se' yo...annega se' yo...gomawaryo which I already have learned by watching dramas and movies. I think after we are finished with the basic alphabets, vowels and syllables, we will be given the text books. On Wednesday, I was taught 8 new words. As I was writing them down in the practice book, the teacher asked all students to come out front and write the alphabet read by another student. I was lucky to be seated at the back so I had the time to memorise the words. I was a bit scared that I'll make a mistake and the guys at the back will laugh at me (not that I care about them..just that they are the loudest in the class...I even moved my seat away from them 'cuz they were too noisy for me). Luckily the girl up front told me to write the 3rd alphabet "Ga" so I was able to write in easily on the blackboard. The girl seated next to me was more nervous than me. I told her not to worry and just ask the front row to read out the alphabet.

This Monday, the teacher told us to write 140 pages of for the new words learned that day :(. I need a new book to continue writing. At least now I know how to spell Bi :).


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Feeling Depressed

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately. Since I have started writing in Myanmar, I haven't been posting much in English. I don't have much time to blog at work and I was busy watching dramas and practicing tutorials at home. I'll be more busier next month 'cuz I'm going to attend Korean classes at UFL (University of Foreign Language) from 5:20 pm to 7:00pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The class fee is 14000 kyats for the 6 month course. It's a lot cheaper than the other Korean language class I wanted to attend.

A friend of mine asked me to help her with a website design. I told her I'll help her but it's been over a week and I still don't have any idea on how to design it. I want to make the design with graphic like the Korean celebrities fan websites and blog but I don't know how to design like them. I'm still learning by reading online tutorials but I'm still learning from the basic. I wish there's somebody to teach me but I have to depend on myself to learn from online and I'm pretty lazy sometimes. That's probably why I'm not learning anything.

I'm depressed about my lack of skill in design. I've been working for a pretty long time but I had never bother to learn about Photoshop and other web related things till last year. I'm not interested in programming and I only learn a bit about css 'cuz I have to edit my blog template which was written in css. When other can do a design in half an hour, it takes me 2 hours to design one and I get rejected most of the time. Maybe it's because I don't have an artistic view. That's why my desigs are crazppy. I'm a lazybone so I only surf websites for tuorials once a month and I get distracted while surfing the sites when my friends come online or I found an interesting topic to read at forum.

I don't know what else to do beside this job. I want to find a suitable job where I'm good at but I don't know what I'm good at anything. I'm only learning Korean 'cuz I'm interested in it. I don't have any plan to use it like others who learn foreign languages to benefit from it. My sister's taking Thai classes 'cuz she said she might work there someday and it might be useful. I learned a bit of Thai before and I'm not interested in learning it at all. It bored me when I have to go to Thai class and it costed me 50 dollars for a 3 month course. It was't that useful 'cuz I had to come back to Ygn afterward.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ya Tha - Made in Myanmar album and Other Entertainment News

Lately I have been listening to the new album "Made in Myanmar" by Ya Tha. At first I didn't like the album 'cuz I didn't like Ya Tha's voice after a couple of times listening to the album, I really have started to like it. J-Me, Ye' Lay, Bo Lay and G-Tone featured in the album along with Ya Tha. My favorite songs are "Hip-hop Shae Toe", "Ta Kaung Kywat" and "Sin Aut Ka Nay Swal Myar". I think this albums has the most censoring in Myanmar hip-hop albums. I can hear a lot of beeps in almost every songs. In "Nay Ma Eait Nya Ma Eait", I got annoyed the woman's voice talking on the phone which was repeated about 3 times in the song. Sheesh, I would never talk her like at all. Those kinds of talks just gets on my nerves. "Byauk Oo Yae Stage Show" is a skit which tells the story about them meeting a stage show organizer. I can't believe the hard times that they have to go through just to perform on the show. The most absurd thing is the price fee for putting their name on the sign board. I used to thought that it was just advertisement done by the organizer.
Today a new hip-hop is being released. There's gonna be a signing ceremony at Yankin Center and Sky Walk Shopping Mall (Mandalay) tomorrow. I think this album might be a good one 'cuz J-Me, Ye' Lay, Ya Tha, Yan Yan Chan and other hip-hop singers feature in the album. I am looking forward to this album. I will try to listen to the songs first and if I like them, I will buy the album. I'm gonna buy Ya Tha album also. I believe that if you really like hiphop and you want to support them, you should support them by buying their albums. It's funny that they are people who claim to love hiphop music but they never buy the actual albums and they only buy or copy from pirate albums. I have to keep my mouth shut when I hear them talking about buying the pirated cds. I want to say why don't you just buy the album for once instead of wasting your money away. It is true that I spend most of my money on cds and I don't regret buying them 'cuz I only buy what I need. But what really annoys me is when other people want to borrow from me or copy them from me and asking me to copy for them. They take away my favorite and later I hear them dissing the singers. That really makes me piss off.
Sai Sai's first novel, "Paper Crane" is being made into a movie or video. This movie is directed by Director Mee Pwar and it stars Sai Sai (of course), Thazin and Wine Su Khine Thein. I haven't read his novel so I'm looking forward to this movie. Since Sai Sai himself is in the movie, at least they won't be talks like this movie runis the book, etc. :D


Friday, September 08, 2006

Some Changes

I've been thinking of involving myself in learning from online for the next week. I won't be going to any discussion forums at all. I always have been spending most of my free times surfing forums and searching for downloads. I'll only be surfing websites for photshop tutorials and practice at work and home. I will be able to use the computer at night next week and I won't be spending my times watching dramas anymore, at least for 1 week.

A few days ago I read the latest book by Jule and after reading it, I finally could make that decision to stop spending my entire times in entertainment and it's time for self improvement. What I will learn for the next week might help with work or maybe not but at least I will learn something anyway.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Kim Jae Won Visit to Myanmar

Last year Korean celebrities visited Myanmar for 3 days and held a concert at National Opera House. Myanmar people were pretty excited about it 'cuz Kim Jae Won came to Yangon. He came along with Babyvox (only 3 members), Wa Wa and the Cross. I didn't get to see the concert and there wasn't much to read about them in the news journals. I was disappointed 'cuz I didn't get to see him. MRTV 4 did an interview with them but I didn't get to see it 'cuz I don't have satellite. Later a video magazine called Viva made a documentary video about their visit and released it with other videos as a vcd. I didn't feel like buying it 'cuz I didn't want to see the other video but now I finally got my hands on it. I enjoy watching the video which is 20 minutes long. At first I thought about sharing the whole video on youtube but I don't get to get in trouble for uploading the files illegally so I made 2 videos with cuts of Kim Jae Won.

The first one is on the day he arrived to Yangon. He went to a university in South Dagon and there was a traditional performance in which he also participated. It's really funny to see him trying to dance along with the girls. When the dance steps got faster, he couldn't catch up so he went back to his seat.

The second video is from the concert held at the National Opera House. He amazed the audience by speaking in Myanmar and his Myanmar speaking is the best among the other Korean celebrities who also tried to talk a bit in Myanmar. He said Mingalar Par, which is a greeting in Myanmar. The exact meaning is auspicious day to you but it's awkward to say that in English. It's like saying Hello.


Hello (Auspicious day to you). Nice to Meet You. I am Kim Jae Won. I'm happy that you (audience) like me. Thank You. I love Myanmar. Thank You

Later he said the following in Korean and it was translated in Myanmar.

Before I came to Myanmar, I gave some thoughts about Myanmar, about how Myanmar is. Now that I have to come and after seeing the traditional culture of Myanmar, I love Myanmar more. I believe this concert will make the friendship between Myanmar and Korea stronger.

If you can read in Myanmar, go here to read the whole documentary in Myanmar. I have typed all the narration and conversations included in the documentary. I thought about translating them but the narrator talks a lot and it will take a long time to translate the whole vid. It took me more than 3 hours to type the 20 minutes documentary video.


Sweet Spy to Air on MRTV

Sweet Spy

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The new drama to air on MRTV on Monday and Tuesday nights is Sweet Spy, replacing Hello God. I am glad that we are finally getting to watch newer dramas. I bought the drama but I have to return it 'cuz it was with Chinese audio and no English subs. I might watch it on TV but I might also just download the drama 'cuz I prefer English subs over Myanmar subs.


Nam Sang-mi plays widowed police officer Lee Sun-ae who finds herself suddenly immersed into international espionage by Han Yoo-il (Dennis Oh), an undercover agent. Lee Joo-hyun plays Kang-Jun, who's recently transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department. He opens an old case involving Sun-ae's past that leads him to an entanglement between the current political/economic powers and their secrets. One of them, oddly enough, being Han Yoo-il. Who is this man? Why is he here?

Taken from wiki.d-addicts.com


My View about Myanmar Music

Some people from online tell me that they like the way I express myself truthfully. Well, that's me. When I write, I always write whatever that's on mind. Since I'm into entertainment, I always write about them. I used to write about Korean entertainment a lot but I decided to write about Myanmar entertainment also 'cuz of the Myanmar people who surf my blog hoping to read some Myanmar news. So whenever I watch a movie, listen to a new album or watch a vcd. I write a short review, saying what I like and what I don't like. I never meant to offend anyone with my posts.

My blog is not a place for gossips so I never write gossips at my blog. I judge a singer by his/her singing ability and music style and an actor/actress by her acting, character role, etc. I don't know any of them personally nor intend to know them at all. I'm just stating my view. Mostly I try to refrain myself from bad mouthing people. Just because I don't like someone, I don't want to write bad things about him/her 'cuz the person who might be reading could be his/her fan. I only write good things about people 'cuz I don't have time to write about who I dislike and stuff.

Now someone commented on one of my post and I got angry about it. I keep saying to myself, What did I do so wrong to offend anyone? I wrote about copy songs and who doesn't sing them but I wasn't offending the singer. I wouldn't have write about him if I didn't like him in the fist place. Own tune singer? pls give me a break...you can count how many own tune singers are in Myanmar but how can you be sure that they didn't copy of anybody's music or idea? I don't want to write about Myanmar music world in English but I'm ashamed to admit about it in front of non-Myanmar people.

I used to listen to most of the albums that were released in Myanmar. I don't buy all of them but I rent them from a store and borrow from friends to sample the music. When hip-hop became famous in Myanmar, my sister and I bought almost all the hip-hop albums that came out. At that time, we were ready to give support for any singer who sings hip-hop. Most of the albums we bought were good and there were only a few albums that we didn't like. But now when a new hip-hop album comes out, I'm pretty skeptical about buying it. I will only think about buying it if that album features famous or known singers. I couldn't give my support to newcomers anymore. When I hear people singing those songs by newcomers, I felt quite funny but I couldn't stand a minute listening to those kind of songs. You can't just take a pop songs that you used to hear people singing with a guitar, add some chessy raps and call it hip-hop.

The kind of music I like is hard to find among Myanmar singers. I like eastern hip-hop style, r&b and pop songs like ballad songs. When I want to listen to hip-hop, I listen to Sai Sai, Ye Lay, Theory and J-Me. Although some singers do sing r&b, they don't sing them all the time. I listen to Rebecca Win, Ye Lay and Zam Nu for r&b. I think it' hard to find own tune ballad songs in Myanmar. I still haven't hear anyone singing own tune ballad songs in the style of Korean ballad. I think you call call "A Hnie Mae" and "Min A Twat" songs ballad.

I have been posting some news articles in my blog (mostly in Myanmar). If anyone from the journal want me to remove the article, you can mail me directly and tell me to do so. If I find some nice articles and I have time, I will try to translate them but I know there are Myanmar people who live aboard since childhood and they couldn't read in Myanmar although they can understand the language.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Save 1000 kyats by Bringing at least 3 Pirated CDs

If you want to save 1000 kyats for the hip hop crazy stage show, you can participate in the anti-piracy program by bringing at least 3 pirated cds.

The hip hop crazy live show has been arranged in the hip hop culture and the best hip hop singers have been invited. 27 hip hop groups including Annega, JMe, Barbu, Yan Yan Chan, Zay Yar Thar, Theory, Soe Moe Min, Lin Lin, Zim Zim and Yatha will be performing for the show.

The hip hop crazy stage show will start on August 27th at 2PM in front of the Eagle Garden Restaurant at Thuwanna Skating Ground. The audience will have to bring at least 3 pirated cds. Booking tickets have been sold at 2800 kyats. Those who buy booking tickets will have to pay 4000 kyats at the stage show day. If they bring at least 3 pirated cds, they will save 1000 kyats and will only have to pay 3000kyats.

The stage show organizer, Ko Moe Aung Swe (Ice Man), managing director of Event Mast said, "The audience have been encouraged to bring at least 3 pirated cds. In order to suppress the piracy virus which is destroying the entire music world, the pirated cds will be destroyed by a road roller during the stage show. This is the first time for this kind of event. The audience can bring any pirated cds, new or old as long as many cds are brought together."

Source : Kumudara Journal, 25-8-06
Story by : YYK
Translated by : madyjune
This is the first time I post news articles translation on my blog. I tried my best to be exact in my translation. I know there are unnecessary repeated sentences in the article but since they were included in the original article, I wanted to do an exact translation. It's funny that I finish writing this in just 10 minutes while it takes me an hour to translate a small paragraph summaries for my work. Writing this is much easier probably due to my interest in the entertainment world. I wonder how the stage show was and how many cds were brought to be destroyed. I'm with this movement 'cuz I'm already sick of seeing pirated vcds selling on the streets all over town (not including pirated foreign movies 'cuz that's the only you can watch them in Myanmar). On the day Sai Sai released his vcd, I heard the street vcds sellers shouting "You can get Sai Sai vcd here." I was quite angry and felt sad at the same time. I heard from someone that his vcd sales wasn't that high like his February Diary vcd or his 1st live show vcd.
off topic:

Last night was the day when Earth can see Mars up close. According to a journal, Mars can be seen brightest at 12:30pm. I missed that chance 'cuz it was drizzling and the sky's cloudy. Darn....I really wanted to see Mars. I won't be alive to see it the next time it passes close to Earth.


Thinking of Updating Blog

I have been thinking lately that my blog sounds pretty boring to me 'cuz I always write about Korean drama, Korean music and complaining about my life, etc. I want to change my blog a little by writing more about my country so that others can learn from my blog rather than just reading about my boring life. I will first start with changing the template again so that there won't be stack overflow errors in IE. I'll also try to find some times and surf Myanmar sites and buy journals to post interesting news and entertainment news. Well, it depends on whether I have the time to use the computer at night but I'll try my best. There are so many things that I want to do for my blog but I never have enough time to do them. For my other Myanmar blog, I'll be posting news from the journals and translate some Korean entertainment news. It's a way of practice for me 'cuz I'm thinking of writing them for journals. I'm still just thinking about so. I don't know if my articles will get chosen or not. I always read Korean entertainments news whenever I see them in Myanmar journals and magazines but I'm quite disappointed that most of the articles don't really focus on giving the information and they are just wasting the spaces writing about how that person's acting is the drama. Why would anybody been interested in reading about someone writing about the storyline of a drama when they have already watched them. They only pay attention in hoping to read some news about their favorite celebrities. I have a bad habit of not completing something that I'm doing or thought of doing so I might not be translating. You are confused huh? Yeah...I'm like that most of the time.


My Favorite Myanmar Foods

If you ask me what's my favorite food, I will answer immediately, "Of course it's Rakhine moat tee (Rakhine noodle)". If you aren't Myanmar, you might be wondering what Rakhine noodle is. Rakhine noodle is thin rice noodle eaten together with fish soup. You have to eat it together with tamarid paste, grind chilies and fish sauce if you want to add some. That'll make the soup spicy and tasty and prepare some tissues and some waters for yourself before you start eating. It is the kind of food which is best suited in rainy days and cold weather but I like to eat it even when the weather is hot. The food originated from Rakhine State and that's why it got the name Rakhine noodle. Another name for Rakhine noodle is 'ar pu shar pu' 'cuz it can be pretty spicy and makes your tongue go red. I prefer to eat at the shops or stalls than home cooking. It doesn't taste the same at home. You can find many Rakhine noodle shops or stalls all over Yangon. My favorite shop is the one located near the market near my house. It's a long way to walk there so I only can eat when my cousin goes to the market in the evening and when I'm home at that time. My second favorite is at 12 lone tan bus stop. I prefer Rakhine noodle which taste isn't too spicy or too much ngapi (fish paste). I absolutely hate eating fake Rakhine noodle. Fake Rakhine noodle is a fish soup trying to pretend like Rakine noodle. Whenever I went out and I feel like having a snack, I always look for Rakhine noodle shops and end up eating fake Rakhine noodle or spicy Rakhine noodle with a lots of pepper and padegaw. Lately, I haven't been able to enjoy my favorite food 'cuz I always come home late and the Rakhine noodle from the canteen is terrible. On Sunday, I stayed home most of the times and I got lazy to go out.

So instead of eating Rakhine noodle, I've been eating kyar san chet which is tranlsated Bean Vermicelli Soup in English. I like to recommend my favorite kyar san chet shop located at U Tun Lin Chan Road at Hledan. I always eat there on Saturdays when I leave work early. I have to get there by 5pm 'cuz there won't be any more kyar san chet if I came late. Kyar san chet is best eaten together with shaut thee toat (lemon salad). Just thinking about a spicy lemon salad with kyar san chet is making my mouth water. I am always alone whenever I go to eat there. I feel so loney while other people came to eat with friends, families and couples. When I couldn't get a seat, I had to sit together with other people and it makes me uncomfortable just sitting there and eating while others are having conversations among each other, eating their kyar san chet and sharing lemon salad with each other. I don't eat lemon salad there anymore 'cuz I can never finish eating it. I wish I have somebody to go with the next time I went there. Anyway, back to food...

Another food I like to recommend is Shan noodle. I rarely eat Shan noodle but after eating twice at a stall near Hledan bus stop, I have began to really like the food from there. Before I never like Shan noodle but I started to like it after eating it for breakfast at Pyin Oo Lwin 3 years go. At that time, the weather outside was really cold and our family was inside a small restaurant. My parents ordered Shan noodle with soup and I sampled the food from my mother. Ever since then, whenever I have Shan noodle, I always eat together with soup. Maybe it's just a habit I got from eating Rakhine noodle all the time. Most people prefer to eat it as a salad with the soup in another bowl. When you eat Shan noodle, you have to eat it together with Shan chin which is like kimichi. I used to hate it but now I luv eating Shan chin.

There are just so many foods to write about. I will write about them next time.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Old Myanmar Movies are showing back on MRTV

It has been awhile since MRTV stopped airing old Myanmar movies on Sunday afternoon but starting from last week, they started showing them back. A week before, "Ta Kyawt Hna Kyawt Tae Ko Thi" starring Win Oo, Tin Tin Mya and Cho Pyone was aired on TV. I already have watched that movie several times 'cuz I like Win Oo but I learned about it too late so I didn't get a chance to do that. Last Sunday I watched "Aw Main Ma Main Ma" starring Nyunt Win and Cho Pyone. I was planning to watch it at first. I was watching a Viva video magazine vcd about the Korean celebs visiting Myanmar and the first anniversary of Htoo Eain Thin's death. I switched back to TV afterward and "My Girl and I" was on air on MWD. I haven't watch that movie but I plan to watch it with subtitles so I went to downstairs and ate lunch while watching the Myanmar movie. When I was younger, I used to hate it when old Myanmar movies always aired on Sunday afternoons. I used to wish that newer movies would be aired instead but when they stopped airing old movies and started airing Myanmar videos, I hated watching them and wished that they would air old movies again. I remember reading in the newspaper about someone requesting MRTV to air old movies again. I got a bit bored while watching the movie but I managed to finish till the end. I wonder what movie will be aired next week. I want to watch Win Oo movies. I don't like musical movies where the actors and actresses kept singing songs in the whole movie but I like hearing Win Oo's songs. I want to watch "Mone Shwe Yi" and "Maung Doe Cherry Myay".


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just Thinking...

I know I haven't been updating my blog lately. It's not that I don't have anything to write but I am always busy to post even through I write them at home, like I'm doing now. Lately I have been going home at 7 pm 'cuz I was posting in forum. I never have enough time for web surfing. I'm always spending my times writing on forum or reading them, mostly in Movies, Music and Celebs section. I don't contribute much to the forum. I don't even have time to read other topics so if something big was going on, I only know about it a few days later. I'm always spending my times in my kdrama topic writing about drama reviews and stuff. I surf other websites as well and chat sometimes but my main reason for being late is the forum. Maybe I should stop going there after 5pm 'cuz once I started going there, I can't get up till I look at the clock and it's 7pm. I know it's late and it's dark outside to walk alone. I have other companions who leave early around 6pm but I wasn't in the mood to join them 'cuz I still have stuffs to do.

My everyday is so simple. Wakes up, get ready for work, eat breakfast and leave for bus stop, race myself to get to work on time, drink coffee, do work , started surfing the net at lunchtime and barely have enough time to eat lunch before the time's up, go back to work , web surfing and chatting at 5pm and leave around 6:45pm to 7pm, get home, watch TV if interested, get on the pc and eat dinner while watching drama, go to sleep. Boring huh? I think I've been wasting my times a lot. I told myself every month that I'll improve myself in Photoshop but instead I ended up watching dramas after dramas. How can I get myself to concentrate on it? I always remember to check out those tutorials during work time but I always forget when I'm web surfing. My mind is only on kdrama when I'm home.

I've been thinking about what Lee Ji Hyun (YEH's character in The Vineyard Man) have said in the beginning of the drama. She was comparing herself with other girls out on the street who have fantastic careers, money, awesome looks and guys to fall for them while she was just an ordinary girl with standard schooling and average looks and nobody likes her. I also think like that sometimes. I know I'm just an average girl with dull looking clothing and quite lonely sometimes. I used to have a friend at work who used to chat with me during break times and give me fashion tips like to try to match your Myanmar longyis with modern clothings 'cuz wearing them with the matching blouse is quite dull sometimes. She quit her job last month and I've been quite bored. I have nobody to talk to so I spend more time on the internet, trying to start conversations about my fav interests with ppl who might not even be interested. On Saturdays, I only have to work half day so I can leave at 2pm but I never left work earlier than 6pm 'cuz I have no place to go to and I didn't feel like going home early. I wish I can hang out with some friends on those days, eat Kyarzat chet together at Hledan, etc but I always end up going there alone.


Vineyard Man Episode 1 Review

Shinhwa is gonna held a concert in Bangkok on the 19th. Just 4 more days left. I wish I can go. At least Ma Yee Mon might be going there. I've been telling her to go 'cuz this is a once in a lifetime chance. I wish I was still in Bkk but even if I'm in Bkk, I'll have a hard time to convince my parents to let me go and pay for me as well. Well, at least I have their concert from Busan to watch. At least I can get an idea of what the performances will be at the concert.

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Last night I watched the first episode of the Vineyard Man starring Yoon Eun Hye. I can't say I luv it but I never like the dramas which are my fav now at first. The story is a bit strange to me or rather the guy is strange to me. I've never seen his acting before. As for Eun Hye, I still think her acting isnt' that much different from Goong. It's not bad but she still sounded the same to me. Her character is just a bit different. In Goong, she wanted to become a fashion designer. It's the same in this drama. She dreams of becoming a famous designer. Her age is supposed to be around 26 or 27 but she doesn't look that mature she's only 22, same age as me. Her only job is a temporary job at a design company. She wanted to become a permanent worker by submitting a design which was shown to the manager before she got the chance to show to everyone. The manager paid some guys to take them off her which she was wearing on that day. She called the police and asked them to come while waiting in the men's restroom. A guy came into pee and she thought he was the police so she tried to take his clothes and that's when the police came. The police thought the guy was a rapist so they arrested him. Later they found out that she was in fact the person who tried to take the clothes and they are charging her for sexual assault. That's when episode one ended. I almost forgot. While she was at the police station, her grand-father (not her grandfather but still a relative) came and told her parents that he wanted her to come to work at the vineyard for a year. After that, he will give her some acres. The guy that she got in trouble with (I still don't know remember his name) also works for the vineyard. I guess when she gets there, that's when romance will spark. As far as I've seen, the person that really got on my nerves is Ji Hyun's (YEH) best friend. She's so annoying. It was because of her that Ji Hyun couldn't return the dress back and got beat up by her mother. Ji Hyun's mother is a bit harsh on her daughter. Even if she spent $100 on a dress, she shouldn't have been so harsh on her. Even thought I don't like it that much, I still want to continue watching. I just have to wait for the subs to out. Meanwhile I can watch other dramas. I just have to decide between Green Rose, Delightful Choon Hyang, Snow White or Oh Pil-Seung. I missed some episodes of Oh Pil-Seung so I'm continue to watch it with English subs. I prefer to watch with English subs 'cuz the dramas was cut short while it's aired on TV. I only missed episode 5 so I downloaded it but when I watched it, I still need to watch half of episode 4 to know the whole story. I might as well just watch the whole drama on pc, rather than wait for it on TV.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hot Weather in Yangon

The weather has been hot for a couple of days. You might think it's summer although it's suppose to be the rainy season. It rained a bit in the morning on the way to work but now it's just cloudy. Not only the weather is hot but the aircons in our office are broke so we have to open the doors. It is even hotter in the room than outside. My body feels itchy although I already took a bath in the morning. Maybe I should take it again when I get home but I don't think I'll get home early. I'm still browsing websites.

I haven't been writing much in my blog 'cuz the electricity was out when I came home and my brother won't let me use the pc after the electricity came back. I even have a fight with him last night 'cuz he blamed us for using the pc for entertainment. There was something wrong with our ups and he blamed us. I told him that we still have a warranty to replace it but that still won't shut him till a phone call came for me. At that time, I was watching After the Sunset movie with my mother and I was getting bored with the movie but I couldn't stop it 'cuz my mother was watching it. After the movie, I watched Kim Sam Soon drama to ep 2 and went to bed. I bought that drama from Hledan a week ago. I also bought the first book of Lord of the Ring for 1000kyats only but the trouble is that the book looks like it fell in the mud and the outside is dirty but the inside is clean. I always put it down after picking it up to read 'cuz it's too dirty. I feel like boiling that book with hot water but that will make the book wet. I wish I can make the dirt disappear.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Super Junior and SS501 will participate in "The International Festival of the Youth"

Super Junior and SS501 will participate in "The International Festival of the Youth"

Written by oct23ria
Thursday, 03 August 2006
Super Junior and SS501 will be present in "The International Festival of the Youth". This event, which will be celebrated from August 11 to 13 in the city of Yeosu, in the province of Jeolla, will gather 350 young people of 20 countries and almost 60,000 young Koreans. In the inaugural ceremony, aside from Super Junior and SS501, other popular groups like Can and Uptown will also participate.

credits: KBS World Radio + kpopper

Yup...that's the event that I didn't get to go. Participation in the international festival was one of the event in the schedule. Not a huge fan of both boybands but I would have like to see them live. I found out a few days ago that I wasn't the only unlucky person who didn't get to go. That person case was worser than me.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


For the past weeks, I have been watching back My Girl, two episodes per day but yesterday instead of finishing the drama, I read a fanfic which is a different plot but with the casts of My Girl. The story is a romance/ mystery. You can read it at soompi here. I’m curious about how the story will turn out.

The first fanfic I read is a Harry Potter 5th book fanfic which came out before the actual book was released. The second one is a fanfic from soompi. That fanfic was being made into a movie so I wanted to check it out. The movie name is A Wolf’s Attraction/Temptation of Wolves. Those who have watched the movie will be familiar with the story plot. In the story, a country bumpkin girl came to Seoul to live with her mother and there she met two hot guys from different schools. Both guys fell in luv with her. She went out with Haewon, the guy who go to the same school with her. The other guy, Taesung is actually her brother as she found out later but he loves her more than brotherly/sisterly love. He have a heart disease so he went abroad to live with his grandmother and get medical treatments. He passed away but he didn’t want his sister to know about it so before he died, he asked a girl (who he donated his eyes to) to continue writing to his sister on behalf of him, not letting her know the truth. That girl went to Korea and told the truth. The movie isn’t that bad but I like the story more but at least I’m happy to see Jo Han Sun as Bahn Haewon. Kang Dongwan play the role of Taesung. The actress is Lee Cheong Ah. She's also in Let's Go to the Beach drama with Lee Wan and Junjin.

I’m halfway through finishing The Guy was Cool fanfic. I got bored while reading so I only read a few pages per week. I’m only reading it ‘cuz I don’t understand the movie. I’ve watched it twice but I still don’t understand. Even if Song Seung Hong was in the movie, I still don’t like it that much.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Unlucky Person = me

Luck…That’s something I don’t have. I have never won any lucky draw. I have never won any prizes at contests. And now I wasn’t chosen for the youth camp also. The embassy had already chosen those applicants who have passports. Maybe they already have people in mind when they released the news. It’s better for me not to think about it. Thinking about it will only make me sad ‘cuz I really wanted to go and not to mention the time I spent for the essay. At least I can stop daydreaming about my time in Korea.

Yesterday I bought 2 dramas from the dvd stalls at Hlaedan. I was happy to find My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Love Letter. I have been seeing these dramas for awhile but I wasn’t sure about the subtitles. At least I can now watch with English subs and away from the computer. Maybe I can use the computer for some other useful purposes or un-useful purposes like reading manga. I’m trying out Mars and Vampire Knight manga now.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Minwoo

Today is my chit chit :P Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa)'s birthday. He's turning 27 today.
Saengil Chukha Hamnida!

Another person that I know share the same birthday with him. She's ma Latt Sandar from Bagan Net & NativeMyanmar forum. Happy Birthday Sis! May you find the love of your life and get married quick :D

credit: papaya, Seoul Street Magazine, ShinhwaThailand.com, shinhwachangjo.net


Saturday, July 22, 2006

2006 Youth Camp for Asia’s Future

2006 Youth Camp for Asia’s Future will be held in Seoul, Korea from 7th – 27th August 2006. 200 youths from 17 Asian countries will take part in Youth Camp.

Any Myanmar high school student or university student age ranging between 17 and 24 are eligible to apply for the Youth Camp. Applicants should be proficient in English. Priority will be given to those applicants who are either currently studying or have studied subjects pertaining to Korean culture; and have professional skills in Myanmar traditional and local popular culture, and modern arts. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will select 10 candidates out of all applicants. The selected candidates’ returned airfare, board, lodging and transportation will be provided.

The above paragraph is taken from the information sheet that I obtained from the Korean Embassy yesterday. I found out about the youth camp from Myanmar Times and after I read it, I knew I must try hard to go there. I couldn’t even sleep that night. I kept daydreaming about what I’ll do when I arrive in Korea. So yesterday I went to the embassy and they gave me the application form along with the requirement paper and schedule. I have to fill in the form and hand it along with an essay on one of the topic they gave, writing around 700 words to 1000 words, along with other require papers. The schedule is pretty interesting. The candidates will be able to learn Korean, watch Korean traditional culture show, visit historical sites, and participate in group activities, festival and their Independence Day ceremony. What I really like among the schedule is that there’ll be a visit to a film studio and meet Korean celebrities. Wow…I wonder how we’ll get to me. (Notice the word we…I’m still dreaming that I’ll be one of the candidates.)

The application form is simple and there are 6 questions and some of them are easy like

What are some of the things you know about Korea?

Of course I know about Korea. I watch too many dramas and movies. I can say a lot of things just by watching Goong but the fill in box aren’t that large enough so I’ll have to watch my words. I’m thinking about writing about their traditional marriage ceremonies. I’m interested in it after watching it on Goong. I only knew a little bit about it after watching Sweet 18 and Marrying a High School Girl but Goong taught me a lot more.

The difficult questions are

Describe any special talent or skills you have which is related to Korean culture or art or language?

I don’t think watching dramas and listening to music counts for this question. I wish I had started learning Korean so that I can at least write about it. I wanted to but I couldn’t learn it due to some reasons. I downloaded some audio files which teaches Korean maybe I can write that I’m self-studying it. Yeah, I am doing so by watching dramas and listening to their speeches and seeing if I can recognize them

Describe any special talent or skills you have which is related to your culture and/or tradition?

Eek. How do I answer this question? I have absolutely nothing to do with Myanmar culture or tradition at all. The only thing I know is about computers and I’m not a professional at it. But in the other information sheet, it said

Priority will be given to those applicants who are either currently studying or have studied subjects pertaining to Korean culture; and have professional skills in their traditional and local popular culture and modern arts (eg. Traditional or modern instruments, fashion, movies, make-up, etc).

So maybe I can come up with something that has to do with modern arts. Maybe I might have some talents which are hidden from me and I don’t notice it (dream on!)

I’m not that much worry about the word count limits on the essay. I used to write essays which are always around 2 A4 pages. I had to write them for school and sometimes I enter essay contests if I am familiar with the topic. I never won anything through. Now if I’m going to write an essay, my brain doesn’t work like it used to anymore. I think it got ruined during the 10th grade exam. My tutor told me not to write over one page and to write clearly without using cursive. So after that I haven’t been writing essays over one page and my handwriting is so childish. At least I can type the essay. My friend said you can turn in the typed version also. I’ll have to search on the net to research for the essay. I have chosen 2 topics and one of them has something to do with Asia. I’m glad that I took the PSD exam for MOFA ‘cuz I wrote an essay about relationships between Asian countries so I can take some of the data from that essay and add more data. I just hope that I can find enough time to do my research 'cuz I'm so busy with work now.

I’m a bit worried about the passport ‘cuz the deadline (which is on the 24th) and the arrival date to Korea are so close but I’m not thinking about it now. I’ll concentrate on the essay instead.

Aja! Aja! Fighting!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Window Shopping at North Point Shopping Center

Yesterday, I went to North Point Shopping Center with my mother, sister and niece (who’s actually older than me) to exchange a gift that I received a few days ago. It was a t-shirt from a brand name shop and I didn’t like it so I wanted to exchange with another design. I found the blouse that I like but I couldn’t find a smaller size. It was a green one, just like the t-shirt that I received but the design is much better. Now I have to go to other shops to see if I can find the S size. I found a S size for the same design with another color but I didn’t like it. I asked the sale girl about the t-shirt price and I was amazed with the price. Why would somebody pay that much for that t-shirt which looks something you can buy from the street stalls? I wrote about brand names in my Myanmar blog but I haven’t translated it to English yet. I’m too lazy to do so now.

I went to Ocean supermarket and took a look around. My mother said she wasn’t going to buy me any clothing. I wish I didn’t spend all of my money already. I found some skirts which prices seem fair for me. Maybe if I find a S size for that green blouse, I’ll come back to buy a green skirt. I also found a nice dress at the price of nearly 10000. My mother will scold me if I spend that much for a dress but she also liked the design. Maybe I can get her to buy the fabric and ask my dressmaker to make me a dress with the same design.

There was a cosmetic promotion at the center so I saw some male singers and met a female singer at the supermarket. I wonder what’s cosmetic got to do with those male singers. Maybe they also use them: P. I got scared by the way the sales girls at the cosmetic promotion counter and the female singer put on makeup. If that’s the way to put on makeup, I rather stick to my thanakha.

After I left the supermarket, we went to my uncle’s house and my sister and I left a few mins later after eating some snacks and borrowing some vcds. We bought spring rolls on the way home and eat at home.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No More Ms. Nice Girl

I don't want to be Miss Nice Girl anymore. I like helping out people whenever I can but these people just don't have understand and misuse me. I am sick of having to go home late 'cuz I spent some of my after office hours time helping out people (finding songs for them, helping them with photoshop, etc) and I never have enough time to surf the web. I absolutely hate working after office hours and don't expect me to be interested in work when the clock is nearly 6 pm. I'm just damn pissed 'cuz I had to restart my computer twice to burn a cd to show to a customer, closing all the websites that I was surfing. If that person had told me earlier, I wouldn't be complaining but instead she chose to tell me at 6pm and tell me to get it ready by morning. My computer always act up after office hours. It always work fine during office hours but after it reached 5pm, it started to get slow and I have to restart it a couple of time if I'm multi-tasking too much.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Lousy Rainy Day

Yesterday there was a small gathering at Shwe teashop so I tried to get there by 2 pm. When I got out of the house, it was only drizzling but when I get to Myay Ni Gone, it was raining hard and it was windy also so I got soaked with rain. To make it worst, my umbrella started giving me trouble and my sister’s umbrella was broke so we had to share an umbrella. When I tried to cross the road, my slipper gave me troubles. Finally I arrived to Shwe, Ko Poe Thar and Ko Young have already arrived there.

The reason we met is ‘cuz I wanted to borrow Photoshop CS2 book from Ko Poe Thar. He said I’ll call Zeng and a few days later, he emailed a couple of friends to meet. Most of them didn’t come probably due to the rain or ‘cuz they are busy. Only Ko Poe Thar, Ko Young, Zeng, Snow, SS and Ko Flame came to the gathering. We sat at the teashop pretending not to hear the waiters who kept hinting when we’ll pay for the food and get out. We only got up at 4 pm to eat spring rolls at Ma Nge shop. Ko Flame treated us . I was feeling a bit dizzy after being caught in the rain but I felt better after I ate. There wasn’t anything to eat at Shwe. I only ordered Super coffeemix there. I don’t really like that place ‘cuz it’s crowded and noisy but the guys said Shwe…so it’s Shwe for me then. Anyway since I got the book to practice with, I can start learning the functions of Photoshop. Although I’ve been using it for a long time, most of the time I’m just cutting pictures and tuning the colors. Lately I’m interested in making avatars and banners so I had wanted to practice some tutorials with some guidebooks.



There are a couple of reasons why I resent online chatting. I hate it when people ask about my personal life like what’s my name, where do I live, where do I work and worst of it all, my ph no. Sometimes I might be having a nice conversation with a person but when that person starts asking my real name, I told him no politely at first. But if that person kept pushing that idea, I started to get tired of that person. I’m not being secretive at all. I mean I have this blog (okay, I have two) where I let out all my feelings. Shouldn’t people be more interested in my feelings, my interests rather than asking my name and for my photos? I am sick of it. I have always uploaded my photos like sites like Friendster, Zorphia and to my blog also. (I also changed it recently due to a seminar about blogging) and I even have a photo gallery where people are still viewing my photos every week. Isn’t that enough? Just type for my name in the search engine and you’ll probably find a page with my photo. Just stop asking for personal info about me. I didn’t choose the name madyjune for no reason. If I wanted to reveal my real name, I would have chose to use my real name. I prefer nicknames ‘cuz being called by my id is like a getaway from my dull boring life. It makes me feel uneasy when people I meet online start calling me by my real name. Why is it so necessary? I am not looking for a relationship at all. I just want to make friends. Why are photos necessary anyway? What if I look ugly and fat? Is that person hoping to find a pretty girl online to start making a relationship? If that’s what you have in mind, you got the wrong person. I am not someone who is interested in flirting around online. I could have lied about real name, where I live, where I work but I hate lying so instead I only chose to refuse to answer. When I really think about it, sometimes I maybe online and I have nobody to chat with (‘cuz I rarely start chatting with someone on my own and I only wait for someone to chat with me ) so if someone came along to chat with me, I replied back and it’s always me who was answering the questions. I hardly ever ask a question, probably ‘cuz I wasn’t interested in that person’s affairs. When chatting was first introduced in Myanmar, everyone at work was having fun chatting online but I felt like an outcast who couldn’t fit with the chatting group. Boy was I relieve to discover Bagan Net forum. I finally have someone who will reply back to me and someone I can reply back to. Now I can’t kept up with forum ‘cuz I don’t have much time and I’m always web surfing so many sites during my free times. Now that I think about it, maybe it’s because I always go to forums, I expect the chatters to be like a forum where you can discuss a topic and reply back and forth without getting into personal affairs.

Anyway to get back to the topic, I don’t believe in online relationship, Can it really work without knowing who that person is? I’ve seen some online relationship and I wonder whether that guy or girl would have chose their partners if they weren’t good looking or are from different races? No offense anyone. It’s just that after seeing some guys’ reactions to their online partners and friends, I started to distrust people who are seeing relationships. Not that I was ever in a relationship. I like my life the way it is. I also don’t believe much in online friendship also ‘cuz I had some friends who were so nice to me and we always chatted and mailed each other back and forth but later they stopped mailing me and I hardly see them online. At first I thought that they were probably busy so I mailed them from time to time but now I got the hints now. They probably got bored with me. So please don’t say forever friendship. I have enough of people saying that and leaving me behind.


Friday, July 07, 2006

SGWannaBe - Partner for Life

I changed the background song. What do you guys think? This song is popular in Korea. It ranked no 1 in hit charts. I've been wanting to use this for the background but I also liked Once in a Lifetime so I let their song be used first. Enjoy the song. It took me an hour to find a hosting which let me embed songs. You can watch their music video. It's a sad music video starring Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa). The story in "Partner for Life" video didn't finish and it continued to "Slow" video. Poor Dongwan....I knew he was going to die before watching the vid but I was still shocked when I watched it.

Partner for Life



Dan Pauk Treat

Although my birthday was over, I didn’t get to treat my colleagues till yesterday. 2 of our managers are July born so we got together and treated dan pauk to everyone at work. We ordered it from Kaung Kyite Dan Pauk and it was delicious. If you are in Ygn and plan to eat Dan Pauk, I recommend you to try out Kaung Kyite. I ate dan pauk with chicken breasts and it had more meat than the drumstick. I wanted to treat everyone but a few of the workers were absent so there were a couple of dan pauk packages left but not to worry, there was none left when I come back home. After eating dan pauk, I was feeling sleepy the whole day.