Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm not in the mood to work now. Since today's pay day, my mind is on getting my salary and leave work early. I didn't even remember that today's Halloween Day until I went to google website. I used to be excited about Halloween. I love going around for trick or treat. I used to get 2 bags full of candies after coming back from trick or treat. My fav custome was to dress up like a witch 'cuz that's the only custome I have, just a witch hat and apply on dark lipstick and dark and ugly nail polish. Okay, I was only 12 and 13 at that time.

I got my salary now. I'm leaving. Tomorrow is a holiday, Dawalei or something like that.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

I'm a little lazy to upload Nge Chit Oo to youtube today. So I created a new account at filefront and uploaded 3 vids there. Those who read my blog can download from there and I'll try to upload on Monday.

J -Me

J-Me & AK



Are my posts too long to read? I just write whatever in my mind. Of course it gets long when I write for the weekends. I can't help writing long posts sometimes. I'm currently watching Nge Chit Oo VCD. I'll upload some vids to youtube later.


Friday, October 28, 2005

Yesterday I ate fried noodle for dinner. This noodle is different from what I've ate before. It's actually green. I think it's called jade noodle or something. My father's friend opened up a restaurant and he got the noodle as a gift to try on at home. The taste is really delicious but I couldn't eat anymore after a few bites. I'll try to take a photo next time if it's cooked again.

I uploaded Teen's "Min Ye' Seit Nae" music video to YouTube today. I've been trying to search for Nge Chit Oo Male version vcd at work but I don't know where it's at. When I find that vcd, I'll upload a couple of vids. My blog is mainly focus on entertainment and I plan to upload some of my fav Korean & Myanmar vids here. This way, ppl can watch the latest vcds from my blog.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yesterday I finished editing my graduation photos and uploaded them to Webshots. Then I shared the url the some friends including my old elementary teacher from US. I've just received a e-mail from her. I'm so happy about it. She was one of the two ESL teacher from Steven Elementary School and I've learned my English from her and Mr. Febles.


I've just arrived to work now. I didn't take the Thamine route yesterday and went home with 42 bus and I even got a seat. It must have been my lucky day. Electricity was out the whole night so I slept early but still I woke up late. I did set up my alarm but it didn't ring. I need to get myself a new alarm clock. When I was about to leave my home, my mother told me to eat monhingar since I might not have time to eat at work. So I ate some rice with mohingar soup, I didn't like the mohingar noodle. I took 168 bus to Thamine and on the way, I thought I saw Payahmi bus which goes to Thanlan. So after I got off 168, I got into Paramin bus nearby and realzied that I got on the wrong bus only after a few bus stops. I'm lucky to get to work on time and I was trying to save money on bus fares. I think I just spent the same amount that I spent every month.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm going to leave soon. I am thinking of taking 168 bus home. I am not familiar with Thamine area though.


Today I came to work via gyar car. I missed the 42 bus by a few seconds :(. I had to pay 200 kyats for gyar car and 40 kyats for 51 bus. I also missed the 51 bus by a few seconds so I had to wait 20 mins for the 51 bus. I used to take the bus from Insein Road but after riding in 51 buses, I became lazy to walk from Than Lan to MICT. When I go home, I have to pay 40 kyats again to get to Hlaedan and if there aren't any 42 buses, I have to pay 200 kyats for gyar car which don't go to Kyaukgone at nights. I had to take 33 bus, pay another 40 kyats to get home. In total, that's 520 kyats for one day bus fee. If this continues, I'll be spending more than 10000 kyats every month just on bus fares. I'm getting a headache now and felt like crying. I better take the Thamine-Kyaukgone bus home instead of gyar car.


This is so cute.


wanna know what a real failure is?

1) go to (click on):
2.) type failure
3.) press the I'm feeling lucky button (instead of the Google search one)
4.) check out how real it is!!!!
5.) Forward to others before the Google folks fix this

credit to sis Ei Shan who forwarded this to me.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I have been spending the whole day trying to find sites to upload M's video and embed it to my blog. I think I've just registered to about 5 websites now. I'm trying now. The problem is the video kept on buffering all the time but it's working fine now. I just love that vid so much.
~so in love with u~
~u'll always be my boo~
I only know those words :P



Last night I went home around 6 pm and arrived at 7pm. I had to take 3 buses to get home :(. I didn't get the chance to burn Super Rookie ep 19 but I borrowed Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD from Zarni. We watched it right after we ate dinner. Normally, I would be using the pc at that time but I wanted to watch it again 'cuz I missed some parts of the movie. It's funny that although they are fighting each other and shooting with guns, the movie doesn't seem to be violent at all.


Monday, October 24, 2005

The first post was written yesterday around 6 pm. I didn't want to edit it again so I'm posting another entry now. Last night, after I returned Lu Min video, I watched Kyaw Nyar Chit Thu drama on MWD. The series is starting to bore me now 'cuz Lee Dong Gun isn't in it anymore. I only watch it 'cuz I like Won Bin. At 8 pm, there's a press conference in the news and I didn't listen to it. I was kinda bored and missed Full House after watching Attic Cat so I watched episode 4 and 5. There's nothing like Full House to cheer you up. I am in such a good mood today. It's office hour now. I'm going to stop here and make myself a cup of coffee before starting to work.


I decided to change my blog template. I’m going to use this temporarily now until I designed a new one. I thought it might be hard to design one but after seeing this design, it’s not so hard. I’m not really all that artistic or creative so I’ll probably just replace the flower pic with something and replace the color. I’m thinking of using baby blue or just somewhere around blue. Sea green is not really my color.

I don’t know why but I could never get anything done on Saturdays. I didn’t even have much work to do but it took me until 4 pm to finish updating an online catalog site and all I had to do was add some items. I didn’t do much web surfing either. I was chatting with Ei Shan and when I looked at the clock, it was 4pm. Time flies by so fast. I didn’t even have time to burn cds to clear my pc. I chatted with Ko Poe Thar and he told me to give him a few days to give back my cd writer. I need it ‘cuz I have so many cds to watch at home. I just finished watching episode 11 of Attic Cat and I can’t continue ‘cuz I burned episode 12 to 16 on a CD.

Attic Cat is so similar to Full House. I do like Attic Cat but I kept thinking about Full House whenever I watch it. Kim Rae Won reminds me of Bi so much esp when he smiles and when he was being wake up, he says “why, why, why” just like Bi did in Full House. The second actor, Lee Hyun Woo reminds me so much of Kim Soon Suk’s character in Full House. Lee Hyun Woo’s character, Dong June is such a nice boss. Min Hyuk was being so nice to Ji Eun ‘cuz he likes her and so do Dong June to Jung Eun. It’s hard to find guys like that except in Korean dramas. Just like Yong Jae, Kyung Min won’t admit his feelings for Ji Eun and when he admits his feelings, he got interrupted by Jung Eun, telling him to break up with her. The same thing happened in Full House. I want to watch Full House again but I’m just too busy watching other dramas. I just don’t have enough time to re-watch Full House. I still have Super Rookie to watch and other dramas like Wedding, Let’s Go to the Beach (I have subtitles to episode 5 now), Secret Lovers, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Sangdoo. I’m just trying to finish Attic Cat then I’ll watch the rest, one by one. After I finished downloading Sangdoo & MNIKSS, I’ll download Love Story in Harvard. I’ve wanted to watch it ever since I started liking Kim Tae Hee. She looks so pretty in the drama. I read a review about in Tharaphyu magazine and couldn’t stop looking at the photos. In the review, it is said that Kim Rae Won’s English is terrible. That’s true. He can’t even say ‘Albany’ right in Attic Cat.

Well, enough about Korean dramas for now. I was thinking about writing about Sai Sai’s album on Saturday but I didn’t get the chance. I was given his album cover to add to the online catalog and I am so impressed by it. This is the first time someone in Myanmar did an album cover like that. Nobody I know give much though on cd covers like that. When I unfolded the cover, there was a pic of him which I want to put on the wall but I can’t ‘cuz it came along with the cover. I already got his album from Ko Big Ox. He bought his album on the promotion show at Blazon. I can’t believe he bought 7 albums. The first 500 people who bought the cd received a ticket to his fan meeting party. The party got canceled ‘cuz of the bombings at Traders on Friday. There’s an announcement in the newspaper telling those ppl who got the tickets to exchange them with his vcd when it comes out. I am so shocked by it. Can you imagine giving away 500 vcds? That will hurt his vcd sales. He didn’t even have to do a fan meeting party but he gives so many thoughts for his fans and now he’s giving away his vcds as in replacement for the party. He also did some lucky draw program to have dinner with him after the release of Sai Sai Live Show vcd. I wasn’t really into him at that time and my mother didn’t mail my entry. Now that I think about it, he included a photo sticker book along with the vcd. I have always bought his albums (tapes) and vcds. I only didn’t buy when he do collaborations with other singers and his live show dvd ‘cuz I already bought the vcd. I was actually pissed at that time and thought that he ripped us off ‘cuz he released it only after the vcd release. He had released them at the same time, I might have bought the dvd version ‘cuz it included a few more songs than the vcd.

I had been a fan of Sai Sai after seeing his commercials on TV. I didn’t buy his first album at first ‘cuz I didn’t know what kind of songs he sang in there and I didn’t get much money at that time. When ACID came out, I listened to their album and was impressed by Sai Sai. I still remember that my sister and I searched every music store on Anawyahtar Road until we find his album. The album wasn’t all the great ‘cuz it was so mixed up with hip-hop and pop. It took me awhile to buy his second album but I finally did it and I love it. I even went to his vcd promotion show at Junction 8. I couldn’t see him performing ‘cuz so many people blocking my view. I still hang his poster with his signature in my room. I didn’t like his 3rd album that much (I only liked Wan Nae Hmat Tan and a couple of song and I got annoyed by him after seeing his commercials on TV. I didn’t like his vcd also but I still bought it when I could just copy it. After awhile, I like him again after reading Ko Big Ox’s posts about him and I got used to hearing his songs.

His 4th album is pretty good. I like almost all the tracks. I only didn’t like track 11. I think he doesn’t sing copy songs or he doesn’t copy directly anymore. I still haven’t chose my fav song yet. I’m going to buy his album when I get my salary along with the lyric book. I only know some lyrics to track 2, “Tha Nge Chin Lay Pae Dat”. I felt sad to hear his song about his parents and the song dedicated to his friend who passed away. He also sang back to Kyat Pha’s song. In Kyat Pha’s song, he said “real hip-hop has no love” and Sai Sai said back “who said that real hip-hop has no love”. I don’t know people look down on hip-hop music. I read about his experience at Hotel Nikko and I’m angry at those people who threw water bottles at him. They also threw water bottles to Examplez and Phyo Mg got into a fight with one of the bottle throwers after Thet Aung got hit at his private part. I don’t like Examplez but I don’t want anybody to get hurt while performing on stage. If these people didn’t like hip-hop, they shouldn’t go in the first place unless they can control themselves. According to one of the guy who went to the show, most of the crowd was filled with punk fans who came to watch Big Bag and Alex. Nobody threw water bottles at them. It’s just not fair. The show’s organizers should be responsible for lack of security for the performers.

I have to go to video rental shop and return the video I rented yesterday. It’s a video with Lu Min and Eindra Kyaw Zin. It’s a copy version of “Too Beautiful to Lie” and I was so stupid to think that it might been funny ‘cuz I liked the original movie so much. I wanted to see Eindra Kyaw Zin’s acting ‘cuz Kim Ha Neul’s is so funny when she lied to Kim Dong Wan’s parents while he was being hit by everyone in the family. I am so disappointed. I will never borrow a Korean movie remake videos again. Lu Min is nowhere close to Kang Dong Wan. He doesn’t even got hit much. No crazy grandmother in the movie either. Eindra Kyaw Zin just a pure innocent girl who just didn’t leave Lu Min’s family ‘cuz she couldn’t’ take off the ring. Yah, why doesn’t she just take it off with some soaps and oils? She didn’t have to wait until the end of the movie to do that. I don’t want to compare Myanmar celebs with Korean celebs but when they kept copying Korean movies, I can’t help comparing them. Now this reminds me of what I read on Saturday. I was browsing Star Gallery section about Eric on and they said Eric looks like Wai Lu Kyaw. I was so angry at that time and there was more. They said Shinhwa is a hip-hop band. So I wrote back to them on the comments section saying that they must be out of their mind to compare Eric with Wai Lu Kyaw and that Shinhwa is not a hip-hop band like so called hip-hop bands in Myanmar. Everyone knows that they are a Korean pop band. Normally, I just ignore those kinda things but when it comes to Shinhwa, I just can’t ignore it. I hope they posted my message on the comment section.

Sunday, 6:20 PM


Friday, October 21, 2005

MICT vs Myanmar Info Tech
Yeah, that's right. MICT has been changed to Myanmar Info Tech now. I don't know why they bothered to change the name. Now we became representative of MIT (Myanmar Information Technology) company. I'm still going to use the name MICT even if they changed the name.

I wrote about gas prices rising up. We are all being effected by it. Now bus fares have risen. Yesterday, I had to pay 60 kyats to go from Than Lan to Hlaedan when riding the 48 bus. I was really angry about it. Today I had to pay 40 kyats to come to Than Lan. I don't know the prices of 42 bus (big ones). Today I paid 80 kyats for the small 42 bus.

I don't want my posts to be filled with my bus experiences but that' s all I can think about right now.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm currently listening to Shinhwa Summer Story album 'cuz someone else is playing Yan Aung vcd and I am not in the mood to listen to Yan Aung. I used to really like him but I don't like him that much anymore. I don't know why people are making such a big fuss over his vcd, just because he performed together with other celebs like Nandar Hlaing, May Than Nu, Eindra Kyaw Zin, Khine Thin Kyi (whose voice is terrible), etc. One day, I'll really buy an earphone for myself and listen to kpop music with it so that I don't have those songs which I don't even listen at home. I hope I can listen to music with an earphone through. It's kinda aganist the rule but everyone is doing so.

Why do I love kpop music? I have no answer to that question. When I'm usually at home, I always listen to Shinhwa's 7th album. It's my fav Shinhwa album. Sometimes I listen to other albums like BoA's jpop albums, Stairway to Heaven OST or Full House OST. I'll need to burn Minwoo's album & HyeSung's album so that I can listen at home.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The offical price for gas has risen from 1 galleon= 180 kyats to 1 galleon= 1500 kyats starting from Today. Do these people actually think before raising the prices? Now prices will risen due to the gas prices. Since I ride gyarcar from Hlaedan, the prices will surely be high now. It's already 150 kyats and I was hoping that it would get lower. Today I was late for work 'cuz I woke up at 7:10 am and came downstairs at 8 am. My mother said I'm a slowpoke but I'm not. I used to be faster 'cuz I take bath quicky and rubbed thanakha on my face, combed my hair in 1 mins and came downstairs without looking in the mirror. But ever since I came back from Bkk, I have changed a little. I am starting to care about my beauty more. (Pae Myar Lar Pyi :P)

Anyway, since I was late, there was no buses to Hlaedan by the time I arrived at the bus stop. I saw a 168 bus and decided to try it. I rode to Thamine Junction and rode another bus to Than Lan bus stop. Then I walked back to MICT and arrived to work at 9:10 am. Not bad, huh. If I was waiting for 42 bus, I might arrive late. I have been late twice already this month and took leaves for one day. If I'm late, I get 200 kyats cut off for each day and 500 kyats cut off for day leave. The late cut off fees are collected at the end of the month and the office use it to buy coffeemix and instant noodles. Not bad through. I still get to drink coffee more than I paid for.

My sister will be going to Yuzana Plaza today. I asked her to check out Music King for new Shinhwa vcds. I usually buy Shinhwa products from that store. I know it's not actual products but I can't afford the real ones. I can download them off the net but I prefer to buy the pirate cds for Shinhwa stuffs.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Today I woke up at 8 am and ate breakfast and washed my clothes while listening to Korean ost selections. After I finished washing the clothes, I cleaned my room and washed Super Rookie. I watched 4 episodes of Super Rookie and I’m addicted to it now. I already wrote about how much I like Eric but after watching Super Rookie, I am also interested in the other actor, Oh Ji Ho. He’s handsome too. I just wish Eric would cut his hair but if he cut his hair, I think it would have changed his appearance as Kang Ho. I can’t believe he actually passed the written exam and passed the interviews with no knowledge in English or business. After episode 4, the time was around 4 pm so I stopped watching and listened to Yuzana while talking a bath. Then I went to the book rental shop and rented Weik Zar cartoon. Then I ironed my clothes while watching tv. I had to be careful not to burn my pants while watching Stairway to Heaven ‘cuz my eyes were fixed on Lee Wan. Some of the scenes were cut out but at least they didn’t cut out one of my favorite scene of Lee Wan putting his fingers into a square and waiting for Jungsul while she came into view of the square. After Stairway to Heaven was finished, I watched Kyaw Nyar Chit Thu. I missed out some of the episodes ‘cuz of the stupid electricity which always went out during the 7 pm drama time. I was disappointed to watch this episode ‘cuz Lee Dong Gun wasn’t in the episode. I don’t know where he disappeared to. I hope he didn’t left the drama like Bae Doo Na. Won Bin and the lead girl looks so cute together and they are already a couple now. Man I missed out a lot ‘cuz of the electricity. When the news came, I just listen for a few mins about Prime Minister going to China. Maybe I might get to see my sis Ei Shan on TV when he came to Ygn. After dinner, I starting writing here and only stopped when the new drama came on MRTV. It’s a drama with Song Yun Ah. I think it’s a comedy. Song Yun Ah looks so pretty. I don’t know the actor’s name. He’s not handsome and he looks more like a comedian and his voice sounds so funny. I’m going to find information about this on the net tomorrow. Now I have to read Weit Zar before I go to sleep ‘cuz I won’t have time to read it tomorrow. I don’t have time to edit my photos now. I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.



Just like the name, it was a sunny day. Our makeup artists came earlier ‘cuz we have to wear our graduation gown and graduation hat. I don’t know better words to call them. In other countries, they just put them on their hat but for us girls, we had to pin it on our hair ‘cuz we also put on flowers on our hair. I put on red orchids on my hair that day. My sister used purple orchid. I wore a gray blouse and gray cheit htamin that day. After I putted on my gown, an orchid was pinned to it which gave me trouble the whole day ‘cuz it kept coming off and my mother had to pinned it again and again. We left early that day to take photos in front of the Jackson building. I didn’t notice at first but when I looked back in the photos, the buildings looks like it was a sketch picture. I was pretty amazed by it. On our way to the graduation hall, we met one of our classmates. She was the pregnant lady in our tuition. We chatted for awhile and left to find our friends. Su Yi Mon came with her mother and uncle. We also met Khine Yu Wai and her family there. We didn’t get to take much photos ‘cuz it was starting to drizzle. We went into the auditorium and we were seated at the second row. Since I took distant education, I didn’t get to attend the university much so I didn’t get to make friends. I didn’t know anybody there. So it was kinda weird, being surrounded by strangers, people you don’t even remember even if you saw them before but at least I got Su Yi Mon, Khine Yu Wai and my sister sitting on the same row. Our roll numbers were in order. While we were sitting there, suddenly there was a loud bang from the sine wine at the corner of the room. Most of us were put our hands on our chests for being scared by the loud noise. Then the sine wine starting playing the traditional music and the professors walk slowly, really slowly like a turtle in slow motion to the stage while all of us students were standing up. When everyone went up on the stage, there was another loud bang and we put our hands on the chests again. This time, the sine wine played the national anthem and I lowered my head while singing the song in my mind. Finally, we were allowed to sit down. Then the students in the first row started walking to the stage and pretty soon, I was walking to the stage and walked on the stage to the professor and took the certificate and walked to the other end of the stage. Then I went into the little room again and took my photo and walked back to my seat. Then I had to sit and wait until all the students were handed out the certificates. There were about 200 students in our major, about 300 in Eco and some 50 in Chemistry and some 50 in Botany. Later I found out that those chemistry and botany students came all the way from Sittwe. That’s why there were fewer students in their majors. Soe Thura Htay, the rapper from Too Big was also in our major and when he went on the stage, Khine Yu Wai recognized him immediately while I was confusing him with his brother Zaw Htay. The ceremony procedures were in the little green book given out to us and that book also contained the list of students who applied to attend the ceremony. I saw one of the guy I know from my major in the list but he didn’t came to the ceremony. Too bad, I was hoping to see him in graduation gown and hat. After everyone finished going on the stage, the professor gave a speech to us which I didn’t bother to listen ‘cuz I already read it from the green book and I was pissed about the credit system of the university which he mentioned in the speech. After he finished with speech, there was a loud bang and the traditional music started playing again and professors came down the stage walking in slow motion again while I was saying in my mind, pls walk quickly…pls walk quickly.. Then the students were paired in two, with one person from the one side of the room and one from the other side of the room. The camera man scolded me for looking down while walking in front of the camera. Finally we were outside but we had to wait for our parents to come out. I was tired by that time and my orchid on my chest was starting to wither. My father said he had a headache but my sister wante to take photos at the studio while we had on makeup, So my father drove to Kyawt Maung Maung Nyunt and we took our photos there. It was quite there. I was expecting the place to be crowded with students but it wasn’t, just a guy and his parents taking photos. The price for each photo was 1000 kyats while other studios near the university cost only 800 kyats but I think Kyawt Maung Maung Nyunt will be better. My mother fixed my orchid brooch with a fake flower brooch from the studio. I hope my picture turned out nice ‘cuz I took the photos without my glasses and I couldn’t help straining my eyes while looking at the camera ‘cuz I couldn’t see. After our pictures were taken, we took a photo with our parents and left for home. Sunday was the day before Thadingyut but we didn’t prepare for anything, didn’t even have candles to light up around the house. I watched Attic Cat that night to episode 7. I’m starting to think Attic Cat is similar to Full House and Kim Rae Won kept reminding me to Bi. I kept seeing Bi when I look at Kim Rae Won. Jung Da Bin is pretty good at acting. She was in “The Guy was Cool” but I didn’t like that movie.



I really had no work to do except change the color of an umberalla logo of one of my customer. That customer kept asking me to change the color everyday. One day he wanted it gold, another day he wanted it orange-yellow, the next day he wants it light yellow. Now I made it somewhere between yellow and green. I still think I will have to change the color when I get back to work on Tuesday. The original color was white but he wanted it gold so my boss told me to download Pear Factory from the internet and he himself edit the picture but still the customer wasn’t satisfied enough. I don’t really think it’s part of our job to redesign logos to customer satisfactions. So after I finished with the logo, I decided to just check back on another website while surfing the net. Although I was free, I didn’t feel like doing anything that day. I spent most of my times in Shinhwa Changjo, reading the news articles. I didn’t have many files to download and my hard disk is almost full again. I really need to buy cds to finally clear them all out. It’s not actually my own personal hard disk so I don’t want to be scolded for using too many spaces. Another problem is that one of the marketing guy put his folder in the hard disk and he uses up around 8 GB while I use up 16GB and someone also used about 3GB. He told me he’ll move that folder but his drive is also full with mp3s and vcds. I also put some files in his pc (he he….I couldn’t find any other place to hide my Shinhwa concert videos). I asked my sister to buy the cds for me at Yuzana Plaza but she won’t be able to buy them until Wednesday. My family will have to wait until that day to continue watching Super Rookie ‘cuz I ran out of cds. When I got home, my mother wasn’t home ‘cuz she went to pick up orchids for us to wear on Sunday. She was pissed at Su Yi Mon ‘cuz she came to our home at 5 pm (she had job interview that day). By the time they arrived to the orchid garden, it was already dark so my mother couldn’t choose the flowers well and she couldn’t get the orchids she wanted for my sister to wear. She also couldn’t get orchids for herself ‘cuz she couldn’t see them. She doesn’t like to go out with my friends ‘cuz they always came late and she always miss out whatever she planned to do that day.



I brought my camera to work to upload my photos to webshots but my sister took out the battery so I couldn’t open the camera. One of the guy at work suggested that I tried using our director’s battery from her camera. I was so stupid ‘cuz I inserted the battery into the camera although I knew that the battery was smaller than our battery. So the result was the battery was stuck into the camera and it took half of my lunch time to take it out. I asked 2 guys to help me but they left for lunch and in the end, I managed to take it out using a paperclip. That’s one of the reason why I didn’t have time to write in my blog. I don’t really remember much about Friday now.



I’ll write about my Rehearsal Day experience on Thursday. I was kinda lazy to write about it on Saturday although I was free the whole day. My day started with waking up in the living room, I slept there ‘cuz a cockroach hid under my mattress and I couldn’t share the same bed with a coachroach. I didn’t get much sleep and my mother woke up early, she woke everyone up saying the makeup artists will come any minutes. They only came at 10:30 am and my sister started first while I put on nail polish. I don’t know why most makeup artists are gay. Our artists are gay too but I felt comfortable with them ‘cuz they don’t try to act girly (well…the hairstyle guy acted a little bit girly but the other guy is fine….) This was my first time having my face prepared with a makeup artist and also first time I ever put on makeup like that. Usually, I don’t put on makeup…I just put thanaka and put some powder on my face and put on lipstick or lip-gloss. I don’t like to put on makeup. Anyway, I think I looked fine with my makeup. I used to think that my face will look so white like a ghost or I would look like a person who had no idea how to put on makeup but our makeup artists are pretty good. Actually, our makeup is the best among our friends. They are not all that famous artists, just from the neighborhood, but they are better than those artists with reputations. The only problem was that they put green eyeshadow on my sister which made her eyes look smaller. They put my hair up and put a crown on my hair. They said it’s one of the hairstyle of Eindra Kyaw Zin. I chose to wear a blue blouse and blue and white cheit htamain and my sister wore a pink blouse and pink and white cheit htamin. Our htamain are the same design, only the colors differ from each other. I didn’t eat much ‘cuz I was afraid I’ll ruin my lipstick, boy was I starving when I was in the auditorium. We left home around 12:30 pm and pick up my friend, Su Yi Mon at 12 Lone Tan. She didn’t prepare her makeup with an artist that day. Her cousin helped her with the makeup. When we arrived to Yangon University, we took a lot of photos with my mother and father arguing which position is the best to take pictures. My mother has her own camera out while my father took photos with our digital camera. Khine Yu Wai came a little bit late ‘cuz her makeup artist didn’t come until 12:30. I tried not to make any comments about her makeup and her hairdo. At 2 pm we went into the auditorium and had to sit there with a long time. There were more than 1000 students in our major (but half of them have graduations in the morning and we had it in the afternoon) and they were all gathered in the auditorium that day to explain about the procedure of the graduation ceremonies and how people make mistakes while walking on stage. Then we had to practice walking on stage. They call us by our roll numbers and since I was on no. 808, I had to wait a long time. The electricity was out so the air-con weren’t working. Luckily, we bought some fans outside and fanned ourselves while waiting. When it was time for us to get up on stage, we walked to the stage in a single file and wait for our turns. When it was my turn, I gave my name card to one of the teacher and she called my name. I looked straight ahead and walk to the cross sign on the floor. That’s where the professor who would be handing out the graduation certificate would be standing, took the white envelope and walked to the other end of the stage. I was so afraid that I would trip on stage if I wore high heels so I only wore regular velvet slipper. When we went out, we went into another small room and took our photos and went out straight. Luckily for us, it stopped raining by the time we came out and we went straight home.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I just found out last night that the rehersal for my graduation ceremony is tomorrow. I thought it was on Saturday. I am going to wear a blue silk blouse and white & blue silk longyi (not real silk...but it's kinda like silk). I'll take photos and will upload them on Friday.

I burned Super Rookie episode 2 again yesterday and planned to watch it last night but I couldn't 'cuz the stupid electricity was out from 3 pm to 8 pm (missed the 7 pm dramas) and when it came back on, the electricity was so low that I couldn't use the pc and I was even afraid of watching TV. Last night was the final episode of "Into the Sunlight" drama and the electricity went out again when that drama came. Oh yeah, it did comes back on, only after the drama is finished. My sister rented "Ice Princess" movie so I thought about watching it but the electricity kept going off every five minutes. So, I just pick up a book by Jue and read while waiting for my brother to come back from work.


Monday, October 10, 2005

I have been trying to write my post today ‘but electricity kept going on and off since I got back from lunch. Stupid electricity, now I don’t even have time to surf the net. I’ll write about my weekend first.

On Saturday, I left work at 6 pm ‘cuz I was spending the whole day burning ep 13, 14 and 2. Ep 2 didn’t even finish burning L. Guess I’ll have to burn it again. When I got back home, electricity was out and it didn’t come back until 11 pm. By that time, I was already in bed and didn’t want to come out.

On Sunday, I start my day with listening to Shinhwa while drinking coffee. Then I listened to Antibiotic while washing my clothes. I always listen to Shinhwa and Antibiotic on Sundays esp when I’m at home and my father went out. He doesn’t like loud music like Antibiotic. After washing my clothes and hang them out in the sun, my sister and I watched “One Last Call 2”. It’s a sequel to a Japanese horror movie. I haven’t watch the first movie but I watched it anyway. It’s about some people being killed after receiving a phone call which came with a weird creepy ringtone. I wouldn’t have pick up the phone if I knew what kind of call I would receive. This movie doesn’t have much to do with the ghost killer from the first film. It’s another ghost from Taiwan with her mouth sewn together. Creepy little kid. The main actress died in the end but she was killed by the ghost from the first film. She was stabbed with a knife and somehow she went to her boyfriend’s house and stabbed him also. There aren’t much killing in this film. It’s more about going to the coal mine and getting themselves killed, why did they go there in the first place. These people act like people who have never seen horror movies before. They always has to know the answer and get themselves killed. Only one girl survived ‘cuz her boyfriend died for her instead. I didn’t like the film, I got confused with the ending, but atleast Peter Ho was in it. He’ spoke in Japanese in this film.

After the movie, I ate lunch and watched Closer later. I can’t say I love Closer but I don’t hate it. Like my sister said, Jude Law looks pretty cute in those glasses. I can’t really write much review on that movie ‘cuz I myself don’t understand their behaviors.

After the movie, I took a shower and was about to leave home to return the vcd when my friend from Dagon Myo Thit came. She’s getting engaged this month and getting married next month. It’s just so weird that a person like who’s only one year older than me is getting married. She met her boyfriend during Thingyan in 2003 at our house. At that time, I only thought she was interested in him and didn’t take her seriously. Later, I found out that she had been seeing him without letting her father finds out. Her father is pretty strict and he won't let his daughter out of the house without her mother. Later, the guy started visiting her house pretty often and her father found out one day. He told the guy to marry his daughter and he's going to live with his inlaws. It's too quick in my opinion. I am not quite happy about this. My friend still haven't pass her 10th grade exam (she stopped taking them) and she doesn't know much about the outside world. Her boyfriend can't really support the family with his salary. I want her to pass 10th grade and get a job. It's not like her parents are going to support her forever. Actually, I got tired of seeing the couple together ever since last Thingyan. They kinda ruined my mood during Thingyan and I stopped visiting her place.

Anyway back to my weekend, I went to the rental shop and rented Herbie Reloaded movie with Lindsey Lohan. I watched about 20 mins of the movie before switching the channel to MWD. Then 15 minutes later, the electricity went off and didn't came back until 11:15 pm. I waited for the electricity to finish watching the movie 'cuz I won't have time to watch today. The movie was pirated of course (how else can I watch foreign movies in Myanmar) and it stopped at the climax of the movie. Gosh, I didn't get to see the ending.

I don't have much time left to surf the net. I won't write about today 'cuz nothing much to write about except my dream about Eric. It's pretty funny.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

I was busy the whole morning but I'm free right now. I'm using our director's pc to burn cds and couldn't use my pc 'cuz I don't want others to be using her pc. Too many cds for me to burn today again. Finally, I can download episode 2 and 3 of Super Rookie drama. I'm going to burn all the episodes I have in pc and watch them at home.

I'm pretty bored right now. Maybe I'll go to irc and chat with forum members.


Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm not in a really good mood now. I have no knowlege of java script but I had to add java script to to a website and there are so many errors. I already added the java script last month but they got deleted by another designer so now I just gave up trying to edit the site and will just ask for the backup cd from the customer.

I don't know why downloads from megaupload are so slow. It's gonna take 10 hours to download a 250mb file while it takes only half an hour to download 350mb from yousendit.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I watched the first episode of Attic Cat last night. It was my second time watching the episode but now I can watch all the drama. I downloaded this drama from while I was in Bangkok but I forgot to finish downloading episode 2.

Attic Cat is a comedy but a guy and a girl living together in an apartment at the rooftop of the building. Since I've only watched episode 1, I can't give write a summary about the drama. I recognized the second actor from Wedding drama and the second actress from Mr.Q.

I plan to watch this drama daily at night (if only electricity won't be cut off)


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Today I came to work with Su Yi Mon. She came to MICT for an interview at Global Net. We ate breakfast together and she sat in my office until 9:30 am while I was busy working. I didn't have much time to talk to her about her interview. I hope she gets the job.

I'm trying a new software called Ashampoo. It's a pretty cool software. I'm using it to convert my HQ vids and hopes I can burn Shinhwa Concert with it. I wished I had discover it sooner 'cuz I already burned about 8 vcds of Super Rookie with Nero Express.

I watched Stairway to Heaven on MRTV last night. The sound quality is terrible. You can hardly hear the background music. If I haven't already watch the drama and listen repeately to the ost, I woudn't have even recognized the beautiful piano music. The drama was only aired for around 15 minutes and so short. If I haven't watch the drama, I might have switch the channel. I can't believe they changed the character names. Jungsuh should be just Jungsuh or John Saw as they pronounced her, not Jan Suu. Song Joo shouldn't be Sone Juu. Yoori shouldn't be Yo Lee and they also changed Tae Mira's name. I forgot her Myanmar given name now. I am so disappointed. I am already sick of those k celebs to be called by their character names instead of their actual name. I was really hoping they will start recognizing the original names of the celebs.

I should eat lunch now.


Monday, October 03, 2005

Finally I have time to post now. I have been a little busy this morning and at lunch time.

I had a great time yesterday. I met with Ko Poe Thar, Zeng & Ko Young at Hlaedan Mr.Brown Cafe at 1 pm. Ko Poe Thar said he'll fix my cd writer so we met to give him the cd writer. We moved to Dagon Center 'cuz Mr.Brown is so noisy and no air-condition. Dagon Center was also crowded but at least the food court on the third floor was quiet and with air-con. I started to get hungry after smelling the food scents. The food are expensive there. My sister had to pay 1000 kyats for a plate of shan fish rice (shan htamin chin). I ate Pauksee and it was delicious. We left Dagon Center around 4 pm and went back to Hlaedan to go to the dress maker. At least she was home that day. After that I went home and arrived around 7 pm, the usual time I always arrive to home on other days. When I got home, I saw my father still watching Super Rookie. I think he's been watching it all day. Man, even I haven't even watch it 'cuz I still missing episode 2 and 3.

Stairway to Heaven will starting airing on MRTV at 7 pm today. I'm listening to the ost right now. It's the first track of the ost, just piano music. That's the song Kwon Sang Woo was playing on the piano at the start of the show. I am still excited that it's coming to MRTV but I'm sad that most ppl I have talked to aren't that much interested. They just prefer to watch MWD at 7 pm.

I'm leaving work at 6 pm with Ma Khin's car. She will drop me off at Moe Kaung bus stop and all I had to do was ride 33 bus to my house, just one stop to home.

I planned to burn Shinhwa Summer Story Concert but I still need to configure my softwares. They kept encoding the original files, making them lose qualities. I asked for help to a couple of friends and I'm waiting for their replies.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'm browsing Eye Candy section at Shinhwa Changjo and there's this really cute pic of JunJin. Just look at him, he looks like he's enjoying it.

Shinhwa is a Korean boyband with 6 guys : Minwoo, Hye Sung, Jun Jin, Eric, Dong Wan & Andy. My fav is Minwoo but I also like the rest of the members. Right now, my focus in on Minwoo & Eric ('cuz I'm watching his dramas).

Last night, I watched the first 30 minutes of Super Rookie Episode 1 and I'm kinda disappointed at first 'cuz Super Rookie is a comedy and Eric doesn't impressed me much in there. I'm not saying his actings are not good. It's just that he looks so hot in Phoenix and I am always starring at his face, can't take my eyes off him, listening to every words he's speaking and reading the subtitles at the same time. I just luv his lines. I like him more than the lead actor. He's kinda scary when he's angry but I'm glad he's okay again in last night's episode.

I just ate lunch now. My cousin who cooks for us woke up late this morning so I only brought rice to work. I had to order from canteen. I was so absorbed viewing Jun Jin's pics that I forgot to order my lunch when others ordered from the canteen. After my order arrived, everyone has finished eating lunch and I had to eat all that kazun ywet kyaw. I felt like a rabbit chewing all those kazun ywet.