Friday, September 30, 2005

I got my salary today. Not bad, considering the fact that I didn't have any big job done this month. I'm going to really buy Htoo Eain Thin's With Love album. I have been wanting to buy it ever since it came out. Right now, I'm burning Super Rookie drama (episode 6). After it's finished, I'm going to leave. I don't feel like using the internet today but currently I'm chatting online.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

I spent about an hour writing about yesterday's events but I don't have it with me now. I think I accidentely deleted it and burned an old version. I'm not in the mood to write them back again.

This morning, I woke up around 4:30 am and couldn't sleep anymore. I got up and watch some vids from my pc until 6:15 am and got ready to take a bath. I didn't even eat breakfast at home 'cuz I wanted to come to work early. I left home at 7:05 am and waited for the bus for nearly 40 minutes. The bus was so crowded and I got pushed near the window a lot. Lucky, the window was open or I might have broken my glasses. The rest of the way to work are fine as usual. I arrived to work at 8:30 am. That's the earliest I can ever get to work by bus :(

I'm going to eat lunch now.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Here's a pic of Lu Min taken this morning. Again, I asked Ko Thet Kyaw Linn to take this photo for me from my office 'cuz I don't want to go outside. In this pic, his back side isn't show. He's wearing some kinda of rock style large sticker logo on his back, trying to look younger in that shirt. I think he has been shooting all day. Just before the clock turns to 5 pm, I saw him again, this time in different clothings (which I really dislike) with sunglasses and a white cap. I didn't want to take his pic anymore. I have to go home in order to catch 42 bus at 6 o'clock. I'll write this at home and post on Thursday.


I would have written my post this morning if I didn't have to finish editing a website and burning it on a cd to show to a customer. The process would have been better if I have a cd burner at my pc. As I'm writing this now, Luu Min was shooting a movie (or probably a video) right outside my office. Man I'm so lucky. I always get to see celebs just outside my office. Our office's camera was low on battery so I only got to take one pic of him but it's still pretty good enough. I just wish he would stop trying to act younger and act his age.

Anyway, back to my post....I was thinking of writing about coming to work this morning. I don't know why I always thinking of funny stuffs whenever I'm on the bus. Most of the times it happens on the way from home to Hlaedan or from Hlaedan to home. Peopel might think of me as strange person, just sitting there and smiling to myself. Well...there's another reason for me to be happy today but I'm not going to write it here.

I'm taking tomorrow off 'cuz I had to go to my dress maker and shop. I am desparately in need of new cds 'cuz my hard disk is almost full, mostly filled with Super Rookie dramas which are around 350mbs each. I'm thinking of bringing my own cd writer to work so I can burn these dramas without bothering anybody else.

I should eat lunch now. My thoughts are so mixed up now. I should have them cleared before writing here again. I might not have time to post in the evening 'cuz a customer of mine is coming and he doesn't usually leave until 5 pm.


Monday, September 26, 2005

I've just finished my work now. The clock just turned to 5 o'clock and I logged into blogger right on time :). Today's job is another update for a website again. I have to keep doing updates lately. The work isn't difficult but the original text written in Myanmar was lost so I had to edit the jpg files. That's kinda tiring but at least I got music to keep me company.

At work, I usually just play 1 Second, Nge Chit Oo 1 & 2, Min A Twat Rock & Hip-hop and Chit Thu Myat Hnar. I don't have any other Myanmar albums in my pc and I don't have much English songs to listen to. I am tired of listening to old English songs by now. What I really want to listen to is just kpop 'but I can't really do that 'cuz I'm using the speaker at work. Sometimes if I'm in the mood, I just lowered the volume and listened to a couple of kpop when I get bored. At least some ppl apperciate my Firebird OST.

Nge Chit Oo album has been released into VCD format now. I only have the covers :(. I'll have to wait for someone to bring them to work.


My Weekend

I wrote this on Sunday night.

I didn't have time to post on Saturday 'cuz I was leaving work early that day to catch a movie at Nay Pyi Daw cinema. I was supposed to leaver earlier than 11am but my pc was freezing up a lot whenever I go to my download folder. So I had to restart in safe mode and run virus scan and spyware scan (just in case). I couldn't wait for the final result of the spyware scan so I just restart the pc in normal mode and left the office. At first I thought I had time for lunch at the canteen, which was a mistake 'cuz I ordered Shan noodles which I had to ask the waiter to fix for me and it took a long time for the dish to come back to me. By that time it was near 11:45 am. I only ate half of the noodles (it wasn't delicious anyway) and walked to the bus stop. I had to wait about 5 minutes for the bus. Over all, I was 10 minutes late to the movies. I had to walk really hard (nearly running) but still I was late.

My friends and my sister were waiting for me. My sister looked pissed and blamed me for being later. Later I found out that she was actually angry at my friends for asking her to call my office at 12:28 pm when she knows that I'm supposed to be arriving at 12:30 pm. I really don't get that part too. Why call me when the time is near 2 minutes to show time? It's not like I will just pop up from work to the movies in 2 minutes.

Anyway, the movie was great although I missed the first 10 minutes. I luv the way Brad Pitt was holding a gun in his hand and calling for his wife and the way Angelina Joile calls him baby while attempting to kill him. The only annonying thing is that the cinema staffs opened the doors 5 mintues befor the movie is over so I couldn't hear anything. People started to walk out and there were noises coming from outside. I am going to have to buy the DVD later.

After the movie, we do some window shopping at Bogyoke Market (well, I did bought a brush there and my sister bought some bracelets), ate Rakhine Moat Tee (can't resist it even when the weather is hot) and went to Excel Tower to meet Sandar at KCLL. We ate fried chicken and chatted for awhile. Then we went to Yankin Center and took photo stickers. There were 5 of us but we could only get 4 pics so I didn't take any. I'll just take a pic of myself later to put in my wallet.

The reason I went to the movies on Saturday instead of Sunday was 'cuz my mother wants me to stay at home and choose traditional dressings for my graduation ceremony. I had to choose 2 dressings, one for rehearsal day and one for graduation day. At first, I thought she was just making a big fuss over nothing, telling me to stay home just to choose a couple of dresses but it was really tiring. I started picking out at 10 am, ate lunch at noon and finally finished at 2:30 pm. Luckily for me, Myat Hteik Tin came over and helped us out. I had to choose appropriate dressings so that I will look nice in the photos and the color look bright and nice but not too bright. Every time I finished choosing and changed into regular clothes, my mother said why dont' u try this on. So there I go again, trying on another cloth. Then my mother forgot what I was suppose to wear on rehersal day so I had to dress in front of my mother again. I'm really tired and it's not over yet. I still have to go to my dress maker and shop for a velvet sandal. I might have to take a day off from work to do those.

My post is really long now. I'll write about Innocent Steps, a Korean movie I watched on Saturday and Kim Jae Won later. I'm too tired now. I'll go to sleep after I finished listening to a song by HyeSung. He's so good at singing ballads.


Friday, September 23, 2005

I'm listening to Five Travellers VCD now. They are still good. I'll write a review on it later.


I just arrived to work at 8:45 am. I had to walk all the way from Thanlan bus stop to here 'cuz I can't wait for 51 buses anymore. They are hard to catch so I come via Insein Road.

I can't stop thinking about last night's episode of Firebird esp what Eric said to Ji Eun. Ji Eun was lying in bed after she was saved by Sae Hoon from drowning. Eric was beside her bed and he said "Do you smell something burning?". Ji Eun looked around but didn't see anything (nor smell anything I suppose). I was surprised also and was wondering what was burning. Then he said "My heart is burning.". Man it sounds so crappy when I write about this esp in English translation but it was really a good line.

I'm going to see "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" tomorrow with my sister and my friends, (Khine Yu Wai and Su Yi Mon). I haven't ask Sandar whether she will come or not. I'm going to have to leave work early to watch the movie at 12:30 pm 'cuz Khine Yu Wai can't be late coming home. Last Saturday was her birthday so she's going to treat us something. Hopefully, it's not those donuts or snacks like Mr.Brown again. I don't really like going to those kinda places, spending money on foods which doesn't really taste all that great and ice coffe which is full of water and less coffee. My mother said I can't go out on Sunday 'cuz I have to prepare my dress for graduation ceremony.

I'll write again at lunch time (if I can).


Thursday, September 22, 2005

I've finished all my works now, even the java menu although not the wave thingy.
I'm going to go home around 5:30 pm 'cuz I have to be at Hlaedan by 6 in time for the bus. It's such a pain that I can't stay late at work.


I only get to post the photos yesterday. I still haven't work on moving my old posts from xanga to here. I'm a little busy at work, trying to do a javascript menu with no experience in java at all. So far I'm almost done with it. I just need to learn how to make the second menu to be a little apart from the first menu. My customer wants me to do wave thingy when he clicks on the links. Waves huh? I wonder where he gets the idea.

I got my first comment on my blog and it was a spam :(

I'm going to eat now. I might write back here if I have time before lunch time is over.


I took this picture of Sai Sai yesterday. I think they were shooting something at MICT yesterday. The girl in jeans in Moe Hay Ko. I didn't want to go out so I just took the picture from my office. The picture isn't really clear but you can still tell him apart. Posted by Picasa


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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