Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Have Moved

I have decided to move to wordpress so pls read my new posts at . It's still incomplete and I will try to edit them whenever I get the time. One thing for sure, I won't be adding cbox to my widget 'cuz I prefer to get comments on my posts instead.

As for my Myanmar blog, I will still post at blogger. I got a subdomain address from so my blog can be browsed via that domain name but I still need to configure it at Blogger.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Thadingyut Weekend Part II

We went to Yankin Center and chatted a bit at Seasons but I was keeping quiet most of the times as my mouth hurts whenever I tried to talk due to the blisters insdie my mouth. Since I swore to myself that I will never order coffee for that place again, I ordered chocolate milkshake. When we go out, she drove us to the library. I wasn’t thinking of borrowing another book again but I ended borrowing another Grisham novel. Then we went to Latha and she bought a blouse in a shop. Just as I had suspected in the first place, she wanted to introduce me to a guy and I had to go to Moon Bakery to meet him. She introduced us and started talking but I wasn’t interested in their conversation. The place was too noisy for me and I was feeling frustrated but when I cheered up after watching Sunflower music video by Antibiotic, He commented that I am just a quiet person like my sister so I just smiled at him in reply. But in my head, I was saying to myself, “That’s what you think.”. I was really just staying quiet ‘cuz no. 1, my mouth hurts when I talk, no. 2 I don’t like talking to strangers and no. 3 I hate it when I am expected to become friends with him just because my friend wants me to.

The meeting didn’t take long and we left the place around 4pm. My friend wanted to wait for the air-con bus so I waited for the bus with her for 30 mins. My feet were already tired and a lot of buses which reached directly to my home had already passed by so many times. When the air-con bus arrived, we got on but we couldn’t sit next to each other till Thein Phyu bus stop. The aircon wasn’t that cool at all and worst of all, the bus was playing I.C Acoustic album. I don’t hate I.C band but I dislike having to listen to them on the bus. Whenever I happened to ride that air-con bus, I always have to listen to I.C singers album. That air-con bus didn’t reach my home directly so I got off with her and went home. I was hoping to eat Shwe Yin Aye but it got spoiled as I arrived home around 5pm. It was really a lousy day for me and I really wasted my times going out. The only thing I’m happy about is that the new book I borrowed from the library.. After I’m through with this book, I will ask my friend to return it for me but I won’t go with her anymore. I will made a new member next month so I can go there on Sundays whenever I want. Plus, since I usually go there twice a month, I can check out the latest kdrama DVD arrivals in Latha DVD shops. She has no patient with me to go to the shop with me ‘cuz I usually take a long time analyzing the available dramas and picking out which I want to buy.

I wasn’t in the sulky mood for long as I started to continue reading Coffee Price and I finished it around 11:30 pm. I have to say this was the best Korean novel I have ever read. I have read some fanfics before including Temptation of Wolf but since this one is an actual novel and the translator did a wonderful job. Not sure if these words are really mentioned in English in the original novels but I just love these words the translator used, :”EnChanting”, “Hankyulistic” and “HanKyulious”. Although I love the novel, I am really glad that the plot isn’t quite the same. If you love the drama, I recommend you all to check out the novel also but if you just want to know the difference, you can either read the whole novel or read summaries written by javabeans.

Sunday was the usual, not much activities as I stayed home all day. I watched Time of Wolf & Dog dvd and Over the Rainbow movie aired on MWD. I would have prefer to watch the movie with English subs but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I just had to be satisfied with watching Lee Jung Jae on TV. I was continuing watching the drama after the movie when my cousin and her family came over to bow to my parents. My parents have received a lot of food already from relatives and neighbors who also came to bow to them and pay respect. I still haven’t go to see my relatives yet ‘cuz I’m waiting for my father to get some free times. Most of the times, we just visit my grandmother and aunt & uncle from my father’s side and my uncle and aunt from my mother side. I always enjoy going over to my uncle’s place ever since I was a kid ‘cuz they always give out a lot of foods in return. My friend told me that she got a lot of pocket money from her relatives but I rarely get pocket money from my relatives but at least my uncles gives out our favorite cakes and cookies :).

After dinner, my family watched Time of Wolf & Dog while I buried myself in Grisham novel. I was pissed off at them for talking about the drama plot while watching the drama. Next time, I will hide the new drama dvds till I have finished watching them. I really hate spoilers but they couldn’t keep their mouth shut. At sometimes I actually have to put hands over my ears (yeah…I’m over reacting but…) ‘cuz their voices even reached downstairs and they were at the last episode.


Thadingyut Weekend Part I

I had a 3 days weekend holiday as Thadingyut was on Friday and our admin closed off Saturday for us to have a nice rest during the holiday.

I spent the first day doing nothing much beside reading and watching dramas. I finished reading John Grisham's The Rain Maker as it was due on Saturday. It was a bit boring at first but the plot got interesting when the trial started. There's a movie based on the novel but I still haven't watched it yet.

The second novel I read is an English translation of the original Coffee Prince novel. I didn't know someone translated it and posted at xanga till last Thursday. Since I didn't have time to read at work, I copied all of the blog posts and started reading them. Although the drama was based on the novel, the plot is a bit different but I like both version. Whenever Han Kyul named is mentioned, I started picturing Gong Yoo so I like his character the most in the novel :). I have to stop myself several times to stop daydreaming about him while reading.

I also watched a few episodes of Harvard 'cuz I wanted to return the dvd back to my coworker soon. Although I like the actor and the actress a lot, the drama is a bit boring and I couldn't help fast forwarding some scenes as I was getting bored. This has to be the second drama that I ever fast forwarded while watching. The reason I didn't like this drama that much is because my taste in kdrama has changed a bit overtime. A few years, I might have been hooked on to this drama but now I prefer to watch comedy romance, mysteries and action dramas. I didn't finish watching the drama but I am returning the dvd back now 'cuz I'm just too lazy to watch till the end and rewatch ep 1-8 since I skipped them to avoid the bad English conversations.

The next day was a really tiring day for me. I made plans with my friend to go to the library to return the books. I wanted to go there earlier but she only wanted to go after 2pm. I suspected that she was planning to meet someone afterward but I didn't want to complain as I was asking her to borrow the books for me. My card expired after June and I haven't made a new one yet. Another friend which we have lost contact due to personal reasons wanted to meet all of us so she made plans to pick us up and go to a coffee shop. I know my friend didn't want to go and I didn't want to go either but I didn't want to sound rude so I agree to meet her. I had planned to finish my house works first before going out so I can rest on Sunday without works to do but I didn't get much done as she was coming around 12. She and my friend arrived a bit early so they waited while me and my sis finished our lunch. Lunch was papaya salad and fried water sprout but I had to eat fast and didn't have time to enjoy my lunch. I wanted to eat Shwe Yin Aye for dessert but I didn't have enough time to do so.


Monday, October 22, 2007

The Meaning of "Retard"

retard : offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody with a learning disability or somebody regarded as unintelligent (slang insult)

I am sure most of you already know what retard is supposed to mean but one certain person had made a mistake of calling disable people retards in an interview. I am surprised to read that he who acted as a disable person affected with polio (poliomyelitis) used the harsh word 'retard'. He said that among his fans, there is a retard girl and I took after her. I observed the Retards. I have to say he's my least favorite actor and singer and I never have any respect for this person. But my mother who happened to be at one of the shooting of the film said even she who disliked him was amazed with his acting. Maybe he doesn't really understand the full meaning of the word. I have to admit that I have used that word quite often in the past and still used it sometimes at present but I have never offended any disable person. I don't think his fan will like being called a retard. If he was in another country, he will surely be attacked back the media and the netizens. Such similar case has happened to a popular boy band members before although they didn't mean to offend them at all but a lot of people got offended by it. I was quite mad at their previous management company for releasing the video, probably on purpose, at that time.


Delicious Meals on the Weekends

This weekend, things just passed by smoothly. I was done with my work by 2 pm on Saturday but I have to wait for a friend till 5pm so I spent most of the times surfing entertainment blogs. I was quite bored to death and I wanted to go home but I had to wait for her as I promised her to come with me to meet our friend. We went to her house first and then we went to a nearby Rakhine Moat Tee shop. The food wasn't that great anymore. I rarely go there but there wasn't any other place to eat for a small snack. There was still some times left so we have some cool drinks at another shop nearby and chatted for awhile. We parted around 7pm. I asked my friend to come to my place on Sunday if she's free and she said that she will come.

The next day, I was still doing my chores when she arrived. She and I watched 200 Pounds of Beauty and ate lunch with a really tasty lemon salad (shauk tee toke). Since my sister wasn't around, I asked my cousin to add chili peppers to the salad and that was why the food was delicious. My cousin cooked Rakhine Moat Tee for a short snack so we drank the soup while having our lunch. My friend was midway through watching the film so she continued watching while I lost interest in. By that time, my sister and my mother had come back home and my sister was a bit occupied with taking out old photos to share with a friend. She met her online after seeing her profile on Facebook. That girl was my friend's sister. My friend isn't the kind of person to take interest in social networking sites but maybe I can invite her after I join the site.

My friend had to leave early at 3 pm and I had nothing much to do. So in order to kill some time, I checked out some old Myanmar movies my friend downloaded for me from BurmeseClassics. The first film starred Win Oo and as I am a big fan of him, I checked it out first. But I got disappointed 'cuz he only guest starred in the movie and the lead actor is surely not my idea of an actor. I guess he only became an actor 'cuz he was an adoptive son of Win Oo. I lost intrest immediately as the film was quite crappy so I checked out another movie. My mother had been wanting to watch it so I asked my friend to download for her but I never got the chance to check it out. It's a really old black & white movie with bad quality and I only understood half of it but it was a movie worth watching 'cuz I get to learn a lot about the Lisu and their lifestyle. It was the first Myanmar film to shoot in Putao area and I think it was filmed back in the 70s.

For Dinner, my cousin cooked Chicken Kar La Thar Chet. It's a mixture between normal chicken dish and chicken soup but it's spicy. It became one of my favorite dish after eating it in Kalaw but sadly it didn't taste quite the same. I complained about it and my father told me that the reason it was tasty and different from usual was because marijuana was probably added in the food. I nearly lost my appetite after hearing that.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lee Junki's New Drama

Lee Jun Ki who rose to stardom with his feminine clown role in "The King and the Clown" is returning to a historical drama series in an opposite persona.

Lee Jun Ki has been cast as the leading role in "Iljimae" a 20 episode historical drama series to be aired on SBS. He will display his strong charisma through 'Iljimae' who is considered a chivalrous robber of the time.

Lee Jun Ki's manager Kim Woo Jin commented, "He has selected characters that emphasized his manliness since 'The King and the Clown' and this character seems to be at the peak of his efforts."

In the drama series "Iljimae," Lee Jun Ki will play a character who acts as a usless gangster in the marketplace by day and a chivalrous robber by night.

The series will start filming in November with a location shoot in China as well.

source: BroAsia


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lee Jung Jae

I have always liked him ever since I watched II Mare but he wasn't added to my favorite actor till I finished watching Air City. I do admit that my favorite actor list is pretty long. I can't get enough of Air City. I want to see him in a drama again but I think he's more into acting for films rather than dramas. He looks the best when he smiles. My favorite scenes in Air City are when Choi Ji Woo is mad at him about something and he just smiles directly in her face and later on she ended up smiling as well.

I've finished Air City last week but I feel like repeating it again. Maybe after I buy the dvd, then I will watch it back. I have many pending dramas to finish at the moment.

credit pics to wiki.d-addicts & popseoul


Korean Movies & Dramas DVDs

My biggest weakness is buying DVD dramas. I just can't resist buying one when I see my favorite dramas on DVD. Most of my money are spent on DVDs every month. Just yesterday, I promised my mother that I won't buy any more kdrama (for this month which I said to myself) but when I saw Coffee Prince and Time of Wolf and Dog, I can't resist buying them. I've already watched Coffee Prince but I want to watch it again. Both of the drama subtitles are good so these are really worth buying but in Coffee Prince, the last episode was cut off in the middle for around 8 mins including my favorite scene of Han Kyul singing Naw Ruu Sarang Hae. Wahhh....not fair. I really really love that part so much and they had to cut it off. This is the disadvantage of buying those dvds imported from China. All 17 episodes were placed in one disc. I rather buy a 2 disc DVD just to see that part. I wish I can buy the original version but as long as I'm staying in Myanmar, I can't afford to buy it :(.

I never have any problems with other dvds 'cuz the only other dvd that was cut off at the end is Goong. (and it was my favorite drama at that time) I was pissed off at that time but now I have the original version thanks to Ko SomeoneNull and Ma Yee Mon with better quality. I wonder if I should give this to someone else and wait for another version to come out but how am I supposed to know if that dvd has complete episodes?

My brother said I buy too much Korean DVDs but I hardly buy English movies. I told him to buy them by himself but he doesn't want to spend his money on DVDs so instead he complains every time he see a Korean DVD at home. The last English dvd I bought was a collection of movies targeted towards kids but I still haven't watch all of them yet. I rarely watch back an English movie after I seen it. The only movies I enjoy watching over and over again are the first Star War trilogy, not the new ones from episode 1 to 3. I love them so much and I am beginning to memorize some of the lines by now.

I spent most of my money on Korean dramas 'cuz it's hard to download from the internet and not many buy them so I can't rent from them. Some of them rather buy dramas with Myanmar subs but I hate watching them so I start my own collection, buying 2 or 3 dramas every month but I haven't manage to finish them all. I don't buy Korean movies DVDs that much 'cuz most of the collections contains movies I don't want to watch or are already in my possession. I miss those 8 in 1 DVDs 'cuz the quality is better than the later 12 in 1, 16 in 1, 18 in 1 and now 24 in 1. I bought one 24 in 1 DVD at the start of this month but I haven't watch them all 'cuz I wasn't interested in them. The movies that I want to watch are in other collection dvd along with soft porn movies so I didn't want to buy them even though I want to watch them. My mother complains a lot the last time I borrowed a dvd from a friend 'cuz she didn't like those kind of movies. It wasn't my fault anyway. She was the one who wanted to see that Lee Byun Hyun movie. Compared to other movies, that LBH movie wasn't that bad and it was funny. She just didn't like to see her fav celebs having sex on screen :). I chose to remain silent and not bother with arguing. My director at work also bought a Korean movie DVDs 'cuz she like some of the movies but she was shocked to see those x rated movies and said she wouldn't have buy the dvd if she knew that they will be included. The one of the guy listening to her said "Really, let me borrow your DVD then". LOL he he

Next time I buy a Korean Movie DVD, I'll look for the ones including Love Me Not, My Boss My Hero, II Mare and Typhoon but so far all four movies are in different DVDs and I don't buy want to buy them all.

Right now I don't have much money left to spend since I bought too much dvds :(. I will have to watch what I spent from now on.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Back from Long Silence

Sorry for not updating my blog. I got cut off from the internet a few weeks ago and now that I got it back at work but I don't have much time to use it for personal affairs. Even though internet was down, I still was quite busy with my work and now that it's up again, I'm more busier.

Not much have go on in my life. I leave work early now 'cuz I want to get home early and rest. I used to stayed at work till it's nearly 7 pm but now I leave work after 5 pm. After I get home, I get the chance to use the computer before my brother comes back home. I rarely watch dramas now as I have become more absorbed in reading e-books. I'm reading Philip Pullman and so far I read The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife. I went to the library to search for the last book but instead I only saw The Ruby in the Smoke so I borrowed that instead. It's funny that they couldn't find the author's name in the computer system while I was holding the book in my hand.

Beside reading e-books, I finished watching A Prince's First Love with Myanmar subtitles. I don't really dig having to watch with Myanmar subs but since it was at home, I ended up watching the drama but only after fast forwarding it and skipping forward so I got bored watching. These kind of love stories don't take my intrest that much anymore. Probably it's because of watching dramas like The Devil and Air City. I finished Air City a few days ago and I love it. I like the lead actor a lot. I've always liked him since II Mare. Now I want to watch it back again along with Typhoon.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Blogger & Decision

My sister just told me that blogspot has been banned. I knew it would come to this at the end but I was hoping that they won't do that. Oh, well I still have my way around blogging but now I'm thinking of moving my English blog to somewhere else. I already made a decision to blog mainly in English a few days ago to improve my English and it wasn't that necessary for me to blog in both versions. There are a lot of Myanmar bloggers who blog in Myanmar so they won't miss me if I don't blog in Myanmar.